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  • Nicole's 21-day Challenge Journal

    I found the Primal Blueprint when I went gluten free a few years ago. Finally ended years of suffering from migraines, IBS, moodiness, brain fog, and on and on and on. But I haven't been successful at losing weight and getting fit. I've lost 30 pounds two times over using low fat, low cal, highly moderated programs but I don't keep it off and I know that it's not a sustainable or healthy approach. Even though I fully believe in the principles of PB, I never string more than a few good days together at a time.

    So what's different this time? My fiancÚ and I were talking last night about getting healthy before 2 weeks of sporting events he's participating in during the second half of October. He puts up with my Primal/Paleo talk but is one of those guys who thinks food is not that important and it's all about exercise. At first, I thought he was just pissing all over the idea of committing to a few weeks of healthy habits but then he wanted to know what I thought we should do. I realized I had seen the 21-day Challenge starting and I told him about it and assured him it wasn't just about food but exercise too. I thought the one deal-breaker would be the no beer part but once I told him he could still have a glass of red wine, he was on board. I. Was. Shocked.

    About me... I'll post current stats tomorrow morning but in general, I'm 37 year old female, 5'4", around 170 pounds. No kids, just grown step kids, a step grandbaby (2 1/2), and a really big dog. I'm just getting back into riding horses, that's been my lifelong passion and is a HUGE motivation to get fit. I'm currently unemployed but work in IT Management and my previous job was 3 hours away, required me to stay away from home during the week and involved way too much eating out, maximum stress and too little exercise. I expect to start working again in a couple weeks and while I won't be away from home anymore, I will probably have a commute of at least an hour each way and some level of stress!

    I plan on following the 21-day Total Body Transformation book and the daily posts on MDA. I'll post the daily journal items from the book here. I'll fill in the blanks at the end of the day.

    So here goes...

    Day 1

    Kitchen/Pantry Purge
    I did more of a reorganization. Did toss a bunch of peanut products and organized the Primal snacks into their own basket and the snacks for my grandbaby (which are all gf but not all primal) into their own one, and my m-i-l's candy stash into its own. S (Fiance) brought home beer (which I don't drink) for MNF with his boys but only drank one and then switched to red wine. That is a huge improvement. Says he's going beer free starting tomorrow.

    Restock Preparations
    We were already pretty well stocked with Primal good stuff. I made grass fed beef stroganoff with mashed cauliflower that I added a couple small yellow potatoes to. Totally fooled the whole family. Even grandbaby ate it.

    Increase Daily Movement
    This is where I need some work. Was supposed to do two sessions of primal movement - walks were recommended today. I did talk S into taking the dogs and grandbaby on a walk after dinner down to our mailbox - about 20 minutes round trip. I did realize I'd been sitting on the couch on my iPad for too long this afternoon so I put it down and did a bunch of vacuuming and cleaning that should count as movement.

    Primal Essentials
    Typing this right now on my MacAir with F.Lux installed. Our tv's are set to dim at night. The tv in our room will not be turned on tonight. Instead I'll get my sleep app going on the iPhone and I'm covering up all light sources - alarm pad, cordless phone, alarm clock.

    Summary Comments
    Daily energy levels - 6
    Hunger level between meals - 7
    Satisfaction level with meals - 8
    Struggles today with Primal efforts - Getting movement in
    Benefits noticed from Primal efforts - Much more relaxed tonight
    Daily highlight - Dinner with the family with no tv, walk with S, grandbaby and doggies
    Daily needs-to-improve - Get in more walking, especially early in the day
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    Day 2

    Went to bed at 10:00 last night and did not turn on the tv which is my usual m.o. It took me 30 minutes to fall asleep which is a lot longer than usual. Going to try some white noise tonight. Woke up feeling really rested though. Wasn't quite 8 hours but will go to bed earlier tonight. S started the challenge in earnest today. He found out one of the guys who just started working for him is Paleo! They're traveling together on business tonight so he was asking me what he could eat at dinner and then just said he'll get whatever the other guy gets.

    Did 3 walks with the dog through my very hilly neighborhood today. One was just a quick pre-dinner stroll to the mailbox, but did the Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout by walking the hills for 30 minutes, then did a 20-minute after dinner walk with my step-daughter.

    Day 2 - 171.8

    Primal Shopping Spree
    I pretty much did this on Saturday. Successfully ate primally. Even at lunch with S at a Mexican restaurant - my nemesis. I wanted to show him that he just needs a couple go to options at his regular restaurants. We had iced tea, and salads with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, a little cheese and tomatillo salsa. I packed S a care package for his trip with Primal Fuel and a shaker bottle, Mac Nuts, and Dark Chocolate.

    I do think I need to cut back on the dairy. I am noticing cheese sneaking into every meal. I'm going to try to be cheese-free the next couple days.

    Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout
    30 minute brisk walk with my Rhodesian Ridgeback who thinks this challenge is AWESOME - 3 WALKS in 1 DAY!

    Calm, Relaxing Evening
    As soon as I finish typing this, computer is off for the night. I'm going to listen to some music while I straighten up the bedroom and read before bed.

    Summary Comments
    Daily energy levels - 8
    Hunger level between meals - 3
    Satisfaction level with meals - 7
    Struggles today with Primal efforts - None
    Benefits noticed from Primal efforts - Calm and relaxed tonight
    Daily highlight - Primal lunch with S
    Daily needs-to-improve - Eat less cheese


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      Hi Nicole, I'm doing the challenge too so I'm interested to see how you get on. As a Brit, 20 minutes' round trip just to get to the mailbox sounds amazing! I like the summary comments format, do you mind if I steal it for my own journal?

      Louise (Warrahooyargh on here)


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        Great going Nicole! On my day 3, I really started to notice a better feeling overall. Been without my bad carbs! Great job on the Mexican restaurant. I wish I had someone doing it with me. I know it would make it easier. Thanks for the post on my journal! I'm so new to forums. :0)


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          Good job on your journey to date. I have not started a journal yet but I am thinking about it. I will keep checking back in on your progress.