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  • It all sounds fishy to me, wonder what caused it.

    Today my face is puffy, under my eyes a bit swollen, and itchy, the only new thing I had is cod fish, had it last night and today, so wonder about it!! Is like a histamine reaction!


    • Maybe it was farmed instead of fresh and it was fed all kinds of nasty things that you're allergic to.....


      • Was told at work today that I will be getting my own password for using the 'gun' that we use with the computer system for picking the boxes for orders. Only 2 of the temps are getting a password. Pissed off the other temps, but we are the best with the 'guns'. Looking better all the time for me getting a permanent position. I would so love that!
        I also made up a modified resume over the weekend. The boss man has asked me a few times for my background experience to be considered for other positions, so I thought I would take the initiative and get it prepared and printed on good paper. Listed my skills, experience and training/certifications. Will see what happens.

        Need to wait a few more days before I get on my bike again. The tushie is still a bit sore. Bought some padded bike shorts for my next ride and hoping that will help.

        Decided to start doing some planks and crunches each day. Feeling soft around the middle lately. Need to get my ass in gear and get in shape. At the end of May we will be traveling to see DS for his graduation from the police academy and will be seeing the inlaws and lots of family. My incentive to stay focused.

        Planning on getting on the scale on May 1st. Have not been on it since the first of March. Been too afraid. Sitting at home for weeks I know I gained some, so I have stayed off of it out of fear. Time to see where I am. Ugg....and scared.

        Hotmail - Hope your next phase goes smoothly and you get the results you are hoping for. Love following how you are doing!

        Calee - LC is my friend too. Been eating too many red potatoes lately, but I feel better eating them with my physical job, so I will stick with it for now.

        Off to get some things done. We decided to put our house up for sale and move to the country. I want to have a huge garden again, and chickens and plant an orchard and all that fun stuff. Should only take a week or two to have the house ready. We had it up for sale to move out of state last summer, and decided to stay. Just a few things in each room to organize and clear out some stuff. By next year I hope to be experiencing a totally different summer!
        44 F 5'5
        SW 205.4
        CW 180.4
        GW 150


        • Kris, you should just get a different seat.

          I have a totally high end mountain bike that I LOVE, but that damn seat man, cripes, I could
          have worn FIFTY pairs of padded shorts and it wouldn't have made a difference.

          I finally broke down and got myself a NICE "bigger" (not HUGE) PADDED cushy seat, and while
          it looks kinda lame and dorkapotomus, man, I can ride for DAYS NOW.

          I swear to the baby Jesus, it seriously made all the difference in the world.

          And besides, if your butt is on it, who can see it anyway?!?!



          Now do it. I'm older than you and you have to respect your elders and do WHAT THEY SAY.

          Good luck with the sale of the house, how exciting!

          I have NINETEEN TOMATO PLANTS. NINETEEN!!! I planted them all from seed, thinking only one
          or two would take. Uh huh, only ONE died.

          Mama's gonna have a shitton of maters this year.

          The plants are already mid-thigh high! ACK!!!



          • Good luck Kris. Listen to mama or she will come and find you. Trust me.


            • YES MA'AM!! (lol)

              I am no worried if I have a huge funky seat. I am already going to look like I am wearing a diaper with my new padded shorts, so if I throw in a big old lady seat, all the better.

              I will look into a new seat this weekend. Won't be going on any long rides until then since the weather is cold and VERY windy. I hate riding in the wind.

              Julia - Awesome on the tomatoes. I planted 60 of them in my windows at the beginning of march. I have about 50 that made it. They are for my garden and DD's. We are making salsa this year so we have an ass load of tomatoes, dozens of peppers of multiple colors (thought that would make the salsa pretty) and onions. I usually make around a hundred quarts when I do salsa and that will last for about 4 years. When I move to the country and can have a huge garden, I will do much more planting. I love to make pickles, but the dill takes up room, which I don't have. I did find a farmers market that grew dill last year and am hoping they do again this year.
              Love to find a fellow gardener. Your tomatoes are much bigger. Mine are only about 8 inches tall right now. Plan to get them in the ground this Saturday.
              What do you do with your tomatoes. You are going to have a ton of them for sure! What kind did you grow?

              Calee - I am listening!

              Had a fantastic day today. The only thing that would be better would be if the weather was warm. Cold and windy sucks!
              44 F 5'5
              SW 205.4
              CW 180.4
              GW 150


              • Hey ladies, good to hear you are chatting here again.
                Kris, exciting about the job progress, I do hope you'll get a good perm there, your attitude is so right, and they'd be fools to not hire you forever and ever!

                Jules, good on the tomatoes, I only planted fruit trees in my garden, some flowers too, haven't experimented with veg yet... every year I say next year, this year has been a goner cuz of the travel back and forth.

