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Anxiety, depression, digestion issues-oh my!

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  • Anxiety, depression, digestion issues-oh my!

    can a mod delete this journal please?
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    Hey there, your journal caught my eye because of the similar title to mine . What kind of digestive issues are you dealing with?

    I find that a bit of fruit helps to stimulate my appetite. If you can eat apples, maybe try an apple a day with lunch or as a snack . I think I'd suggest avoiding toast, to at least stick to grain/gluten-free, but there's certainly nothing wrong with including some starchy tubers and white rice as long as you tolerate them (digestively).
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      Coconut butter is probably not a great idea right now while dealing with diarrhea. Especially if you aren't used to eating coconut fat, it can cause loose stools? Do you have any gallbladder issues? Inability to digest fats often stems from not enough bile being produced by your gallbladder, which in turn causes diarrhea and/or malabsorption.

      I disagree with your doctor's advice about supplementing flax. If I was going to suggest foods to you, I'd say stick with soups, stews, and well cooked vegetables, preferably pureed whenever possible. Instead of rice, I'd try some pureed squash. I think your bloating & fatigue is from not being able to absorb enough nutrients from your food, as well as probably not eating enough.

      Check out for some info about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It's completely in line with paleo/primal eating, but focuses specifically on healing digestive disorders.

      Good luck!
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        Make sure you're taking a good quality probiotic. Also - try some fermented food and drink as well. I've just recently corrected my messed up gut and stopped a 6 year cycle of daily belly pain and terrible diarrhea. I take a probiotic every day and I drink 16 oz of kombucha every day. I am now 17 days diarrhea and pain free!!!

        I agree with Nameless on the coconut oil -- not good for people with loose bowel issues.

        I take Knock Out (Schiff) for sleep. I suggest getting off the lorazepam and going natural. I buy it at Fred Meyers - if you can find it for less than $15 a bottle its a good deal! Sometimes its buy one get one free - then I stalk up!!!
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          Theanine Serene is my go-to for sleep aid now. It's based on amino acids.

          You might want to add in some Vitamin C for the iron. Iron can upset the stomach if not coupled with Vitamin C for absorption.
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            Also dealing with the same issues your title caught my eye. I've noticed as my anxiety has gone down my bowel movements are a lot better. Getting rid of the alcohol is huge, once that started to get out of my system anxiety dropped. At the same time being on a low carb diet has helped my anxiety and depression ton and increased my mental clarity. I was eating tons of carbs. Also I second the puree of veggies. Get more nutrients in your body and look into the kombucha tea. All that worked/works well for me, keep us posted!
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              I now take my probiotics every second day (when I can remember), because of the price, but I try and have yogurt or some other probiotic food everyday (didn't realise how easy yogurt was to make).
              It was a shock when I first bought supplements (I've been sick and not eating well). I just didn't realise how much they cost or the market they have in children's supplements (I swear when I was little it was just vit c!)


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                I take a probiotic, a general multi vitamin (a night time one that's ment to help with sleep) as well as magnesium.
                All are taken when I can remember them as I get busy & often forget. (3 kids & not the most organised person)
                I was recently sick & had antibiotics & ended up with thrush/candida (my mouth was so sore) and the probiotics helped soo much.


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                  I have also lived with anxiety & depression since I was 15 (my sister believes I had it about a year before I was diagnosed, I'm now 28). I understand how frustrating, annoying & depressing things can get. I also unfortunately have about 20 pounds to lose due to my last bout of depression 2 years ago