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Rachel is taking the public plunge!

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  • Rachel is taking the public plunge!

    Howdy fellow PBP'ers, I've been lurking and learning on this site for over a year, and have greatly increased the quality of my diet and approach to exercise. However, it's been a long summer of overindulgent BBQ's, weddings, parties, and long days without much sleep. I always view fall as the true "new year" and so have decided to go public, take the plunge, create a journal, and hold myself accountable for the next 21 days and complete Mark's challenge.

    The things I want to focus on MOST are:
    1. Sleep quantity and quality, and regularity. Tiered off this is re-evaluating my caffeine intake.
    2. Getting a handle on my starve/binge cycle of eating (came off a cleanse and proceeded to eat every drop of peanut butter in the house! not the first time, either.)
    3. Improve my body image and respect for my athletic abilities
    4. Stop eating sugar, once and for all. I did really good for a long time, then kinda fell off the wagon. I haven't eaten refined grains, most dairy, or even many whole grains like corn or quinoa for a long time. There's just something about sugar, though, particularly in the form of chocolate with nuts, or cheesecake.
    5. Instead of eating nuts and hard cheese and salami every day at lunch, get a little more creative and nutritious!
    6. Maintain the progress I have made over the last year to drink less. Difficult to do with football season and long bar nights approaching!

    I'm starting at 145 pounds (5'4"), 27-inch waist, 39-inch hips. I commute to work by bike (28-35 miles RT depending on route) and have begun to train most days with barbells or bodyweight exercises. I live in one of the most beautiful regions of the country (CA/OR border coast) and spend a considerable amount of time outside doing field work, hiking and swimming for pleasure, and volunteering on a farm. But I'd like to start running again and eventually complete a marathon coming up in May, and improve my kayaking skills over the winter.

    Although they are somewhat arbitrary, my goals for the end of this challenge are to drop 10 pounds and an inch or 2 off my hips, be able to do a few pullups and at least 25 consecutive pushups (right now I'm at 15), and quit worrying so much about food, how much I ate, when I ate, whether I ate at the right time, rationalizing my hunger or lack thereof, whether I ate for the right reason, etc, etc. I've had rather warped eating since puberty and although it has gotten better, I'm not in full control. Now is the time!!! I will be 25 in a few months and want to move into the next phase of my life happy and in control of my eating and body composition.

    I'm happy to join this vibrant virtual community and look forward to completing this challenge with all of you!

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    Day 1, 9-18

    2 sausage links, about a cup of leftover chili (I won't give up properly soaked and cooked beans!)
    2 cups black coffee
    multi vitamin, garlic supplement, lysine

    17-mi bike ride to work (1 hour)

    1/2 raw summer squash with ranch
    can of mackerel
    small summer sausage roll (3oz)
    calcium/D, vit C


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      Hi, I'm doing the challenge too. So related to what you wrote. #2 is my biggest thing -- I really just want to get back to a healthy relationship with food. (Like you, I won't give up beans. At least not yet. Grains first!)

      I'm also desperate for good sleep -- and I'm already off caffeine. Hrmph. Perhaps you'll come up with some good tips!

      Hope you have lots of success and a wonderful 21 days.

      Starting weight: 195.8
      Weight at end of 21-day challenge: ???

      Goal: To free myself of food obsessions and maintain a healthy weight without DIEeting