                I am still on FMD, day 2 of phase 3, like it, am always eating lol. I haven't weighed here as I don't have a scale in Sweden.

                I moved into the apartment with a colleague, really like being able to cook my healthy food, and not having to rely on restaurant food all the time.
                Ta for now!


                • Good morning!

                  Atkins under 25 net carbs is working for me. Sleep is still good.

                  Countdown is on. 114 days to African Safari. It's keeping me motivated to my LC pledge to get to my goal by August 22nd. I'm doing good. Finally feel like I have a shot at resetting my set point which had shifted from 145 to 150 over the last year.

                  Hots, I'm so glad you hav an apartment! I hope the roomie works out for you. Hotel living gets old after awhile. Congrats on sticking to your food plan.

                  Kris, still putting in good thoughts or you getting a perm position. Wow on moving. Never an easy task. That's great about your son. I'm looking forward to next May when my son is finally done with 16 years of freaking college. I love NYC in May. Too bad it's a year off. He should be graduating now but wants to extend so that he can make a Feature Film while still a student. At 40 you'd think he'd be tired of school already.

                  Jools, we can meet somewhere on 880 and I'll get tomatoes. Or at the Fremont BART station. You'll have plenty for both of us. Brilliant idea, right?


                  • Well, tomorrow is May 1st. My (once again) new start. I am planning to do a 100% focus. Less than a month before we leave to see DS graduate from the police academy and I would love to be in better shape. Plan to do some exercising and shrinking this 'soft middle' I feel I have grown since getting laid off. I am doing better with this job, but need to do some focus exercising I think. Muffin top....ugg...

                    Getting the house ready to sell will keep me busy for a while, but I am hoping to have that done by the 10th and on the market.
                    So far I am working on getting one room a day cleaned and organized. Touch up paint, shampooing carpets, and washing windows will be last. Whew....

                    Hotmail - Congrats on getting in an apartment and your life being a bit more settled. Enjoy!

                    Calee - Glad your Atkins is working for you. Wow, a safari...that sounds awesome...I know you will reach your goal!

                    Time to get some things done before bed. Hoping to get a full good sleep tonight. I could really use it!
                    44 F 5'5
                    SW 205.4
                    CW 180.4
                    GW 150


                    • Hey, its 1st of May, a public holiday here in Sweden, but I decided to work, in the UK the May day is always the first Monday of May, so its going to be public holiday for me next Monday ...

                      Weather is crazy in Stockholm, was 21 degrees a couple of days ago, its going to be up to -1 today with a bit of snow... and I didn't bring with me the winter jacket.. Joy!

                      Sticking to the plan is so much easier now that I am at the apartment, I cooked up loads of chicken and turkey and using portions as my protein for my meals. Just adding salads/fruits and quinoa.

                      I felt last night my pee smelled as if I was in ketosis, that is very strange, I am having a lot of carbs, eating a lot of fruit all week apart from the 2 days when I am doing protein and veg, even then I make home made lemon sorbet, and eat a ton of veg.
                      tempted to get a stick to test, but will wait until I am back to London, looking forward to a week at home.


                      • Hi everyone!

                        Happy May 1st. Doing ok here. Walked home the 3/4 mile from work, then walked my first 5k around lake since ankle injury two weeks ago. Iced all evening, not hurting this morning. Must have turned corner on healing.

                        Hots, brrrrrr. It's high 80's here. Unusually hot for May.

                        Kris, I got some spray magnesium because good for leg cramps, pooping and I heard sleep too. I've been spraying tummy and legs at bedtime. Sleeping like a baby. Poop in the morning too which I never do. It's my fav new drug.

                        Yesterday got signed up for three day conference in Palm Springs, late may. I have to skinny down. I always put in weight at those darn things!

                        Jools, where you at sweetie?


                        • Hi Ladies, I'm here!

                          Kris, OMG, 60 plants - you're way more crazy than I am.

                          We usually just eat gobs of maters a year, and when we get tired of them, the boys like to sell them on the corner to make a little extra money. They get lots of takers!

                          I do like to make salsa though.

                          Last year I only had 6 plants and they produced on an every other day basis, per plant, which was SO WEIRD because
                          if you know maters like I know maters, you KNOW the little bastards ALL RIPEN AT ONCE and you're stuck with like 20 at
                          a time. But not last year. So weird.

                          I think I'm in for it this year though. Lotsa flowers on these little buggers, but who knows if they'll turn into tomatoes.

                          I haven't seen many bees doing their pollenation job. Maybe they're on strike.

                          On the eating front, I've ditched all plans and am just trying to focus on eating Real Food.

                          As everyone knows, I've put on a good 6 or 7lbs of blob and it's all from eating copious amounts
                          of CRAP since I started this job. I've never EVER been a stress eater, but man, after 13yrs of ZERO
                          stress, then the little I have here at work, I've upped the ante and just dove head first into all the
                          crap I keep around for the kids.

