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  • Wow Kris, that guy sounds like a real piece of work. I'm sorry he feels so emasculated and is taking it out
    on YOU.

    Hopefully he comes and realizes that it's his own fault and that if he held his work ethic to a higher standard, he
    would have been where you are years ago.

    People expect to be able to get by doing "just so much" instead of giving it their all and deservedly getting to where
    they want to be. Losers!

    Lee, sorry you're sick! Boo!

    Hots! What's goin' on?

    I'm still reading FMD, and I do find it fascinating.... I really want to give it a whirl, and I know it's no excuse to say I still
    have half a gallon of half and half and a block of swiss cheese to not start, but I feel so bad wasting it!

    Still trying to wrap my head around NO COFFEE IN THE MORNING and eating within 30min of waking. I know that will be
    the hardest for me as I never eat until 11:30 or 2pm. But the lady is right, I'm probably just setting myself up for failure
    doing it my way.

    I'm seriously thinking about starting tomorrow. I'm a little sad though, because the COFFEE at work is what keeps me
    going there. I mean GOING to work, it's what I look forward to to start the day. Lame. I sound like a 3yo.

    I read in the book that if the coffee thing was going to be too much of a big deal, that we could have organic decaf,
    but we HAD to eat first, then have coffee. That is funny in itself because if I did NOT have coffee, then I'd be hungry
    way earlier in the day.. So realistically and intellectually, I KNOW she is right that caffeine is stressing my adrenals because
    I look forward to coffee way too much. I'm just being a bratty three year old about it.

    The plan is pretty strict and rigid as to the phases, but Mother does like structure, so I will give it some severe thought today
    and perhaps try it for the 4 weeks to see what happens. FOR SCIENCE YOU KNOW.

    Other than that, work is fine, boys are fine, Man is fine and all is good.

    Happy Father's Day to those that are celebrating it one way or another.

    I got Mike his OWN KINDLE so he'd stop DRAINING the boys'. I hope he likes it. Still waiting for Trevor to
    wake up so we can give him his cards and gifts! (got him a cover for the kindle too).

    Have a great day everyone.



    • Well, my back never has hurt again. I think I must have realigned it or popped it back in place or something. To go from so much pain to none at all was pretty amazing. Now I am more careful where I put my feet, and how I lift. Don't want that again.

      The guy at work is still an ass, but I just ignore him. He can just fume and struggle with me having more orders done in a day than he does. He has pissed everyone off with his 'tattling' though. Now no one wants to work with him. What a dick!

      Calee - so sorry you got sick. That sucks! Hopefully it doesn't last too long and you can spend time with your DS.

      Julia - Glad you are finding your FMD so fascinating and you are ready to give it a go. I understand what you are saying about the cheese though. Personally, I would just sit and eat the loaf. I can do that, and it is disgusting when I have done it, but I love cheese. In fact, I have a 30 min mozzarella recipe I am going to try when I get the ingredients from amazon. Should be interesting!

      I have been sad the last few days. My oldest DD who lives here less than a mile from me has been in Utah for the last 3 weeks. She stayed after we went for DS graduation. She has been staying with the family of a good friend (a guy she has had a thing for since high school) and has a great job possibility. She has her final interview tomorrow with the VP. She and her 'friend' drove here this last weekend to get her clothes and a few things. It was great having them here! Now she is gone. She is giving it 90 days to see if it is something she wants to do permanently, but it feels permanent to me. I miss her. I want my kids to live their lives and be happy. I am just sad when they go.....

      My job is crazy! I am still a temp. Have about 150 hours or so to complete the contract with the temp agency before I can be hired full time. BUT even though I am a temp, I am the new appointed trainer. We have had 2 new people start working there and they have them training with me. All the permanent employees are great with it. We all get along, and they know I am great at my job, so they are cool with it. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am the only girl, and the oldest. The guys are very respectful and kind to me. One of the reasons I love working there. Kind of weird sometimes though.

      I am still eating Primal. Yesterday I ate WAY too much. Being sad made me do a lot of emotional eating. I have had a hard time understanding why with all my activity at work, I am not losing weight. Then I went back to what I have been eating and realized I am eating too much. I guess even too much of the right thing, is still too much. So I am going to be more careful of how much and not just what I eat.
      (probably drinking a margarita every day isn't good either) We have been playing with how to make the perfect frozen strawberry margarita....yummy! Sure makes me sleep good too!
      44 F 5'5
      SW 205.4
      CW 180.4
      GW 150


      • Hey ladies, hope all feel good now no one is ill or have backache again.

