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The Transition to the Primal Teenager

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  • The Transition to the Primal Teenager

    Hey there! I'm currently studying abroad in Italy and I heard about Primal Living a couple years ago from a friend who lost 40 lbs and is now living a healthy primal lifestyle. I've been in a constant struggle with my weight, continuously trying to stay on the paleo diet but my mind set wasn't strong enough to push through the temptations and usually dropping off after two weeks. Now that I've come to Italy (been here for a month so far) I want to take responsibility for myself, take control of my own body, and stop feeding myself crap that I've been disillusioned into thinking was "healthy" for me. Also, if I can't even follow through with one goal, what will that say about my future and how I'm going to accomplish anything?

    Being Italy is a challenge in terms of pasta and pizza and I've been eating those two as little as possible with my host family but avoiding sugars and dairy products (except for 2 eggs in the morning everyday). I'm here because I think blogging and being in contact with other primal's will help me stay on track and remember my goal. Hopefully, this will be the change I need to finally stick on my plan.

    After being one month in Italy, I've lost 4 lbs from just avoiding sugars and walking around a lot. I've started boxing two times a week which counts as HIIT and Lift Heavy Things on Wednesdays and possibly Mondays. The temptation of gelato is very strong so I've limited it to once a week because I couldn't stick to the lifestyle otherwise. Soon I hope to not even have the craving at all! Luckily snacking is not a thing in Italy, which helps me avoid the deadly little side calories.

    My plan is to eat pasta/pizza only with my host family, never eat sugars, have fruits in moderation or as alternative to deserts, and NO GELATO. I want to walk to school whenever the weather's nice and walk home when I don't go to them gym. Also no lying down when I do homework and stand instead of sitting when with with friends.

    I'm currently 5'4" at 150 lbs and my goal is 130 lbs.
    Since I'm still a teenager I don't necessarily feel the effects of my unhealthy habits, but I want to know that I'm setting myself up for a bright future with good habits.

    Please give me feedback and I'd love to hear what you think!

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    Today was my second day on "Italian primal". It was easy today, was asked to go out with the class to gelato but declined and studied at school. I tried to be aware of my hunger today and had lunch at the same time I usually do, 2 pm. I had the pasta option which wasn't a good decision and tomorrow, if there is a good meat alternative I will choose that. I had two chicken legs and a insalata (salad) with that then an apple and water. And I had two eggs in the morning like I always do. I don't feel any different, but haven't had any actual cravings yet. I want to not be so tired in the morning when I wake up to go to school. Since my host aunty is over we're probably going to have a more formal dinner with meat and possibly the leftover pizza from last night which I'm going to avoid. Meats and salads.
    Unfortunately, the meat here isn't as nutritious because there's more skin (sometimes fried) than preferred to the meat content. So that's something to be aware of.

    Felt good to put an x in my calendar for yesterday for a full paleo day! Ciao raggazzi!


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      Ate a healthy dinner with chicken and potatos! Side of 1 slice of salami and prosciutto. Portions were a little small but I loved it!


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        Today was another success! Had two big assesments today so didn't as much sleep last night as I hoped (also host dad was snoring extremely loud in the adjacent room) so that's possibly why my mood wasn't as great today mixed in with just starting my period... I think the "moody, sick and not hungry phase" will kick in soon because it usually does in the beginning of my period. Also, my throat is really dry, it might be because of the melons we've been having for the past couple nights because I felt it immediately afterward but I'm not sure. I'm going to try pass for a few days to see how that goes. I notice a change in my body with less fat because I can see my ribs more! That's a definite motivator! Today was exceptionally healthy except for the amount of pasta I had for lunch. I overdid that and because I was talking with my friends I didn't realize my stopping point. So tomorrow I'll try stop prematurely then see how my stomach feels. Tonight may have been the best dinner yet with delicious chicken in olive oil, not to much though! And a simple salad with tomatoes then 1 slice of melon. I admitingly snacked when I came home because I was hungry and has 2 thin slices of salami, 1 slice of cheese, 5 grapes, 5 nuts, 1 cube of chicken, and 2 small pieces of ravioli. I didn't specifically count, that's just the ball park. I restrained myself from eating any grains when I snacked as there was bread right beside the refrigerator. I was slightly tempted today as I walked into a
        bakery with my friends but resisted and walked out empty handed!! Quite a feat!