                          Yesterday I went crazy on fruit. I went to the store and bought 6lbs of grapes, 2 personal sized watermelons,
                          two clutches of bananas and some apples. Then I went home and proceeded to eat a good pound of the grapes
                          and half of one watermelon. It was all I had to eat all day, but man, there must have been something in there that
                          I needed because I didn't look twice at anything else until dinner time.

                          All in all, that fructose may not have been the best choice, but it wasn't little cookies or chocolate covered donuts,
                          so I'll take that as a win for now. Hahahahaha!

                          My father is in town today and coming over for dinner tonight. Looking forward to seeing him.

                          All right girls, carry on.


                          • NOW I understand where my head has been the last few days. Hormones. Got myself a first class migraine today at work. Luckily I had an imitrex with me, which is the only thing that will knock it out for me. If I was at home or on a weekend, I would have rode it out with hot and cold showers. Can't do that at work. The lifting, thought process of organizing and all the math, I have to have my head working, so drugs it was. Unfortunately it didn't kick in until the last 2 hours of work. Only barfed once in the bathroom though, so that was good. I have been known to hurl every hour or so. I only get them maybe once a month. Sometimes twice. It's the first or last day of my period that I get them. I was hoping that after my hysterectomy last May (HEY IT HAS BEEN A YEAR!! WOOHOO!!) I wouldn't have them anymore, but I kept my overies so I still get the hormones.....hoping that after menopause it will end....I hope.

                            So, I am home, relaxing and taking it easy the rest of the day.

                            BTW - got on the scale this morning. I weigh 15 pounds more than last Feb 10th when I was laid off. YIKES! That is a lot for just over 2 months. Hoping this 'monthly' thing is contributing. Sadness..**sigh
                            Hotmail - so glad you are enjoying the apartment and it is helping with your eating. That's awesome! What a huge bummer with not having a coat. I hate to be cold. Hope you are able to stay warm....walk faster! lol

                            Julia - I normally won't do so many tomatoes, but we plan to do a lot of salsa. Have a few cherry tomatoes but most of them are roma and another type of tomato like a roma that is good with salsa. Don't like using juicy tomatoes, makes the salsa watery. Now that we are thinking of moving, I want to make my garden more pretty, so DD will have to take the bulk of them. Can't wait to have some property and a huge garden. I grew up with a 3/4 acre garden and would love having one like that again!
                            Fruit! Yummy. You are probably right that your body was needing it. Good for you to listen! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your father!

                            Calee - I have heard about the spray magnesium. Might have to look into it. Now that I know about the 'monthly' issue, my struggle with sleeping makes sense. Hormones..pftt. Tonight I will drink some sleepytime tea and get some sleep. That helps me a lot, but I don't like to drink it often.

                            Going to go lay down for a little while.
                            44 F 5'5
                            SW 205.4
                            CW 180.4
                            GW 150


                            • Hey Jules, sounds great with the tomatoes, wish I have the plants, I may try to plant some, but think its too late in the year maybe? Do you have it in the ground or in pots? I see it a lot in the garden shops planted in pots. Hope you had a lovely dinner with your dad. So great to focus on real food, this is what am doing now really, eating tons of veg and fruit, with my meat /fish. Really enjoying it, wouldn't even care about the weight loss as am so happy with the food.

                              Kris, so bad about the headaches, its must be so awful, I only get migraines when I quit coffee and that happened a few times last year lol, but I know how awful it can be. Hope you'll find a solution to them, did you try to go to a hormone specialists? I am sure many people have this issue, what about taking some hormone pills or natural remedies etc to balance it out?

                              Yesterday was cold, I do have a coat, but its the light spring one, not the winter one, so went home and stayed indoors after work, which is a shame, as finished earlier and would've enjoyed an outdoor activity, but hey, I relaxed which is very good I suppose.

                              Kris, yes when am feeling stressed or sad, for whatever reason I just can't lose, I'd be lucky if I didn't gain, even if I don't overeat.


                              • GREAT NEWS!
                                The boss man took me in his office and told me that he is impressed with me and wants to hire me permanent. Woohoo! Probably going to piss off the other temps since I am the only one getting hired right now, but not going to stress it. I am so thrilled. Now I get to do a job I like, have a workout 8 hours a day and get paid well for it. Soooo happy!!

                                Tomorrow I get my tomatoes in the ground, get the outside/garage cleaned out and get more done to get this house up for sale. Hoping to be ready to do that next weekend. The weather is supposed to be in the 80's all week, and that makes me very motivated to get things done.

                                Time for some steak!
                                44 F 5'5
                                SW 205.4
                                CW 180.4
                                GW 150