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    Hello All!

    I have been "playing around" with paleo/primal since January and have read Mark's Daily Apple every day. I know moving to the paleo/primal lifestyle is something I need to do. I have pretty much accomplished eating primal for breakfast and lunch. It's not 100%. After work, dinner and evening, I have bombed totally. I feel a sense of accomplishment though because I have keep primal for breakfast and lunch. I am obese and Type 2 diabetic. I have lost 41 pounds over the past two years making small changes. I got my blood work done and my cholesterol was 280. My good cholesterol was 61, which surprised me. My triglycerides were 350. This is were I start. Today, I decided it is time for me to commit to primal. I had to laugh that today started the 21 day challenge. So I am all in! This will be a challenge but have been working on the emotional side of eating and I think it's time for me to commit.

    SW 205
    CW 181
    GW 125

    Height 5'3"

    My goals are:

    1. Eat primal all meals and let go of all the sweets, cookies, cake, ice cream! my comfort foods.
    2. Walk 45 minutes a day. I have an office job and I sit. I also come home and sit in front of the TV
    3. Get 8 hours of sleep. I have been getting 7 usually, I just need to refine my night time routine.
    4. Prepare primal food so I don't get fast food! This is my biggest challenge. I love the food but hate the work sometimes. I've been trying to figure out how to make it fast food. I have done a few things that help like boil eggs. I need to prep breakfast the night before, that helps.

    Well that's it. I think these are more steps I can make to move me more to primal.

    B Cheese omelet, homemade sausage, coffee, creamer, palm sugar
    L Big salad w/bacon, cherry tomatoes, cuke, cheese, dressing
    D Chicken tenders, cole slaw, gelato (I know but I will be better promise :0) )
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    I'm starting the challenge today too! I've had trouble stringing multiple primal days together in a row - Mexican food is my downfall, blasted corn tortillas, rice & beans! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your updated stats at the end of the challenge. I know you'll see big improvements if you stick with it



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      Thanks Nicole!!! I love Mexican food too! I have found a good option in Chipotle burrito bowl. All the good stuff but no grain. :0) Good Luck with your challenge!

      So today is a new day full of hope and opportunities!! Thanks, Lord!

      One thing I know I need to do is put a little variety in my foods and venture out in the fresh veggie world. I grew up without fresh veggies save for iceburg lettuce. haha So it is hard for me to get use to eating them. I joined a farm to table so I will have them. I do really love my salads. I just need to know what to do with an acorn squash and eggplant, both were in my F2T box. hummm

      B Two eggs, cole slaw
      L Grass fed beef, salad w/tomato, cuke, small bit of cheese, dressing
      D Salmon, broccoli, blueberries w/ reddi whip
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        Okay so day 3. Not doing too bad. I still haven't started walking. I really need to but I didn't sit on the couch watching TV either. I took care of some things that needed attention, mostly making my bedroom more of a haven than a drop off room. I slept better last night but still didn't get 8 but 7.5 is an improvement. I'm going to paint the bedroom this weekend and do some sprucing up a bit. I really like Mark's thought on "I get to". That works for me. :0)

        B two eggs, 3 slice bacon, peach
        L salad w/chicken, bacon, tomato, cuke, small bit of cheese, dressing
        D Tilapia, cole slaw, blueberries, Reddi Whip
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          It's a great day! I'm starting to feel good. I always wonder why I go back to the bad carbs when I feel so good not having them. I'm glad paleo/primal is not just a diet but a lifestyle to be pursued. No I haven't started walking yet. I worked on my sailboat yesterday. I am restoring a Butterfly sailboat. It is 45 years old but in great condition. So yay for me I did not sit in front of the TV.

          B My version of BLT (bacon, green leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, two fried eggs)
          L Tilapia, broccoli, peach
          D ground beef patty w/ sauteed onions, & gr pepper, salad
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            Another day of feeling good. It's a better that I can't describe. I got 8 hours sleep last night, finally. Didn't go walk. I don't know what the block is about it. I just need to do it. It's time to break out the jeans so I thought I would see how far I need to go to fit into the ones I had. They were way too small last year. They fit!!! Few more pounds and they will fit perfectly! Yay! Gave me a good boost today. I have to work on this area actually because every time I see a success, I cheat. I don't know why but I do and it sends me going the wrong direction. But today I am committed to the 21 day challenge and I'm not going to change what I'm doing. It has helped me to think about everything from the view of just today. Today is present. A gift and I want to enjoy it. This weekend my goal is to start my walking and find new things to eat next week.

