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    Have fun in the kitchen, Marielle. I've found primal cooking is not that hard when I have good ingredients but it certainly is different from cookie baking.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Hi Marielle,

      Don't worry about the low-carb flu; it will pass soon. I had it really bad, but more in the sense of being grumpy. My poor boyfriend... het got the worst of it. As far as gluten is concerned, I would really advise you to quit it completely and don't replace it with non-glutinous grains. Just replace the grains with veggies. Lots of veggies. I didn't start noticing the benefits until I went completely gluten-free and 80% grain free. No more racing heart after lunch, better sleep, more balanced energy levels...

      For breakfast ideas, just Google 'Paleo breakfast recipes' and you'll find plenty of options. How about dinner for breakfast? I like to make an omelet with loads of veggies. Hmmmm delicious You can just add more veggies and reduce the egg to 1, although I have my doubts regarding the "only 3 eggs per week" advice. I hope your doctor doesn't still think that fat is bad and that eggs raise (bad) cholesterol... I'm Dutch too and I know that doctors can be a little old-fashioned when it comes to nutrition advice!

      Oh and regarding the chocolate; clean out the pantry of normal, sugary chocolate and get dark choc instead. The occasional piece (I now LOVE 85% dark choc) is actually good for you. Just don't eat it too often and you'll be fine.

      But most of all, congratulations on taking control of your health, it'll be a great journey

      Cheers en groeten

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        Good morning everybody...

        Annieh, the problem is that I'm no cook and clumpsy in the kitchen so it will take some practice.

        Wendy thanks for the positive message. My doctor wasn't negative about the Primal idea, she figures as long as I feel well it's okay.
        I get grumpy as well when I can't have chocolate. It usually starts after a week or two.
        I'm wondering how you ended up in Perth? must be lovely there. A friend went to travel Aussie land for 10 months, it looked so beautiful...

        Primal eating causes one thing! I can't sleep longer then 6 a.m.!!!! It's bloody annoying but it's 8.30am on a Saturday and I'm already cleaning my house.
        Not to mention that my two cats have an issue with closed doors and start scratching at the door at 5.30am.

        I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to eat today. I'm browsing for easy dinner ideas but most things are so much work...

        Yesterday I stopped by my local butcher to pick up my order. I asked about where the meat was coming from because it's blood expensive and I didn't see a sign of grass-fed meat. However it turned out that the extra money was well paid as they have their own farmers that supply them. they know exactly where the meat is coming from and that they cows and pigs are pastured.
        So that's good...
        My story, My thought....

        It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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          I have been so busy already that I have had my work out and hunting trip for one day.
          I have been cleaning the house, doing laundry and refreshing the sheets this morning, after that I went hunting for essential items like coconut flour (I finally found it).... I even found maple syrup. and bought flaxseed don't know what to do with that yet but I'll figure it out.)

          so not I'm going to sit my lazy butt on the sofa and watch the F1 qualifying and browse for recipes to tried later...
          My story, My thought....

          It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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            I'm being very productive this weekend...
            I've got banana bread baking in the oven, I have eggs boiling to make scottish eggs for lunch. I still have to clean the carrots so that I can eat veggies today... I really suck as eating veggies...

            I also realized that I'm stuck on 77,8 kilo... it's my stuck weight for the last three years... I guess I'm not moving enough or eat too much dried fruit and snacks. I have to cut back on what I'm eating but first I have to figure out what I like to eat for veggies because I'm always hungry at the moment...

            I found out that a good friend of mine has switched to a wheat free diet recently as well. It's such a coincidence because she is coming for a dinner party here next weekend. We are making coconut-chicken curry from on of the free recipe-books.

            I'm starting to think about making more smoothies as a substitute for breakfast or buy myself a juicer as an early christmas gift to live on healthy juices more... they are still bloody expensive...

            anyway... I've got laundry to do and maybe a bit of shopping....
            My story, My thought....

