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    OG, I will TiVo Homeland so you can come watch it here. Only problem is I didnt watch Season 2 yet, so you'll have to sit through that first.

    I agree. I've had lox roll ups and it just isn't the same as on a bagel.

    I have my cottage cheese for lunch tomorrow. Is it smoked oysters I'm supposed to be eating. I've been kinda off meat this past week but I figure I'll get as much as I want from the lunch and dinner buffets in Florida. Hopefully good seafood. I'm not great at traversing buffets so I'll go for the protein and imported cheese and fatal ads. Ha! Auto correct. I meant I'd go for salads.


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      Knife you are in Seattle area right? I didn't know there was one there. I am in Portland. I like watching those silly people too. Does yours have a restaurant attached?

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        I didn't know there was one in Portland! Cool! I know it's huge, almost like a mini-mall. It must have an eatery in there, but I haven't seen it in like two years, now that I don't ride the bus.

        I buy nori sheets at the local asian and russian markets. We were thinking of switching it out for non-radioactive kelp. Know of a good source?
        Crohn's, doing SCD


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          Calee, how fun to walk the new bridge. Lol..I wondered what the heck a fatal ad. Yes, you will find lots of great seafood.

          I think the oysters have things that other bi-valves don't. I have to say that I much prefer the taste and texture of the clams, but Derp says eat oysters so I do.

          I have only made one batch of the cheeze..I think it would last a good long time. Maybe you want to make a half batch. I melted some over some fingerling potatoes. Soooo good.

          I have decided I dont like the chocolate pudding. Too darn stiff. I think I will try it without the cocoa like it was in the original recipe.

          The storm has passed. Cable behaved itself. Homeland was great. Didn't have to save any frogs tonight.

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            Knife, you probably have to go to a place like Whole Foods or Central Market type of place. I guess there are brands of pacific ocean nori that have been tested and show no radiation. They have several organic brands on Amazon too...I wonder if that means no radiation. I didn't click and read.

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              Morning all, I had a lazy weekend, but relaxing reading my book and watching the new series of Downton Abbey. The cleaner came on Sunday am, the house was lovely and clean again (was like a bomb hit it – both my uni age kids are home and they made it so messy !!) I wanted to increase my relaxation by burning incense, which I really love, makes me feel so nice - left the incense for a few min in the wrong place in the kitchen below the smoke detector.. the iffing smoke alarm went off, I just couldn’t stop it this time for whatever reason it was stuck, went on and on… by the time I managed to switch it off, the incense was all burnt out and I had no relaxation

              Anyhow, doing well on my steak & eggs, my previously very tight trousers are getting more comfortable but not totally there yet, I am not losing as fast as when I did it before, but hey.. at least am losing inches, I am not weighing cuz I don’t want to feel demotivated if the scale is not moving.

              Yesterday evening I actually had a huge craving, no idea why, been doing well for the last 2 weeks, so decided to have a decaf with 2Ts of butter in it, this is the first time I try it, it was really good, my craving disappeared and I felt so content after, I used to feel this way when I had coffee with cream, but in the last year I felt cream just made me hungrier – i.e if I drink the coffee/decaf with cream, feel good but within 30 min I was starving.

              I won’t have the butter in the coffee again even though it feels good, as I want to be dairy free, but will try to get Ghee if I can. I am not sure how it will workout that way because I won’t really be able to do it at work I don’t want strange looks from everyone inthe office… and when I get home it would be too late for me to have a decaf. I don’t have time in the morning before leaving– plus I like to have my oil early and use the time travelling to my work as the food free window.

              As for oil, I am giving up on BSO, just ordered MCT – finally… it should arrive tomorrow, I will start gradual and mix it with a bit of BSO as I don’t want to waste the expensive BSO bottle… I should be OK.


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                Oy, sorry your relaxation got cut off by the smoke alarm. I'm jealous that all of you across the pond getvDownton Abby so much sooner than we do. That said, I'm sampling 1 episode of most of the new season of programming to see what's a Keeper for fall.

                I wish I could do steak and eggs but allergies to both keep me from it. I love the simplicity of it. I could do lamb but no eggs. Right now I just want to be Primal and feel like I have some balance.

                I was wide awake after midnight. 5am felt dreadful. I forgot that I shouldn't drink the jasmine tea at lunch. It was only around 6oz but I was wired. I'm having a big cup of decaf with HnH and gelatin this morning but it's not helping with the sleepy brain yet.