            B Semi-homemade blueberry greek yogurt, two eggs
            L Chicken, cole slaw, peach. I realized I'm having too much fruit for a diabetic. I'm already at 62 carbs. Need to go light for dinner.
            D Salmon, eggs
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              WooHoo! :0) Had a great weekend. Painted my bedroom and made everything peaceful, not the junk room. A week down and I'm happy to report 4 pounds lost! Beyond the weight loss, I really feel good. I'm starting to have more energy it seems. I need to remember this feeling when I'm tempted by sweets, which is my downfall. This is a real victory because weekends are my hardest. I tend to just let loose because I've been "so good" through the week. I really am just taking it one day at a time. Not looking back or forward, not negotiating with myself that either I've been good so I can "cheat" or Monday I will start being good. I still haven't started walking yet....wwweeelllll... :0) I am going to do it. I have been so active though. I painted the bedroom which was what seemed like a 1000 up and down the ladder. I worked on my sailboat buffing the top so I'm not just eating in front of the TV which has been standard for me. I'm doing this challenge slow and steady. :0)

              B Eggs, peach. I was running late. This was the best I could do in five minutes.
              L Chicken thighs, big salad w/ tomato, bacon, dressing, extra dark chocolate
              D Spaghetti Sauce w/ gr pepper, mushroom, bison over cooked cabbage, blueberries and cream.
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                Good morning! Another successful day. I went to the store after work hungry. Not a good thing for me. It was a struggle but I made it. I only bought what I needed and it was all primal. Actually I can't believe I did it. I think this is the first time I didn't buy some "cheat" because my hunger gets the best of me and I lose my mind! I also struggled when I got home a bit. I started craving something but it wasn't anything in particular. I think my mind was still in "out of control" mode. I went and ate eggs. I can do them fast before dinner. I have learned the protein thing and I am really motivated to stay under 90 carbs. I have averaged about 65. I tried before telling myself to stay under 50 but I failed miserably. Allowing myself to go to 90 gave me a freedom of sorts but I'm staying way lower. Yesterday I did do 80. I went a bit crazy with the Reddi Whip on the blueberries. hahaha Still it's a success.

                B Was running late and didn't have something fixed so 2 eggs, 3 slice bacon
                L Spaghetti Sauce w/ gr pepper, mushroom, bison over cooked cabbage
                D Chicken, sweet potato, blueberries and whip cream
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                  Good morning! I am still feeling good with low carbs. I keep reminding myself of that because its something I don't think about. Primal is better for me. It's not just about the weight loss. I'm still taking things one day at a time. Focus on the present. Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be. I realized as I was reviewing my posts that there was a theme in the mornings of not having time for breakfast. So last night I made scotch eggs or a version of it. They turned out pretty good. This morning would have been a problem if I hadn't done it. I could not fall asleep last night so I woke up late. I hit the snooze two times! Oh well. Thankfully I had something already made for breakfast. :0) I hope everyone is doing well with the challenge.

                  B Two scotch eggs, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dressing (Yes, me who does not eat veggies, ate a salad for breakfast)
                  L Spaghetti Sauce w/ gr pepper, mushroom, bison over cooked cabbage
                  D Beef patties, salad

                  Today was kinda of a high calorie day but low carb
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                    So I snuck onto the scale this morning and no weight loss at all. :0( So I'm going to evaluate what I'm doing. I've been at the higher end of the range of carbs for most of this week except for yesterday. I know I haven't been measuring to make sure but I don't really want to get caught up in the...what's the word....slavery... of monitoring every bit of food. I know looking at measurements are to retrain my understanding of portions and that's good but I still what the freedom. I know one thing that is lacking....yes, the walking! Man I know I need to do this. I'm going to start tonight. I really am going to do it. I want the real Teri to come out not be the miserable fat unhealthy Teri.

                    I went to the store after work again. My neighbor needed a ride to the store and I needed eggs. While she was getting her stuff, I got my eggs and passed by all the ice cream. (Same aisle) Then came the deli/bakery stuff. I stood in the bakery stuff along with the ice cream stuff and thought about the food. First I thought I can't have any of this stuff it's all wheat and sugar. Then I thought and realized there was a bit of desire but it was waning. I was okay without the ice cream I love and the pastries I love. I walked away thinking this is good but can I maintain it? I have failed more times than I care to state. I have even failed at Primal. I mean I have been trying with since January. I believe my mind set has changed. I have resolved some personal issues and I'm ready to move forward. I know I need to just have faith in myself and more importantly have faith in God and know He is helping me through all of it. He has great plans for me.

                    B Scotch eggs
                    L Beef patty, salad
                    D Chicken breast, sweet potato, blueberries and whip cream
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                      Good morning! Well I was feeling kinda shaky last night. A certain person in my life makes me upset and it triggers the need for food! But I staved it off and didn't cheat. I turned to blueberries and whip cream. Plus it helped that nothing was bad in the house although I have been known to go out at an ungodly hour in search of food. The funny thing is last night I dreamed I cheated, an all out food fest. When I woke up I was like did I cheat? No it was just a dream. :0) I'm okay. I'm still bothered that nothing went down on the scale the other day but I haven't weighed myself. I know I need to think of the success and not the number. Why am I changing my lifestyle? Just to lose weight be healthy and strong and live all the days given to me. Not "cheat" myself out of any of the days! So I again retrain my brain to think about what is the truth for today. Truth is I have stayed on primal, I do feel so much better physically and there is a difference in my clothes. So today is good. One thing I have been doing is first be thankful for my food and think about how good it is. Like last night, how sweet and good the sweet potato was and it's good for me. I think realizing what good I have blocks the thought of what I don't, ie, ice cream, cake, candy.

