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  • Primal Journal: PhoenixJen

    I decided to go paleo back in March, so nearly 8 months ago, to recover from a candida overgrowth. It worked very well, so I've stuck with it. I added dairy back in after I conquered the beast, but I don't eat nearly as much as I did.

    I'll be 39 on Thanksgiving, the Canadian one, I've lost 16lbs and four dress sizes. So I'm currently 5'4", 119lbs. I've started this journal to help me keep track of my diet, and possibly get feedback on my journey to balance myself.

    I have a chronic condition called interstitial cystitis, (IC), a very mild form, fortunately. My symptoms intensified dramatically when I had a candida problem. Recently my symptoms have slowly been getting worse. I just finished a month long sugar/fruit purge, thinking it might be candida, but it hasn't improved anything, in fact, it seems a little worse. Foods that normally don't bother me at all, are now triggering a flare.

    So my naturopath thinks it may be systemic inflammation. I'm now taking liquid fish oil, as the gel caps I was taking are apparently useless. I'm still taking probiotics, and magnesium since I haven't been able to afford a massage, (man could I use a massage.)

    I'm very interested in information on cortisol revelation, due to a low carb diet can affect inflammation. Plus, any info on the proper balance of nutrients. So far I've been eating poultry, bison, and seafood, (mostly salmon, living on the west coast). I use olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. I'm wondering if I'm not getting enough healthy fats.

    I'm going through an adjustment with the sugar re-entry right now. I just had pumpkin pancakes with raisins for breakfast, (no syrup), and I felt nauseous and tired immediately after. I forgot the protein, and now I have to wait for my appetite to return.

    So, my plan: 1.5t of fish oil daily with probiotics and magnesium. Slowly reintroduce fruits, starting with apples. I'm going to try and follow the 30 day diet for fighting inflammation, which is in my Practical Paleo cookbook. This recommends no nightshades, nuts/seeds, dairy or eggs. So I'm not going for rigidity with this. I want mashed potatoes on Thansgiving, butter on my popcorn, (we're going to the theatre for my son's birthday party. I do bring my own non gmo popcorn) etc. I'm allowing some breathing room with this.

    B - pumpkin pancakes with raisins and butter, chai tea with coconut milk and xylitol.

    I plan to have a chicken stirfry with bok choy, green beans and carrots for lunch, butternut squash/ sweet potato soup with coconut milk for dinner, vegan style. Did I mention my husband's vegan? It keeps things interesting.

    I welcome and look forward to any helpful feedback along the way. Since this journal is for my reflection, I won't be making any apologies for length of posts. I'm already aware of how I can go on.

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    Oct. 6th '13

    I forgot to add the date on the above post. I also forgot a couple other things.

    Exercise: I don't have a schedule for this. I used to do hot yoga several times a week, and hope to return to doing that occasionally. I do yoga at home a couple times a week, and I have a physically active job that I do 20 hrs a week, on average.

    I also homeschool our soon to be 12yr old son. That also keeps me busy.

    I have a mistrust of conventional medicine, which shouldn't be uncommon here. I'm interested in Ayurveda and aromatherapy.


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      Oct. 7th '13


      D - Butternut sweet potato soup With coconut milk, Turkey breast and raw ginger sauerkraut

      S - Paleo crackers And homemade salmon dip (with dairy) Had one cracker with homemade peach jam

      I went P at about 4 AM and it was slow like I was pushing it along a little bit. I wonder if the sauerkraut bothered me a bit .

      It's exactly one week to my birthday.
      Alright later to catch up on the food stuff.


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        Oct. 7th '13

        S - apple

        D - 7 buffalo wings, leftover butternut yam coconut soup

        I'm not sure if the wings were a good idea, might've been too spicy.


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          Oct. 8th '13

          B - leftover tuna hash, 1.5t of fish oil, magnesium, probiotic, lemon ginger tulsi tea with xylitol

          I think this elimination diet is working well as the spicy wings didn't bother me at all, and they were spicier than the Thai seafood dish from last week.

          I do hope a month is enough. I don't want to stay off eggs any longer than necessary. I'm having a hard time figuring out a dessert for my birthday. I'm thinking of baked apples with no topping and vanilla coconut ice cream.