        I have been busy with life really. Last week or two been experimenting with loosely following FMD phase 1 and 3, but that didn't work at all, I started craving all kind of food and I gained a couple of lbs, hence I think the structure in this diet is important, eating 5 times the right things on the phase stops you from craving other food, stops you eating too much at one meal, and am sure it has some other internal effects on the body.. so that's that... I need to be sticking to it as much as possible. But I got sooo tiered of preparing tons of fresh veggies every day, I do like them, however it means waking up in the morning cooking breakfast, then immediate cook lunch, then after a couple of hours cook dinner. I tried the big pot of veggies and meat, but firstly my DS and DD if here finishes whatever I cook and I have to cook again, or I get fed up with it.

        I know she recommends we cook and freeze, I used to do that all the time on ZC, can't do that firstly my freezer is too small to take in both raw and frozen meals, second, really am not sure if I'd eat the veggies that are already cooked and frozen, I tried it and it was all mushy no crispy. Best to either buy frozen cut up veggies for a quick preparation or buy the fresh ones, cut them up and freeze them myself, but that's an effort too lol.

        So back to the start, but am starting with phase 2 this time just to sort of detox if you know what I mean, yesterday and today was phase 2.

        Still having hot coco drinks with stevia, not sure if they affect me good or bad, but they do give me a lot of comfort, especially in the afternoons or mid mornings, what I will do is reduce the amount of coco and the stevia in the drink.
        I want to be extra good the rest of this week cuz I have a wedding to go to this Saturday ... arrrgh I think the couple of lbs I gained all went to my tummy, dresses fit me, but my tummy looks pregnant, I never got my tummy to be so flat as when on ZC, the rest of me was getting smaller and I fitted into my smaller clothes for the first time after a whole year of trying!! oh well, I do hope I enjoy the party, I know on the day it will be fun anyway, I want to wear something smart but comfortable at the same time!

        Julia, how I gave up the coffee is by remembering when we did SLD, remember when we had the oil first thing and we didn't have anything else for an hour, I just didn't feel like having my coffee after a few days of that, and didn't get a headache either, it was weird, worth a try if you like, but as you said many keep drinking organic coffee.
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        • Kris, wow! That is SO WEIRD that your pain is completely gone! Yeah! I wonder what you did to pop everything
          back in place?

          In any event, I'm glad you did.

          Jeeze, a grown man tattling and being a jerk - that's just over the top. I'm glad you're just ignorning him. Then he can
          see that NOTHING can get to you. GOOD.

          Sorry your sad about your baby being gone. I can only surmise how tough that is. Heck, I'm sad when my TWELVE YEAR OLD sleeps over at a friend's house. Can't sleep, constantly worry and think about what he's doing. I leave the phone on LOUD all night in case he calls. I can't imagine me living through him actually moving OUT one day. So please accept my empathy/sympathy!

          Sure would make it a lot easier if kids became jerks when it was time to move out. So then you'd WANT them to. But only until they did, and then they'd become normal again. Ahhh, I have it all figured out.

          HOTS! You live!

          With regard to SLD, I never did the oil before coffee. I always had my coffee first and then had the oil an hour later.

          So for now, I'm just going to ease into no caffeine, like I did today, and I actually had ONE scrambled egg at 7:30.

          This is totally NOT following FMD, but I'm trying to ditch the coffee routine first and incorporate breakfast (which I've
          never eaten since birth) FIRST, and then I'll probably start her plan as SOON as I eat ALL of the MEAT STUFFS we have
          in the fridge.

          So for now the plan is no coffee and eat within 30 minutes of waking up, and to try the 5-6 small meals a day.

          Maybe that will even shake things up as "being different" from my norm. Who knows.

          Hots, just move out here to the states. Then you can have a freezer the size of Australia, just like everybody else.

          And sorry about your kids eating all your food when they're there. Too bad you can have a secret hideout cooler in
          your bedroom or something when they come to stay.

          Welp, carry on peeps.

          I have to go sell some stock now for a client.