                      Another success, I did walk last night! Yay! Seems dumb to think that is a big deal but it has been a block and now I'm past it. I only walked a mile but it's a start. I'm going to go up a 1/2 mile today and each day after until I walk 45 minutes. It's going to be fine.

                      B Two eggs, 3 slice bacon
                      L Spaghetti Sauce w/ gr pepper, mushroom, bison over cooked cabbage
                      D Pork chops, salad w/ dressing
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                        Well great weekend. Still feeling good with I think increased energy. I went to Raven Rock State Park to hike. I usually avoid the stairs that go down to the bottom of the rock. I had such a hard time going up and down them. Very steep! But I just decided I was feeling good and I should do it. To my amazement, I went up and down with absolutely no problem! I was a bit winded at the top but was able to shake it off in a few minutes. It made me feel so good to be able to do that. I need to keep this in mind because this morning I weighed myself and no loss, none, noda. Very sad. I don't know why. I feel like I'm doing what needs to be done. I feel so good and I do feel a difference in my clothes. I don't exercise so I can't say I'm building muscle. I know I had Chipotle on Saturday but I had the salad with everything primal. I skipped the beans, rice, corn salsa so I thought it was good. Yesterday, after the hike, I did indulge in dark chocolate but everything else I ate was primal humm Well I'm not just throwing in the towel because no weight loss. Surely it will have to come sooner or later. Any suggestions from anyone?

                        B Two eggs, slices of tomato
                        L IF (forgot my lunch oh well, I'm not feeling starved)
                        D Beef, salad, blueberries, whip cream, dark chocolate
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                          Good morning! It's a good day. Nothing new and interesting. Still learning to retrain my thoughts about my new lifestyle. I need to focus on the lifestyle and not think of it as a diet to lose weight. I keep reminding myself about how I feel, what I've done, like climbing the Raven Rock stairs and that is my new life. I get to change. I have choices and not be controlled by circumstances and feelings. It is so interesting to me the lack of physical cravings. There are still emotional cravings but I'm realizing food is not the answer to them. I have gone to God for those emotional needs. He does a way better job than ice cream any way. I just never made the choice. I haven't weighed myself again. I wanted know that all important number.....but I'm not going to give into that. I will weight on Monday and see at the end of the challenge. Something has to give sooner or later. haha

                          B Two eggs, homemade sausage, coffee, cream & palm sugar
                          L. IF (need to work through lunch for dentist appointment, it was good yesterday)
                          D Chicken thighs, salad, dressing, dark chocolate
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                            Well today is a new test for me. We had a luncheon for the employees and then we were to have cake to celebrate the company president's birthday. Well it was a surprise but he didn't show up. So everyone had lunch and we are going to have the cake this afternoon when he gets in the office. Lunch was pizza but I was good. I brought a salad and was fine with it. I love the social aspect anyway. I don't know if I will have a bite of the cake yet but probably not. I'm still feeling good and I think my shirt is getting looser. I'm focused on feeling good and I know the sugar sends me in a vortex I don't want to be in. The physical craving is not there for the cake so if I do it's just a mental thing. I'm just so happy to be a day 17 and have been able to maintain the primal lifestyle. My walking has been inconsistent but I have been lifting/carrying heavy things and doing the stairs. I'm not perfect but I'm doing okay. I wish I had some feedback but I can travel this alone. I have no local tribe. I'm in my desert season and I'm learning a lot about myself so it's all good. This to will pass.

                            B Two eggs, bacon
                            L Chef salad with little bit of dressing
                            D Steak, stuff zucchini, dark chocolate
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                              Big Smile!! I decided to wear jeans to work. I normally wear my skirts. I haven't worn jeans because they didn't fit real well but today I pulled a pair out and they fit good! I was a bit surprised. I haven't weighed myself but my clothes tell the tale. :0) I did not eat the cake yesterday!! (taking a bow, haha) I was thinking in the car this morning on the way to work about what I've been doing this past few weeks. I came to realize that this is going to be my new norm. Always before it was a "diet" to lose weight. I have really transitioned my mindset from "diet" to "I get to change my lifestyle". It's exciting but a bit scary. Still in the back of my mind there is a hint of doubt that this might not be real and failure looms around the corner. You go to what you know and food has been my life to large degree. Love and comfort in the cake and ice cream. As I type that statement I think it is sad but what's good is that is the past! Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be!

                              B Two eggs, slices of tomato
                              L IF (working through lunch)
                              D Chicken thighs, salad, stuffed zucchini, dark chocolate, milk
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