                Nothing great to report. Dentist this afternoon, I don't remember ever having smoked oysters. Will get some at TJ's this morning and try them for lunch.

                OG, I will try 1/2 batch of Cheezy. Glad your cable worked for Homeland.


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                  Calee, yeh I do lamb often, and rarely have the eggs (just in emergencies) because of the allergies you mentioned, I am not sure what it is I am allergic/intolerant to, but eliminating then adding seems the best way.

                  When I did meat & water only, my body was sooo sensitive to caffeine, and if I had one green tea or a diet coke, I’d be up most of the night, but I sort od developed tolerance for it now, I even drink coffee late in the morning without any issues lol.

                  For those who are still doing SLD, have you tried different types of oils? what's the best oil for AS?


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                    Thanks King, isn't a French press a type of exercise? how does it relate to making coffee lol

                    Do you use CO water to make the actual coffee i.e in place of water or do you add it to the coffee?

                    I any case CO water is really expensive here, and frankly am not a coffee connoisseur so I just use instant !!


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                      I find the trick is really to blend the bejeezus out of the coffee/butter/oil. I have a tribest blender (think magic bullet) and it does the job amazingly. I even get a nice foamy head so I can think it's (kinda) a latte.

                      I would NOT recommend ghee though. That browned butter taste in coffee? eeeeeyyyyuuukkk. Clarified butter maybe? Or I do coconut milk.


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                        Morning party people!

                        I think that I am just going to have to give up on the MCT oil, boo hoo hoo. Even a tsp in the morning seems to give me ridiculous heartburn, and I can live without that, tyvm. No idea why MCT oil does that and coconut oil doesn't. Anyway, lesson learned.

                        I also did a salt water flush this morning, on a recommendation. I've been SO TIRED at 3 pm for the last month, it's seriously getting ridiculous. My therapist suggested that it's probably because I'm detoxing (ugh), and since I am too much of a baby to do an enema (ew), we figured that would work.

                        I forgot how nauseous it makes me feel for like an hour, so had to bail on my 7:30 am meeting and lie in bed reading until everything passed. literally.

                        So, now, I'm drinking my coffee + gelatin + coconut milk blended to high heaven, and thinking I really SHOULD make eggs for breakfast but that's also SO MUCH EFFORT.


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                          Ghee is clarified butter, not sure where you got the brown stuff from, taste gorgeous.


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                            There's actually a difference between ghee and clarified butter (at least here in the US). When you make clarified butter, you heat it until the milk solids foam and separate, and then strain at that point. To make ghee, you keep cooking the butter until the milk solids turn brown and drop to the bottom of the pan, and then strain it. The browning of the milk solids actually imparts a "browned butter" taste to the ghee vs. clarified butter where you skim the solids out much sooner.

                            Good explanation here: Ghee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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                              Ghee does have a browned butter taste because when you make it, you brown the milk solids. I make mine and let it go until the milk solids are very dark brown. I love it in bulletproof coffee. I dont detect the browned butter flavor at all. It is true though that you have to use a blender to get a good bullet proof coffee. Even my good immersion blender doesn't produce the same results.

                              Joanie..lately I have been buying cafe du monde coffee with chickory from Amazon. I make it one can at a time cold brew method. I end up with 8 cups of coffee concentrate. Love it.

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                                Morning ladies and new recruits.

                                In keeping with Joanie's thoughts about a little poison being good, this information
                                fell precisely in line with LadyTime's Monthly Binge on Stupid Shit.

                                Not that anything else would have kept me from doing it anyway, but I like to justify

                                So Saturday and Sunday were filled with gobs of pizza and a HUGE chocolate cake from the
                                grocery store. 100% shit all weekend....... and....... I feel fine.

                                I don't think a once a month debauchery is so bad.

                                Nothing like piles of dopamine making one's brain feel good whilst LadyTime is making the
                                rest of your body feel like crap.


                                But, the weekend is over and so is the crapfest until next month.

                                So back to SLD and Real Food today. That is, if I ever get hungry.

                                In other news, for those of you putting butter or oil in your coffee and experiencing
                                the oil slick, get thyself to an IKEA and pick up a frother - i swear it was less than
                                3 dollars (i bought two) and looks like this:

                                IKEA Design Milk Coffee Frother Foamers Cordless New | eBay

                                whip everything together as you're pouring the coffee in and everything will be
                                so blended you won't ever have to stir the oil slick again.

                                Lee, your trek across the bridge and back sounded loverly!