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    The Beginning

    So.. a bit about me

    Have been on a steady weight decline and have gradually been eliminating processed foods, gluten and sugar over time. I am gluten intolerant and I also have Hypothyroidism. As such, when I do indulge my reactions have been getting worse and worse so have decided to bite the bullet and go fully primal.

    Knowing I would start the 21 Day Challenge on Monday (2.9.13) I indulged on Sunday with bread, ice-cream and chips. Had an almost immediate itchy eyes and runny nose reaction that day, followed by horrible sleep and waking up with a carb hangover - lethargic, sniffly nose, puffy eyes and a few other symptoms. This definately helped in the decision I had already made.

    Exercise: I have always been quite active but prone to "cronic cardio" placing stress on my body and thus becoming sick or burning out a few times a year only to pick myself back up again after the guilt build up. The last two months I have slowed down, focusing on increased weight sessions, walking & dance instead of lots of cardio. I have seen great results from this, feeling stronger, toning up and reduced stress levels. My exercise plan won't really change from this. I might do an extra weight class if I feel like it or go for a longer walk, bike ride or down the beach on the weekend - but the aim of the challenge for me is to focus on my diet.

    Am writing this journal to keep track on how I'm feeling along the way and to add an extra level of accountability
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    Day 3 Update

    Day 3: Eyes are feeling a bit itchy again today, I think it might be my body detoxing. Woke up feeling quite refreshed. Have noticed a reduction in hungry (it's not so persistent around prescribed meal times). Weighed myself this morning and am down 2 kilos - all water weight I suspect.

    Day 2: Take-away dinner tonight (I forgot I had a late meeting). I ended up having curry cauliflower and fish. No rice. Took it home and topped it with coconut, coriander and cashews Yum :P Was exhausted by the end of the day.

    Day 1: Took me to the end of the day for my Sunday gluten reactions to subside but I had a much better sleep over-night. Had a little bit of a sugar craving that arvo so had 1 dried date and 2 raisons with some nuts.


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      Day 5 Update

      Day 4 & 5: Appetite has definitely steadied and I feel full of energy Am having fun with creating new recipes in the kitchen! Found some mini capsicums at the market yesterday so am planning to use them as quiche cases to prepare for breakfast next week.


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        Day 7: Caprese salad for lunch & made the mini quiches YUM! Energy levels are feeling great

        Day 6: Had a little bit of wheat today as I wasn't prepared enough


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          Wow, are these out of a magazine or what you actually made? They look delicious. Those mini quiche look amazing. Recipe please!
          I'm not saying lets kill all the stupid people in the world, I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem take care of itself.


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            Hey Kikiperpie These are both home-made & my pics.

            Mini quiche recipe was about x10 baby red capsicums with the tops cut out, pan fried some onion and bacon and let cool before putting into the capsicums, filled with a mix of x4 free range eggs, about 5tbls cream, pinch of nutmeg & cayenne pepper (whisk together with fork & pour in), then topped with a little bot of cheddar cheese and baked at 180 degrees Celsius for about 30 mins or until the tops are golden and filling is set. Sorry If that's not specific enough but I tend to just make things up as I cook them haha

            Day 8 & 9 Update: My appetite has really steadied out, am even finding it a bit difficult the last two days to meet my target 1400 calories (I used to eat 1200 but this was too little for me and I didn't loose at this amount). Am feeling full of energy and sleeping really well. My psoriasis is starting to clear up but my skin is itchy all over (think this might be part of my body detoxing the sugar?).


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              Perfect, got it and will be trying these. Thank you. I am also experimenting with calorie intake. I think I'm eating too few calories so weight loss is slooooooooooooow but in the right direction at least.
              I'm not saying lets kill all the stupid people in the world, I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem take care of itself.


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                Day 14 Update: Skin has stopped being as itchy but my moodiness is still sporadic. Went for a lovely long walk today and two sprints - it felt great! Have lost nearly 3 kilo's from when I started but more than that I seem more toned and less bloated - it's exciting the thought of my muscles starting to make an appearance! This weekend I actually didn't miss the carbs at all, but I did have to come up with something to eat with the family while we watched movies (& they had lollies + chips). Had some dark chocolate (wish I could find darker!) and strawberries

                Some more food pics! Some things I ate this week - Garlic & Lime Prawns with pepitas, oven roasted sweet potato with butter (had some left over to go with my lunch salad the next day) & finally made cauliflower mash with chives and oven roasted stuffed chicken marylands. I find the food pics keep me inspired to come up with new dishes :P



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                  Gorgeous food again. And fantastic progress with the weight loss!
                  I'm not saying lets kill all the stupid people in the world, I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem take care of itself.


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                    Thanks Kikiperpie!