          TRY NOT TO BE TOO JEALOUS. Hahahaha. NOT.



          • HE GOT FIRED!! The jerk at work was fired at the end of the work day yesterday. He had too many miscounts with his orders, he was a tattle tale, he was basically a jerk. The final straw was when he told a new little guy (nephew of the lady who puts the orders together) that he was useless. That ended it for him. Can't say I am sad about it. Today was actually a nice day. Everyone was in a good mood. No competition, no frustration. How miserable one bad apple can have on an entire group!

            I think I am slipping into a depression. I miss DD. She is my oldest and bought a house less than a mile away. She still owns the house, but my 3rd kid, another DD, is renting it from her while she has moved to Utah. After we sell our house and get moved, we plan to get her house fixed up and get it on the market. She is my DD, but she is also my friend. Everyone says she is a mini me. We think alike, we can think ahead and move around each other and work awesomely together. I am so proud of her and it will be hard having her so far away. She lived so close for 4 years. I need to find something to keep me busy and keep my mind off of the sadness.

            The worst part is that I just want to eat to feel better. Each day is a struggle. Today when I got home I filled a bowl of ice cream. I then looked at it and dumped it down the drain. I have not had ice cream since last August. I just want to feel better, but I know junk won't help with that. For the first time in almost a year, I could easily eat grains and ooooooo pasta! I have not done it, but I soooo want too.

            Now I am in tears again. Need to get out of the house. Going to go and putter around the yard.
            44 F 5'5
            SW 205.4
            CW 180.4
            GW 150


            • Oh Kris! You're too depressed to even take joy in the jerk being fired. That's serious. I'm so so sorry. My son prepared me by playing soccer all over Europe for 6 weeks at 14, moving to Argentina for 6 months for school and soccer at 16, moving to Bolivia to play pro soccer at 18. He was already registered for freshman classes at UC Santa Barbara. Left for a month and came home 3 years later. I would have strangled him had he been closer. It's so tough when they leave. Surround yourself with friends. Ask them to take turns taking you to the woods for long walks or whatever. My friends truly got me though it. On the Argentina leg of it I joined Overeaters Anonoymous. That's th only way I managed to not et my way through it.

              Hi Hots and Jools!

              I live, I read every word. I'm sick as a pup. Z left Sunday night. We had a blast for 10 days. I was sick for the last 4 days of it. This week barely managing to work. Today have to teach a class from 9-3. Should be funny with my voice barely here. Thinking its time for a serious summer diet. Primal low fat, low cal. Protein, veggies, a bit of fruit. Lots of determination. Sick of being chubby! Zanzibar, here I come. I want to embarrass my son wearing a bikini at 63.

              Hots, I hate frozen veggies too! Fresh rocks. Crispy, even better. Last night I dreamed that I had a houseful of people. They were making huge cheeseburgers and had a ton of meat and cheese stuffing th fridge. I couldn't find a single lettuce leaf in the fridge.
              Back to my decaf. Over and out.


              • Hey there all.

                Julia, think what you are doing is solid, if one sticks to FMD list of main rules of eating within 30 minutes of waking up, eating snacks and controlled meals and cutting caffeine / alcohol, I am sure a lot of benefits would be gained.
                For the breakfast within 30 min sometimes a struggle if I need to have a shower, then cook quinoa, cut fruit and veggies, I tried cooking a lot of quinoa and leaving it in the fridge as it stays fine for a few days am told, this way I can take a cup portion whenever, then add fruit. However, don' forget smoothies with a bit of oats in it for the grains (min you I find making a smoothie is just as time consuming, mainly cuz I have to rinse my blender etc after) also I like the white egg omelette with some some frozen cut up bell peppers and few herbs)

                Calee, I love fresh veggies too, I don't mind frozen raw veggies, I can work with that too, but its cooked frozen that is not nice.
                Yesterday I did loads of veggie shopping and as I was home anyway, I said I will cook fresh veggies, but that took a long time too, even with me using the food processor to cut up the veggies to roast.

                Next week is my last week in Sweden (( so sad, not sure where I will go next but most likely work in London again, this will throw me out of the relaxed routine, not sure how cooking will work out as I'd need to get up extra early to commute, and it will make it so difficult to fit in the walks

                Kris, its a mental shift issue, be determined to be happy and you will, try to widen our circle and go out with other groups, not good to rely on your kids to be your friends, I know we all love them and we have a great time when they are around, but we need to prepare to have a life away from them.

