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  • Stacy's Primal Transformation

    I'm finally back on track. I am starting a transformation,lifestyle change, so that I can enter my 40's fit and fab! I think I know what I need to do, I just need to be more accountable and actually follow through in order to see the results that I am after.

    Starting this journal will keep me on track!

    I plan to post meals, workouts, weight lost and primal thoughts.

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    Constance (Jessica Lange) - "Cupcakes? At your age? You might as well krazy glue a stick of butter to your ass" ~ American Horror Story

    I love that quote!


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      September 30

      Weight Change: 0

      Workout: shopping, cooking, cleaning official workout, just active.

      B: green smoothie-(spinach, avocado, cucumber, mango), bulletproof coffee
      L:chicken breast and bacon in a romaine leaf
      D: steak, baby lobster tail in butter, green beans
      Snacks: handful of cashews when i started feeling weak

      Alcohol: spiced rum with water, 2 drinks
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        October 1st

        Weight Change: -3.5

        Workout: gym, lifted heavy and hard and fast

        B: green smoothie-(spinach, avocado, cucumber, mango)
        L: Chicken salad - (chicken breast, grapes, green onions, celery, pecans), chi tea latte with coconut milk and mct oil.
        D: lamb with celery carrots and homemade potato soup
        Snacks: jerky, a few cashews

        Alcohol: gin and tonic
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