        Honestly didn't feel as satisfied crossing the check off my calender because it wasn't the best day but I'm proud I'm continuing the chain!


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          It's gotta be tough for you. I loved visiting Italy and the food (even the sandwiches from the motorway service stations!) Tasted great. It certainly would be challenging staying 100% primal, especially if your host family generally eats stuff you don't want too.

          Sounds like you're doing the best you can. I'd say, if you don't feel negative effects from eating the non-primal foods you're exposed to over there, make the most of the experience and don't worry too much about your diet. I'm envious
          If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

          Originally posted by tfarny
          If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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            Well, today wasn't a success. Since I had an extra free period, I wanted a snack but I stayed paleo and got cheese (canestrato fresco) with porsciutto. Unfortunately the cheese was a bit bland but the meat was fatty, creamy and delicious. I had a lot of cheese though. Because I'm on my period, I'm feeling weak and I worked out hard at the gym so my back/lats are sore (and my whole body) so my appetite was weird today. Then for the mensa (cafeteria), I had a little taste of soupa riso (soupy rice), egg/mozerella/porsciutto patty and peas. Overall, fairly small portion for lunch. Then I had to kill time for boxing and had a expresso with friends then just to sit in a cafe and chill I got a porscuitto quesadilla... just realized how much porscuitto I had today! And that wasn't so good anyway but I ate it which wasn't a good decision and I have to work on not eating things if it doesn't taste good. After, I went over to a friend's house and watch the Shining! I hate horror movies but it's fun being with friends. There, I had a plum, some popcorn I shouldn't have, and tea with one very small biscuit . I did resist gelato when my friends all got delicious ones but I could have stopped myself from finishing my food today. When boxing finished, I took the bus home and I had a piece of pizza, a couple bites of mashed potatoes and no melone! Proud of myself for that, but my host family was worried why I didn't eat a much. Italians really care about food portions.
            Tomorrow we're going on a field trip to an ancient city and will be given 5 euro for lunch so I'll tell you how it goes.

            Paleo all the way!! Conflicted as to weather I should put a x in my calender because I wasn't completely paleo today and overdid it. It's going to bother me having a gap in my cal but it's just more motivation to eat heatlthy. Well, buonoserata and I'd love to hear any feedback about some faults or things that might help or anything you have to say! Grazie!


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              Hey ebrady98! I'm 18 and Italy=molto bella!
              Thank you, I don't worry about eating enough but the portions here are quite sizable, but nonetheless, delicious. It's difficult finding wholesome foods though, except for eggs and fruits, a very little amount is organic or even healthy.
              I have to say the peaches are amazing!

              Italy is a definite travel destination and although I haven't been to all of Italy's main cities I plan to start this Saturday.


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                Sick Day

                Today I was sick. I have a cold and a slight fever that's getting better. I stayed in the house all day and watched tv and did some homework. Whenever I stay home all day I get homesick which is very difficult, so I try to get out of the house as much as possible to keep my mind of that. I slept at 11 last night and woke up at 12 this morning, didn't eat breakfast, ate a small lunch with gnocchi (which was surprisingly delicious), chicken and tomatoes, then for dinner-the same chicken, mashed potatoes and half a tomato. Throughout the day I had sweet chamomile tea (pre-added sugar) that my host mom gave me. An uneventful day.
                Tomorrow I'm going to try get into the city and meet up with friends to do homework. I could go for a kebab (or half of one).

                Marked an easy x into my calendar and tomorrow I'm planning to add another when I resist the temptation of gelato.


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                  I got pretty lucky...
                  I bet Venice was beautiful, planning to travel there in the very near future.