                My tummy yesterday was still feeling quite big, even though all my dresses fit well, but the pregnant look is not good, I am suspecting its the stevia or coco powder, I never had a stevia drink regularly in the past, am sort of hoping its the stevia more than the coco powder, I can train myself to drink plain coco, heck, I had black coffee and loved it in the past, so I know I can enjoy black hot coco drink lol. So no stevia for today and see how it goes.

                Got to go to another wedding on Saturday eeeek... no idea what I will wear yet.
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                • Ok, so I quit the stevia for the last couple of days and have my hot coco drink black, and yep, my tummy is back to normal now !! so glad it was not the coco that caused it, I can live without a daily stevia, will still have it on occasions, and I think its OK if its taken on occasions and only causes issues if taken daily !


                  • Just typed a long msg and then lost it. Not going to sit and type it out again.....

                    So, things are going well. Work is great. Love that job.
                    Feeling better about DD moving a way. I will miss her, but I want her to be happy. That's what is most important.
                    Eating is going ok. Won't get on the scale until July 1st.

                    Calee - Glad you are feeling better and enjoyed your visit with DS. Sounds like he is a really talented guy. Awesome!

                    Hots - Glad you got to keep your cocoa! Whew!

                    Julia - Glad things are going well with your diet. It is very interesting to read about!

                    I am going to go relax for a bit. Big storm heading our way so plan to sit outside on the porch and watch it. Very violent storms the last few days....exciting to watch!
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                    • Completed my last visit to Sweden, very sad :'(

                      Back to good old Blighty!


                      • Hi Girls!!

                        I have absolutely NOT ONE action email this morning so I'm sneaking in to this dead thread to say hello!

                        Lee, I hope your cold is LONG GONE by now, as it's been a couple weeks since you got it.

                        Hots, I'm sorry you're sad about Sweden. Hopefully another gig there surfaces soon?

                        Kris, it's so great to hear how much you love your job. Isn't it FUN feeling worthy, doing a great job and LOVING IT? Yeah!

                        Not much going on around here I guess. Work is good, I'm getting better at doing things on my own. It's just so sketchy sometimes because it's OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. So when I have to sell shares and do IRA disbursements for over 200K, etc., it's SKURRY.

                        But the best part about this job is: I DON'T THINK ABOUT IT ONE BIT WHEN I AM AT HOME. EVER. PERIOD.

                        So freeing.

                        I still crack up that *I* have this job. Me. The person that was asked when she was 9 years old "do they teach math at
                        your school?" Because I sucked SO BAD at even basic 1 digit addition. And still do. But now that I've clued in to the 'ways that be' around here, I've even caught some million dollar mistakes on my boss' behalf.

                        HRUH?? Me? Miracles never cease, girls!

                        So, food wise and coffee wise, my soiree into FMD (or an abbreviated version of it) didn't last more than a week. Sad but

                        Eating breakfast was setting me up to feel nauseated all day long. What? I guess if you're not used to something, and you're just not plain hungry, I gots to listen to my body and just not feed it.

                        Not having coffee was depressing. Not because I missed the kick of it or anything, but just the ritual.

                        So, I've justified it in the way that if I quit stupid alcohol a YEAR and a MONTH ago (but who's counting? heh.) then I'm having the coffee. Fried adrenals or no fried adrenals.

                        I'm still just as energetic as always, so maybe mine aren't fried after all.

                        SO, GIRLS, (as I sit here rattling on, on company time) I've fallen back on, yep, you guessed it, low carb yet again.

                        Not necessarily to lose weight, or to have a "diet" I'm doing, but because it's what I'm damn used to and just what I
                        ultimately end up doing without even thinking about it since I've done it since 1996!!!

                        Fridays are pizza night, and I eat that, and then maybe a pack of little cookies, but then the rest of the days and nights
                        are generally spot on.

                        I haven't weighed in EONS. My work pants fit without killing me, so I'll just go by them and not worry about the scale
                        one bit.

                        In other news, Mike has comitted to a Beer Wagon Ride, Sunday through Thursday - which is really saying something for HIM,
                        since he's been drinking beer EVERY NIGHT for..... hmmm... let's see... FOREVER.

