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  • Primal Journal: Intrepid14

    Since Primal Quest is the main event I do each year it makes sense to eat Primal as well. So I am going to give it a shot! This is a big change as I have not been a huge meat eater. I really like veggies, salads and soup but also the carbs. I tried the Thrive Diet. Which is healthy, but way to much carbs for me. I am excited to start the Primal Blueprint.

    This is where I am coming from:

    I was a college athlete and martial artist. My training always involved sprinting. I never felt speed was a issue. In my adult life I began adventure racing and training 30 hours per week. I did lots of LSD. Now speed became an issue, I was slow.

    I didn't sprint anymore and 2-6 hour runs were normal. Going into Primal Quest Utah, I was fit but not fast. I also could not get down to a good racing weight, even training 30 hours per week and eating about 1500 calories.

    For Primal Quest Montana I cut some training down per a trainer, but I still couldn't lose weight and battled sickness a lot. Though we ended up 35th out of a star studded field, I could have done better had I been better trained and my diet honed in. The blasted weight would not come off.

    Primal Quest Badlands- I raced with 3 elite men and we were able to place 17th. I trained using Crossfit and Crossfit endurance, and peaked at about 10 hours per week. This race is 600 miles, so it was a big risk. It payed off. I was fit and finished well!

    The weight still eluded me however. I eat clean, so this was frustrating. But after hearing Mark interviewed on a CrossFit radio, I started exploring here. Then I didn't think I could do adventure race training on this diet.

    Now I think there is no choice. It is a good solid healthy diet. I of course will need more carbohydrates during a race, but for day to day this will be perfect.

    Those lean abs of the success stories have sold me. Plus I'll get faster just by getting lighter!

    Thanks for a terrific site!
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    Primal Journal Intrepid14

    <B> Eating</b>

    Well I ate too much dark chocolate today and felt like I ate way too many nuts and cheese. I have to get a bit more disciplined.
    I am looking forward to my book arriving tomorrow!

    Greek Yogurt
    Mixed Nuts
    Beef with Tortilla Soup (homeade raw soup: spinach, tomatoes, carots blended)
    Sausage and Cheese, Tomatoes, spinach
    Cheese Stick
    Champagne Cheese


    5 Rounds for Time of:

    10 Step Ups 25lbs 20" Box

    Run 200m

    Rest 5min

    3 Rounds of:

    30 sec Hollow Rocks

    Rest 30 sec

    30 sec L-sits on the Dip Bars
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      5 Total Rounds.

      30sec on,20sec off: Move from one exercise to the other in this order.

      Double Unders

      GHD Sit ups

      Push ups


      Dutch Hats Primal Style: Eggs, almond flour, butter
      Salad w/ Turkey Tomatoes Peppers
      Aged Cheese
      Greek Yogurt
      Primal Chocolate Brownies: Cream, Cocoa, almond flour, nut butter

      I love grocery shopping today. It was fun to be able to get stuff with fat!

      Seated Box Jumps. Sit on 12" box ,Jump up onto the 30" Box.

      Kettle Bell Swings 1.5 pood.


      Goal is to use maximum effort for 2 min interval.

      120:60 x 6

      or 2 min on 1 minute off x 6

      Cover as much distance as possible on each interval.
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