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            Oct. 9th '13

            S - apple
            L - 2 chicken thighs with kelp salt, parsley, and cilantro, raw ginger sauerkraut, and bowl of butternut/sweet potato coconut soup.
            D - coho salmon seasoned as above with butternut squash and pesto

            The pesto was a deviation from my diet since it has both parm cheese and pine nuts, but I didn't eat that much of it.

            After doing some research, I've concluded that I don't have adrenal fatigue. Although I feel overwhelmed and stressed from time to time, I don't feel fatigued by it. I'm not getting sick often, or at all. I don't doubt I could benefit from some ginseng, though. So I bought some today, Siberian 250mg.

            B - leftover tuna hash, 1.5t fish oil, magnesium, and probiotic
            S - coconut water
            S - lemon ginger tulsi tea with xylitol


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              Oct. 9th'13

              L - baked chicken breast seasoned w/ kelp salt, marjoram and savoury, raw ginger sauerkraut, green beans & mushrooms fried w/ lemon juice & olive oil
              S - coconut water
              D - leftover chicken and pumpkin raisin pancake w/ small amount of butter


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                Oct. 10th
                B - homemade turkey sausage, butternut squash with raisins, cinnamon, ginger, coconut milk, coconut oil, drizzle of maple syrup, 1.5t fish oil, mg, probiotic
                L - leftover salmon, leftover butternut squash/sweet potato soup
                S - coconut water
                D - bison stirfry carrots, bok choy, mushrooms, onion, garlic, cumin, turmeric, coriander, fresh ginger, Braggs, coconut milk, lime juice


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                  Oct. 15th '13

                  B - chai pancakes with raisins, butter, maple syrup, and turkey bacon, chai tea w/ coconut milk and xylitol, 1.5t fish oil, probiotic
                  L - leftover Thai seafood soup
                  S - guacamole and sweet potato chips, mulled cider with half shot of Jamaican rum.
                  D - turkey white and dark, gravy, roast potatoes, carrots and onions, cranberry sauce, mixed green salad with raspberry habanero vinaigrette, olive oil
                  D - baked apples with vanilla coconut ice cream

                  I think the inflammation problem is getting better. Spicy food doesn't appear to be bothering me at all anymore. In fact, nothing appears to be bothering my bladder at all. I haven't tried chocolate yet though. I think the pain in my wrist is getting better too.

                  I'm not sure if this is just because of the fish oil, or if it has to do with the dietary changes. Also been trying to practice yoga more frequently. I think stress is a big contributor to my problem.

                  I haven't had a BM in at least three days. I've been eating an apple a day, occasional salads, and taking triphala tablets this whole time. I don't feel backed up, but I'm still concerned. I know my digestion is sensitive to change, but I was having no problems this way before I changed my diet. Everything was pretty smooth. I'm trying prunes this morning.


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                    Oct. 17th '13

                    B - leftover teriyaki turkey stirfry. Apple 1.5t fish oil, magnesium
                    L - leftover turkey, roast veggies and gravy
                    S - guacamole and plantain chips, fermented ginger/turmeric soda with mango juice

                    B - chicken/herb sausages butternut squash with raisins, coconut milk, and maple syrup, 1.5t fish oil, magnesium, ginseng
                    L - leftover turkey soup
                    S - guacamole with plantain chips, popcorn with salt & butter
                    D - teriyaki turkey stirfry (carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, garlic, ginger, Braggs, chicken stock, xyla teriyaki sauce) .5t sambal oleck

                    I made the soup with fresh jalapeņos and 2 canned chipotles. It was pretty spicy, compared to what I've been eating lately. I thought it might have caused some flow interruption at the end, but sometimes it's hard to tell in the early morning when you have to pee really bad. Just in case, I toned it down the next day by adding more stock. It didn't bother me at all, and neither did the 2 doses of sambal oleck. Yea!

                    I'm not sure if these results are due to the fish oil, or the elimination of certain foods. Well, I should say reduction, or near elimination.

                    My wrist hasn't been better lately, but that could be due to the drop in temperature.