                        The curious thing is that he says he feels so good and this and that, but then drinks on Fri and Sat because "it's the weekend".

                        Hmmm, well, okay, whatever. I'm just happy that his liver is getting a break FIVE days out of the week. I hope it's lying back in a lounge chair getting some sun and drinking iced tea.

                        Welp, my boss just got in - which is totally weird because it's only 8:30 in the morning and he's NEVER here this early.

                        He must have sniffed out I'm on this website!

                        Okie dokie, I hope everyone is doing well,



                        • Hey girls, hope you are all good, Lee where are you?

                          Kris, sounds all is good with you, how are things moving with the house sale?

                          I am so enjoying my time off projects, this week has been a blast, enjoying the sunshine and relaxing.

                          I am still not sure which project I will be going to next, will wait for the company to make the decision, next week I will be doing some internal work, not too serious, but hey, it passes the time until a new project comes up.

                          I've been doing a lot of walking, about 10 k a day, I am enjoying it, I also started a bit of kettlebells swings, we'll see how it goes

                          As for food, am still eating varied, and following FMD, but I do stray some days, I strayed the last couple of days and had wheat, my skin is telling me how bad I was lol. But am back again today, I like how I can take breaks on this food plan and come back without all the extra poundage and guilt feelings.

                          Julie, so very happy you are doing so good with this job... I love jobs that I don't think about at all when my working hours are over, this is what I loved about the project in Sweden.

                          I suppose if you are not happy on the plan, best to find something to suit you but I did see on the FMD site some people also having the same issue with breakfast, they were told they can switch the morning breakfast/snack, I do that sometime, especially if i had a big meal at dinner, so I just have a small /medium orange first thing or raw carrots (am loving my raw carrots lol), its mostly water, then 2 to 4 hours later I have my breakfast when I am feeling the need for it. Also many just have a smoothie for breakfast. I personally hate the big heavy breakfasts, this is one of the reasons I don't like phase 2 with a white egg omelette being lightest thing you can have, I didn't like that at all.

                          Oh I so missed the coffee/decaf ritual when I first gave it up, but the black hot coco is great and so comforting too

                          Anyway, sure you already know this


                          • Hi girls,

                            I'm alive! I've been off just keeping my face out of the food. Eating low carb, except the wedding I went to last weekend on the east coast. I'm keeping up with my walking and my pilates classes. Work is easier and harder all at the same time but it doesn't stress me. I'm down 10 pounds since I was last here. I'm eating low fat, low calorie. Protein, lots of fish and for me the dreaded chicken breast, veggies, berries and Fage yogurt. I finally decided that I don't want to stop short of my goal so I'm trying to get into the 130's and then learn to maintain.

                            My copy of the FMD finally arrived at the library so I'm going to pick it up and read it. Hots, you've done so well on it that I'm hoping that maybe in maintenance it might work for me.

                            Hots, how are you adapting to live without Sweden?

                            Jools, spill it all, what have you been up to?

                            Kris, how's the job? Sell the house yet? What have you been up to?

                            My summer vacation is planned with Zach and two friends. Three entire weeks! Safari, then the beach. I can't wait! I bet they try to shove all carbs down my throat on Safari. I have to contact them and say that I'm allergic to grains and see how far I get. I don't leave for another month so I'll be trying out maintenance eating before I go.

                            I promise to check in more if you all do to! I miss the daily chats.


                            • Hi everyone! So quiet in here. What are you all up to?

                              Hots, I'm reading FMD. I want you to come back so I can ask you questions? Still doing it? Hows it working? I'm still plodding away. Enjoying summer. Looking forward to vacation.

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                              • Originally posted by Hotmail View Post
                                Hi Calee, yes I do record my food in the app, I got into the habit of doing it, but now I can do it without looking at the app.

                                Yes I do eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks, Haylie says you min time between food is 2 hours, and max is 4 hours, but if you are hungry at any time you can eat phase appropriate veggies at any time.

                                I follow her guidance on eating within 30 minutes of waking up, you can eat immediately after you wake up, but she said don't leave it longer than 30 minutes, I am starting to love waking up and eating a nice breakfast.

