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    I've been thinking about going Primal for awhile now, but just couldn't make up my mind (didn't want to give up pasta). I was a vegetarian for years, but not any healthier. Got kinda fat and lazy while I was in college and didn't really know where to start to lose weight until I stumbled across this site (and a couple of others). I am absolutely amazed at the differences I've seen and felt(!) since I started making my first changes towards being full on Primal. I am lucky in that I love to eat all of the things that are good for Primalists. I just threw in the "healthy" whole grains because I was told I needed them. Last Sunday (5 days ago) I decided to finally do it, and decided to make three small changes so as not to overwhelm myself with too many changes at once. I decided on giving up sugary high calorie drinks, drastically reducing my carbs to a slice of bread at breakfast and a half a cup of rice for dinner, and giving up dairy products. I feel so much better. Indigestion = gone. Bloating = gone. I have more energy and I can tie my shoes without feeling like I have a basketball in the way. Last but most certainly not least, I have dropped 6 pounds in 5 days!!! I am amazed. I don't even crave the things I have "given up on" like pasta which I used to crave like crazy. I know I'm far from being where I want to be, but I am definitely on the right track and can get there. Thank you Mark and the Primal community for supporting others in their pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. I hope I will one day be able to contribute as well.

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    Awesome! Good for you. There's so much great information here and elsewhere on the web to support you during your transition and journey! It's amazing how good you can feel, even when you didn't realize you felt poorly beforehand. Welcome!
    Madam von Sassypants is journaling and shiz.
    Frequently found there: links to delicious recipes, overenthusiasm, swear words, constant conflict from working for a craft brewery, and overall, the perspective of a lady who's been primal for over two years and is finally tackling an 18-month-old plateau.


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      I've also been a vegetarian for donkey's years but have given it up at least temporarily for the 21-day challenge. I do feel better, and I don't know yet whether it's down to Primal living generally or the re-introduction of meat/fish specifically. I have chronic depression, so my "normal" state physically and mentally has always been set a little lower than those of other people, but the challenge seems to be changing that - as madamvonsassypants said, you can get so used to it that you don't even realise you're not really well.

      Good luck with your efforts to get healthy.


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        I am feeling really hungry today. Maybe because I have a little diarrhea. I've done really good all week, so I am considering giving myself a break tonight and eating something a little less primal. Pasta sounds really good right now. Of course I'll still be eating turkey and I make my own tomato sauce, so it won't be too unhealthy. Yup, made up my mind.

        Thanks for the encouragement madamvonsissypants and Warrahooyarg.


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          Okay, so I ate a little crap yesterday and I paid for it. I really felt like crap afterwards and I didn't sleep well. I'm still glad I did it because it showed me how much better I feel when I eat right. Next time I have the cravings I had yesterday I am going to find a better way to deal with it. Been doing some incline pushups and within a few days can tell how much easier it gets. Talked to a friend yesterday and I think he'll be doing more exercising because of me. I guess I'm contributing quicker than I thought. Best thing about all this is that I'm doing it despite life's stresses. I formerly used stress as an excuse to keep doing the wrong things. Now I'm adapting my life around my goals. I'm proud of myself!


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            New to going Primal

            Hi there Bonnie & welcome it is always lovely to see new people on RP.
            I have been on and off raw for a couple of years so I cannot give you any great advise the only thing is that over the last 2 years I have always come back to raw and feeling best on it.

            Enjoy your journey it is quite a ride... :


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              I feel so much better today after eating primal again yesterday. As a healthcare worker I am always surprised to see people younger than me that are in really bad health. A lady today was so obese that she couldn't even lie flat on her back for 10 minutes because it restricted her breathing so much. So sad. I'm so lucky that I always ate fairly healthy and enjoy fruits and vegetables. I really hope some day that I can get the word out on proper nutrition, but I know that a lot of people won't listen because they just feel like they'll be giving up too much. Right now no one would listen to me because I'm a little chunky myself, but I'm working on it.