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    I saw that a 21 day challenge is starting tomorrow, so I'm signing up, why not? I've completed the Whole30 twice and I'm 95% paleo/primal. I've been having a few more cheats than I'd like lately and I can feel it. I'm going to use these 21 days to get myself back on track.

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    Day 1: Breakfast (9:45am): 2 cups of coffee with almond milk, Curried chicken salad (chicken, celery, onion, apple, lettuce, curry powder, pecans, sea salt) and 2 dark chocolate squares 72%.


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      Lunch: Curried chicken salad

      Dinner: Spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, ground turkey with seasonings

      Fitness: Walk 1 hour at lunch, 30 minutes of TRX, 10 minutes of stretching

      Good news of the day: I asked my coworkers if they wanted to participate, about 15 people are interested! I am PUMPED!


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        Very cool that you're getting your co-workers involved. I've got my fiancÚ willing to try and that's got me way more excited about it. I'd like to say it's about the camaraderie but really I'm just super competitive and won't quit

        Good luck!


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          Nicole, good luck to you too!


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            Day 2 - Super Pumped

            Breakfast: 1 c canned pumpkin, 1 egg, 3 egg whites, 1 tbsp coconut flour
            Lunch: ground turkey, spaghetti squash, sauce and a small handful of nuts


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              Dinner: spaghetti squash, sauce, ground turkey + handful of almonds + dark chocolate square

              Fitness: Walk for 30 minutes in the afternoon. try to walk as much as possible in the house.

              Goal for day 3: lay off the nuts and take a hour long walk at lunch


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                Yahoo! Day 3.

                Some of my coworkers are still excited and asking me questions!

                Breakfast: French press coffee with almond milk. Yum. + chia, almond milk, cherries, a couple pecans


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                  Lunch: Tuna, lettuce, mac nuts, cilantro, southwest seasoning, 86% dark chocolate
                  Dinner: pumpkin, eggs, almond butter, almonds ... too many nuts

                  Walked 14000 steps. Couldn't get to the gym b/c weight room class was full. Singing up early for next weeks class.

                  Tomorrow I want to go for a walk before work. Have a training class and I will be sitting ALL DAY.

                  Oh and I want to look into a treadmill desk! That would be nice.


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                    12,000 steps today! yay

                    B: Mac nuts, coffee + almond milk
                    L: Tuna, 1/2 avocado, lettuce, little bit of olive oil, mac nuts, 86% dark chocolate
                    D: big ass salad + a glass of malbec

                    Tomorrow is apple picking day! I can't wait.


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                      Saturday - managed to stay primal all day

                      Sunday - same thing - even skipped my grandmas chocolate chip cookies. Took a few and froze them for a special treat after the challenge. She's not going to be around forever and these cookies are truly special to me.

                      Walked around 7000 steps today. Yesterday had 11,000 steps, plus TRX/Strength.