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    Today is the day after my 55th birthday. I am approximately 20 lbs overweight, though I haven't seen that number in about 20 years! I have 5 children; two in my 40s. My life is very busy, but I have been using extreme exercise to get the results I have been wanting. Recently, a small niggling thought in the back of my head began to form: maybe I'm doing myself harm by over-exercising and not eating as well as I should. The pattern was that I would be "good" by eating egg whites (yuck) and then, somehow, have "permission" to eat dessert or whatever sugary thing I was craving. I long for a balance, peace and a healthy lifestyle. I have been trying this for 6 days now and I haven't lost any weight. I sincerely hope that a lack of loss doesn't send me into despair!