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    I have done a few diets in my life like Abs Diet and Atkins. I found on diets with grains I would just eat them like crazy and go nuts. With Atkins I always wondered about why fruit was not allowed in the beginning. Anway I found Marks/ Site nd bought his book a few weeks ago. I like what it says and find that it matches how I feel about eating.

    Current schedule Work 9 hours day. Online College: deVry--bachelors in Information Systems takes about another 1 to 3 hours a day.

    Current stats:

    Age: 44

    Height: 5' 11"

    Weight 180.4 lbs. Fat %: 19.7--From body weight scale

    Exercise: Walk 4 times a week with wife. 20 to 30 minutes

    Current Goals

    Weight around 165. Fat% 10

    Exercise--lift 3 times wekk and walk the same with a longer one on the weekend. Play

    Food tracked via daily Plate


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    Day 1: Primal Food Intake Today:

    B: 3 eggs+ heavy cream+strawberries

    S: organic Almond Butter

    L: 1 scoop protein+starwberries+coconut oil

    S: 1 scoop protein+olive oil

    D: Hamburgers no bun+2 cups fresh steamed green beans

    s: 1 scoop protein + cashews


    5x5 at 25 mins

    squats 5x50
    Pullups 5X5==2 regular + 3 negatives
    Overhead Presse5x50

    basic Yoga
    walk 15 minutes


    Defintely need more vegatables and less fruit. Now I have organic spinach and tomatoes for tomorrow


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      Keep us all updated! I enjoy reading through journals and so do many others here. Speaking of spinach and tomatoes... I had spinach in my smoothie this morning and tomatoes in my big ass salad just now!
      Find me at Cheers!


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        Sure will Dosenberry


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          Day 2: Primal Food Intake Today:

          B: 2 eggs+ 2 slices bacon

          S: cashews+ beef jerky

          L: Clovefield Natural Burger+salad

          S: 4 slices bacon + hard candy

          D: Chicken Breats+2 cups fresh steamed green beans

          s: Amond Butter+Apple


          basic Yoga
          walk 15 minutes


          Chewing gum from quitting smoking last year. Seems to set off my sweet meter as you can see. Need to find something different to do
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            Day 3:

            Today has been a overly stressed dietry nightmare. forgot my lunch so been trying to survive off machines ta work. Instead I went and did a whole carbe laden packaged food like potato chips and a candybar. Should have just fasted. Anyway i do know I feel worse then yesterday from the carb roller coaster. This is a lesson for me to have primal snacks in desk and locker. That way if I forget something at least I will have something good to eat. Anyway here is to moving on to the future and not letting this deter me from my journey.
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              Day 4: Primal Food Intake Today:

              B: 2 eggs+ 2 slices bacon

              S: cashews+ beef jerky

              L: Clovefield Natural Burger+Cheese

              S: 4 slices bacon

              D: Turkey Burgers

              s: Almond butter


              basic Yoga
              walk 15 minutes


              Bcak on track


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                Day 6

                Still on track with the primal diet. yesterday I fasted during the day and had my air conditioner fixed. Then went out with the wife and had eggs, bacon and sausage.


                B-3 Eggs, 1/2oz swis chesses, 4 sauasge patties and 1 cup raw strawberries coffee with heavy creams

                L- protein shake--2 scoops

                D-Broiled Chicken--Sweet Potato-peas_cashews

                S-Small slice of cheesecake--Proetin Shake
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