            It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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              Strange how a change in diet can make such a change in your body. Especially energy wise...
              Ever since I started this Primal road I haven't complained about being sleepy once... lazy yes, wanting to be lazy all day, yes but never saying that I want to go to bed early... stil bedtime is between 9.30 and 10.30 pm but I'm not really tired anymore.
              That's the first time in I think 7 years that I'm not wanting to be in bed at 7pm...

              I also wake up more refreshed and happy... I found that my morning bad-mood is disappearing and that I'm better able to deal with my boyfriends ADHD-character in the morning (try to keep smiling when he wakes up bouncing around the room singing commercial tunes at 6 in the morning!!)

              I'm also starting to smile more. It seems I can enjoy things again...strange...

              Today I need to go shopping for this weeks menu... I still have no idea what to eat. I normally eat the same as my bf but just skip the pasta, rice or potatoes... Though I do eat brown rice every now and then.

              I made Scottish eggs yesterday for lunch, I made two so I have one for todays lunch as well. I hope it still is okay after keeping it in the fridge overnight...
              This morning was the first morning I ate meat and veggies for breakfast... I had two carrot and some left over beef from yesterday.
              Snacks are banana bread I made and I have some Paleo style chocolate bounty in the fridge for this afternoon...

              I'm not sure what to do for exercise today... I don't have time to go to the gym so maybe today will be a weight training day...

              anyway, work is calling again and I really have to finish something today
              My story, My thought....

              It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                Epic fail today!!!!!
                I couldn't resist the cake that was in the office... grrrrr. I should have brought my own chocolate... it would have been so much better... urgh....

                I had thought I would have at least some backbone by now... seriously I'm a jelly fish when it comes to backbone..
                My story, My thought....

                It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                  I'm getting the hang of this cooking thing...
                  I work till 2pm so I have a few hours before the man of the kitchen returns. I can make the things I need to fry or bake for the next day then...
                  So today I made my first coconut pancakes... they turned out I have breakfast for tomorrow and maybe lunch...or twice for breakfast...

                  I need to find recipes with coconut milk because I opened a tin of that stuff.
                  My story, My thought....

                  It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                    I have finally ordered the Primal Blueprint. I have almost finished my Paleo for dummies and I still have a book on eating Macro-biotic to read on my diet issue but I think I'll wait with that one after I read Mark's book.
                    Though I have to wait three days before it's here.

                    (I ordered a ton of books even though I had forbidden myself to do it. I still have so many books to read. I'm going to cut back massively on laptop time and finish all the books I still have to read.)

                    I did another session of weight training yesterday. Today will be a kitchen day as I'm making chicken legs. It will give me time to make a few things extra for the rest of the week.

                    The weight training isn't going as well as I hoped.
                    - only 15 wall push-ups
                    - 15 wall squats.
                    - 15 seconds knee-hand plank.
                    Not much progress yet... Maybe I'm not pushing myself hard enough. I'll have to stop by the gym and really push myself.
                    My story, My thought....

                    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                      I found a great food journal online thanks to Misabi. The is helping me not only to keep track of calories and other macro's but also the micro's (vitamins, fats, sodium, etc)... which is brilliant. It will help me understand certain processed better.

                      I also got my bloodwork back today. It's always been good. Though the inflamation marker was too high (not by much) but that's probably because I was battling a stomach bug at that time. The only two I'm concerned about were my Magnesium and TSH. They were on the low side of normal and should be a bit higher...

                      Foodwise things are going alright. I'm still not 100% paleo but I think I'm doing fairly well in the Primal region.

                      Only the weightloss is lacking. Maybe I'm expecting too much of myself but I had hoped that it would drop a little bit by now. I haven't had sugar in two weeks!!! I guess I'm either too lazy or that stopping my meds are influencing the weightloss.
                      Tomorrow I'm going to the gym. I really need to go and get some cardio done.

                      today's menu:
                      - boiled egg and carrots for breakfast
                      - coconut pancakes and a bit of roasted chicken with a pear for lunch
                      - banana bread for morning snack
                      - pork meat with something I cook up this afternoon for dinner.
                      My story, My thought....