                                As for the food list, you know the list changes per phase, lets start with the veggies because they are easiest, I worked out a core veggies that do not change per phase and try to focus on those, but since I got the dexa results (am not osteo btw, but was warned my levels are low) I am focusing on high calcium veggies.
                                The core veggis are mostly greens like: cabbage, celery, cucumber, green beans, lettuce, leek, mixed greens, bell peppers, musshrooms, onion and spinach. Those appear in all phases, so I buy mostly those and I know I can use them any day.

                                I love courgettes and broccoli but they are not appropriate for all phases, but get them for those days.
                                My favorite way of cooking my veggies is roasted, so I do this a few times a week.

                                Second is protein: all phases have chicken breast and turkey breast, and white fish, so I keep those in the freezer for any phase.

                                So after sorting my veggies/ protein I'd look at the things that differ between phases:

                                Phase 1:
                                Grain: I stick to quinoa, you need 1 cup for each meal, I cook a good amount enough for a couple of days, leave it in the fridge, and heat a cup whenever I have a main meal. Tastes amazing with the roasted veggies.
                                Protein: I stick to chicken breast or Turkey breast, also white fish
                                Fruit: this phase you can have 1 cup of fruit with each meal and snack, i.e. about 5 cups of fruit during the day, she wants us to have the high suger fruit here like watermelon or mango, but as I work, it was easier for me to have apples and pears, after calcium issues, I am focusing on oranges as they have quite a bit of calcium compared to other fruit.

                                Phse 2: Protein and tons of veggies (but only the veggies from the list which is more than the above list, but I stick to the above for simplicity) Protein and veggie snacks may not be appealing, but after you get the hang of it and make some chicken veggie soups, you'd like it, what I do is prepare a huge pots of veggies and protein (chicken/turkey or fish) and just eat from it through out of the day, a small portion for a snack, a bigger portion for a main meal, when I started I tried to have different food for snacks and meals, but got too complicated, so the huge pot of veggis and meat was simple and delicious too (it can be like a casserole or fajita kind of pots).
                                If you are desperate for something sweet during phase 2 , lemons and stevia are allowed, so make lemonade or lemon sorbet, its so refreshing for this time of year, but of course do not over do it.

                                Please note for phase 1 and 2 its almost fat free, no fat added, I cook with a good quality organic stock cube, and spice up my dishes so I wont miss the fat.

                                Phase 3: high fat phase, but not in the sense you can have fatty meat lol, you just add some fat to your meals
                                here you also have grains, but only half cup, and fruit are more of the berries /cherries and peaches variety, not high sugar ones like in phase 1.
                                example menue:
                                B: 1/cup of quinoa (I tried also black and wild rice, they were OK but just takes so long to cook, prefer quinoa)
                                cup of blueberries (frozen fruit are fine)
                                for fat, I have some flaked almonds sprinkled 1/4 cup, you can also add chia seeds or any other fat from the list

                                L: roasted veggies, salad , chicken or turkey breast, fruit (plum or peach) for fat you can add olive oil to the salad or 1/4 cup cashews

                                D: veggies, salad, chicken or turkey breast, 1/2 cup quinoa, and add the fat as lunch, no fruit

                                snacks usually are veggies, ate too many carrot sticks for simplicity lol, but now I try to make kale chips or green beans for snacks, if you like raw veggies just snack on whatever veggies you like from the list plus nuts for fat (you don't have to have nuts for fat, but again, I do it cuz its so easy to take to work and have it on the go in my bag)

                                Not, I am usually totally stuffed, and really can't manage the extra optional items, and also I apply my previous knowledge of how some food would affect me, e.g. I don't eat sweet potatoes which are allowed on some phases, I know I don't lose on starch.

                                The tea you switch to can't be decaf, it has to be herbal natural non-decaf, I am liking the fruit teas, and some herbal like mint tea. Even though I was only drinking decaf, I still had headaches the first couple of days, probably cuz I used to drink green tea as well, which is not allowed. No caffeine full stop, its important rule as she thinks it introduces stress on thyroid/adrenaline etc.

                                Remember the only item of food that is unlimited in all phases is vegies, you can eat all you want of phase appropriate veggies, other items like fruit / protein and fat have portion sizes.

                                Lots of water of course, half your body weight in oz, but I normally drink a lot of water anyway, so I don't bother counting it specifically.
                                Hots, I just went back and found this. Very helpful to read again now that i have the book. Thank you.

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