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From 205 to 125, From HCG/Paleo to Leptin RX

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  • From 205 to 125, From HCG/Paleo to Leptin RX

    Hi all!! I'm So happy to start my journal with you. I'm a 35 yr old female, no kids but the hubbs and I have been trying since Oct. I have my best friend/hubbs supporting me and loving me through all of this. He joined the MDA and Paleo living about a year and a half ago. He did not realize he had weight to loose, but did! Ughh men! He had tendonitis in his elbow from climbing that has disappeared, improved sleep and doesn't feel like he is getting a cold every few weeks.
    I've gone from a pizza lover, I'm talking in two time a week purchase, that does not include eating leftovers! Now I'm a Paleo food eating lover! I LOVE to cook, I own multiple paleo books and I use them! Cooking to me is like gardening to others... i hate to garden. Sounds great, right??? Except.... for my binge eating issues that linger..ugh. I'll get to it soon...
    I started my weight loss/health journey in August, three years ago. I started at 202 lbs (my highest was 222) with high tryglicerides, hypothyroid along with inflammation. I went to a homeopathic Dr. ( she & her staff are AMAZING) I still go there to this day. I started hcg and my thyroid treatment through this office. My first four rounds of hcg were phenomenal. I always took a three month break between rounds and focused on my paleo lifestyle. I did not loose much weight during those times nor was I always good. But I always tried my darndest to maintain my weight.
    During the first two and half years I joined a gym, had personal trainers, trained and ran a half marathon along with many other small races, joined corssfit. You name it I did it... no zumba, im not that corrdinated and I tore my ACL on my dirt bike at one of my highest weight fun!
    Fast forward to the past year. Last June I weight 122, felt AMAZING! I was rock climbing with the hubbs, backpacking and running my fastest miles ever. Over the past winter I put the weight back on:-( I was stressed, depressesed and binge eating. My husband has no idea to this day!!!
    I would leave the house to run errands and stop for yougurt, then ice cream, eat choc covered nut while I shop. I would eat hidden snacks while he was in the shower. I would cook all kinds of paleo treats just to be able to snack in front of him. It was uncontrollable. I would be good for a few days, try to work it off, but the urge to binge would sneak up on me again.
    I tried, REALLY tried to get the weight off. I would Keep strict to my diet for a week or two, workout like a mad women! 4 am workouts with after non workouts. OK... I know too much. I thought the same so I slowly declined the cardio and only did weights. Still nothing. I tried bulletfproof coffee/IF. No loss even when I was good and honest with myself.
    So come spring of this year I did another round of hcg. I did it! I was back to my 122 lbs, feeling great!! I had a repeat of last summer, good activity, eating paleo. But it did not last long.....
    With my constant hunger, feeling depressed, ravinoush cravings(same as last winter) I have put 20 lbs back on.... in 6 weeks!
    I've been reading a lot of Dr. K reset, a general surgeon I work with is a huge fan of his! With everything I'm reading, no wonder why I feel this way!!!! Thyroid is out of wack, depression, no weight loss on IF, cant get pregnant, can't stabilize weight after hcg...I'm Leptin Resistant!
    Today I have begun!! I have had my BAB, I will post everything tonight. Thanks for reading.
    mamagrok you are my inspiration to starting this blog!

    I am determined to be happy,healthy and honest with myself!
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