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    Hi everyone,
    I have read so many post from nice people here over the last weeks, I wanted to join the forum.
    I live near Munich in southern Germany with my daughter (21) and my son (18).
    In German I am "alleinerziehend" (= alone educating = single mother) but I think, education chances are over.
    I work as a high school teacher for mathematics, physics and computer science.
    I like reading a lot, I have read many books and internet articles on nutrition, often contradictory, but in the last years everything seemed to come together to a way of living like primal or perfect health diet.
    I like cooking and we have a tiny garden (30 square meters) just 3 km from where we live.
    I have found so much information and wonderful motivation from all the people here, I want to thank you all for sharing your lives and giving advice and support and encouragement here.
    Today is a holiday here in Germany, (Tag der deutschen Einheit/German unity day), but probably the date for this holiday was chosen to promote the "Oktoberfest", the beer festival here in Munich.
    As the wheather is fine, I'm just about to go to our garden and get some potatoes and carrots and perhaps a savoy cabbage.
    My goal with primal living is to loose weight, which I did partly, since March I am down two sizes and 11kg, and I'ld like to loose more 5 to 10kg. Also my face looks better, after the summer holidays my collegues noticed I looked younger and healthier. And my sleep is better.
    My problem are nuts, once I start with a handful I cannot stop, I'm working on that.
    Also I feel respnosible for the way my son and my daughter eat. When I cook for us, I try to use as many healthy food as possible, we all love salmon and homemade sauce hollondaise, but also pasta and pizza and home made cakes.

    (Please excuse my English errors and feel free to ask me where I didn't make myself understandable.)


    (= the name of the bronce statue overlooking the Theresienwiese in Munich, her BMI is about 250, but not due to eating habits)