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  • CORE QUEST and everything else

    so i figured I start a journal to keep a tab on myself.
    This is the issue: i have a overly mobile joint in my lumbar spine (nr 1). it has caused excrutiating lower back pain for years. just recently i got together with a friend who is a physiotherapist who advised me on how to build up core strength in order to stabilize that joint a bit.

    So this will be mostly a workout journal - but you can be shure ill be rambling about other stuff too.

    so lets begin.
    WOD was 1,5 h of stability ball balance and core work.
    the result - bad backpain but in a different way - the muscles i never knew were there (surrounding the lumbar spine) are on fire. good in a way that i know its working. downside is that its excruciatingly painful to even sit now and i have a 4 h carride ahead of me. but ill survive. pain is temporary and this is positive pain anyhoo.

    the biggest challenge is to remind myself CONSTANTLY to tighten the pelvic muscles and tuck in the tail (all the time - sitting, standing, walking.) as my backpain has had me adapt a overly curved posture (ass too far back) to ease the pain. Have to just take the pain and teach my spine + core muscles what they are actually here for.

    Its going to tale a LOOONG time (about a year - as i was warned) but im up for it.

    thanks for visiting

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    Hi Eva,

    Good to see you posting here, sorry to hear about that condition. Still I would like to know what your warrior style meals are if you have the time to post.



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      a weekend of indulgences - good food (all VLC) + wine + lots of rest - is now behind and the week started with an early morning HIIT + abwork session.
      its strange how easy it is to forget the core during a workout in the beginning - have to constantly remind myself to tighten it up, but then towards the end its like i cant even distinguish any more if its tight or relaxed. then i just have to pause, relax all my muscles consciously and start all over again.

      about my warrior style meals:
      lets take today for example>> i`ll be eating around 19.00 (a bit more than 24 h from yeaterdays dinner which was about 2 lbs of kebbab meat with some hot peppers and pickled cucumber), and my dinner will be one whole roasted chicken. ill probably have some avocado - spinach salad on the side.
      tomorrow ill be eating a bit earlier - like around 17.00 and ill have around 2 lbs worth of ground beef made into patties. (ill make a sandwitch out of them - patties in stead of bread ofcourse with some good aged cheese ad bacon and pickled cucumbers as a filling)
      then wednesday dinner will be again around 17.00 and i think ill have time to slowroast some pork belly then... ill probably eat around 2 lbs af that...
      sometimes ill have some coffee with heavy (35%) cream during the day, sometimes some peppermint tea.
      my workouts are always fasted and today i`ll be doing some heavy lifting in the evening in addition to the morning HIIT.
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        so today the workouts have been the following:
        upper body strenght + 30 min corework
        excellent, BUT: i have now been keeping my deep ore muscles activated for most of the day, so by the time i get to the actual workout they are already pretty worn out.
        my physical therapist says that thats ther point so ill just keep at it.
        challenge yourself
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          today for my workout i have a danse class that im really looking forward to. the fact that i just got these pes crepe danse pants that i ordered by mail this morning might have something to do with it
          the thing is - though i love to danse i suck at it - but these days im just gonna suck it up and embarrass myself in public because my physical therapist told me i should take a danse class... and ive always prided myself of being a strong woman. oh well
          today has been an exceptional day otherwise also:
          usually im at work around 7. today i couldnt get my lazy but to work untill 09.30
          usually im not hungry untill the evening, today i was ravenous at 10.30 so ate all my leftover beefliverpatties.
          and today is USA/FINLAND hockey... by the way things have been going i have no idea what to expect...
          challenge yourself
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