                      It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                        I'm being very creative in the kitchen again... I made sweets and lunch or breakfast... or what ever comes first to eat...

                        I'm making mini bacon wrapped sweet potato omelets... one big one for dinner but I figured I could store one or two in the freezer and have some back up...

                        I need to find more veggies I like... I'm going browse for Spinach recipes and new things... veggies are scary monsters....
                        My story, My thought....

                        It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                          I'm having a good day!!
                          Yesterday late in the afternoon news came through that my CEO got fired. finally!!! It caused me to walk around with a big grin on my face. It was for almost all colleagues very exciting and there was a kind of first-day-of-school vibe going around...
                          Needlessly to say we didn't like our CEO much...

                          Anyway back to Primal...
                          I did the half hour hike today.
                          I also did my weight training run... it bugs me big time that I always have severe muscle aches and cramps after just a small bit of exercise but my Grok family came through and gave me tips and hope that one day I'll see my abs...
                          Maybe a pitstop at the gym will be a good one tomorrow or the same exercise again as today.
                          I can stop by the pharmacist and the hairdresser on the way....

                          on the food:
                          I did okay today:
                          - boiled egg and carrots for breakfast
                          - banana bread and pear as snack
                          - meatbal, cucumber and a mini sweet potato omelet with bacon for lunch
                          - too much dark chocolate, banana chips and dried mango for afternoon snack
                          - italian crusted cod, coconut pancakes and cucumber for dinner.
                          - yoghurt with vanilla, dark chocolate and mixed nuts as dessert...

                          Normally after desert I don't eat anything until breakfast the next morning.

                          Still there were a lot of sneaky calories in this. I found out I eat more calories than I should. Pancakes and banana bread are killing and will be slowly eliminated from my plate. I really need to find greens that I like...
                          My story, My thought....

                          It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                            I guess I'm not eating as paleo as I thought I was. I'm filling in my food intake on Paleotrack but the "congrats you are full paleo" disappears quickly...I just don't get what I'm doing wrong... coconut pancakes are as paleo as possible. Sigh, at least I'm sticking within Mark's plan...

                            My book still isn't here... I hope it will come tomorrow.

                            Today has been difficult. My cats woke me up at 2.30am and I couldn't go back to sleep after that. It brings home how sleep is influential on your body. I'm hungry, cranky and sleepy for the first time since I started the primal thing...

                            Tomorrow I'm going to the fresh market for fruits and veggies... I have decided to buy only what is in season and right now it's a lot.
                            If I have time I'll go to the city to have a look at vibrams or something like that. I want a pair before convention season starts. It would save me a lot of sore feet...
                            My story, My thought....

                            It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!


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                              I think it would be good to read the book first as (no offence), you seem a little bit confused sometimes. Coconut pancakes? Banana bread? I would avoid those kind of "treats" or at least limit them if weight loss is a priority. Just eat real, unprocessed food: meat, fish, veggies, fruit, tubers, a few nuts (not too many) and that's it. Make your meals big and fulfilling and avoid snacking in between as it means you didn't eat enough during your main meal. Nourish your body as much as possible, it's all about giving your body all the right nutrients it has been missing.
                              I have cats too and lock them away in the living room at night, my sleep is too important. If you mess up your sleep, whatever you do diet and exercise wise can quickly become pointless.
                              I would say don't overdo it on the exercise and just focus on getting your diet and sleep in order for now. Walking is fine, but I'd go easy on the running as it is not very effective for weight loss.
                              Succes ermee


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                                FlyingPig, yeah a bit confused indeed. Mainly because PB is very different for the Paleo diet I have been reading about.
                                I'll get the book soon. I'll find some answers.

                                I did lock the cats in the living room as well. We always do but I didn't close the door properly. It was my own fault...

                                For my heart issues working cardio is a must. I'm trying to walk for half an hour at least 3 times a week. Plus the 2 tennis sessions should do miracles but I'd love to get my old strength back

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                                My story, My thought....

                                It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!