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The start: No more fatso!!!

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  • The start: No more fatso!!!

    Ugh. I had one of those realization moments catching a glimpse of myself from the side in the old mirror. I have allowed myself to become the slob that I was prior to all this. A fat, bloated pig. I am both enraged at myself and embarrassed, but there is nothing I can do about it besides just stopping and going back to what worked so well for me.

    Quickly....I was at this weight, I am 36 years old,6'3" 275 pounds maybe 4-5 years ago. I battled endlessly for 2-3 years to drop a whole 30 pounds. January 2010, I went zero grain and ate all fish and veggies. I dropped 40 pounds in about 3 months. I felt great and looked fantastic, even with the last 10-ish I needed to tone up or lose. What happened? I am an alcoholic, and I lied to myself yet again that I could handle social drinking. I had been sober from May 2005 to May 2011....and now here I am. I have been drinking horrible amounts of beer. With that horrible drinking habit comes the obvious beer weight, plus I eat like shyt and don't really care about the ever growing scale number. It is amazing how you can justify 5 pound or more increments on the scale, all the while lying to yourself about "tomorrow" and turning it around.

    The bad news? I have about 80 pounds to go to what I was so happy with. The good news? I know what works . Hopefully it works as well for me now as it did a few years ago. There is even tons of room to play, as I was just eating better with no exercise when I did this in 2010. I am going to be lifting weights and training on a free wheel bicycle adapter that allows me to use my bicycle.

    I am really banking on a good chunk of this (like 10-15-ish pounds) being salt and beer bloat that will fall off real fast to give me the motivation initially. After that, I am giving myself a May or June setpoint to be what I was before, maybe even better. There is nothing down my current path but self loathing and fatness, so what better time to start.

    Sooooo...Starting at 275 pounds, October 13th 2013. My goal weight is 195 pounds by June 1st 2014. WooHoo!!!! Here we go
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    Good luck. Looking forward to reading your progress.