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    T-Minus 5 days to the start of P365

    Monday has an air of SUCK to it - Blood draws. G** damn it. - but once I get over that hump I'm going to hit the ground running straight for the throat! With any luck I will have enough momentum going to launch into the project with full fervor... Lately I've been lagging worse than dial-up in the boondocks during a rainstorm... (Been there. Done that. Still waiting for the download.) I blame the ridiculous amount of carbs I've been consuming as of late... Yes, for shame.

    What I NEED to do is cut the crap, get some steaks, and roll back into the groove with aplomb. What I can AFFORD to do is (at best) maybe get some hamburger, add some cheese, throw on some spicy mustard, and toss some cabbage in the steamer... The bacon and slabs of thick delicious cow-beast will have to wait until (or IF) the damned budget budges... Part of P365 is getting up life's ladder a rung or two so it's not a constant damned struggle... I'd like to say I have the confidence to go out and make that happen, but as of right now that's kind of a lie...

    I'm still getting the statistics/pics assembled, so in a year I can do some comparisons and realize my progress. I think that is one place where I failed a bit last time... I kinda just oozed into changes and when you do that the results, no matter how profound, kind of get lost in the shuffle, and that can cause disheartenment/loss of drive.

    So far, the goals are:

    - Lose 60-80+ lbs of fat
    - Gain more power/better body composition
    - Gain more confidence
    - Become more Primal
    - Live for myself, while still giving (somewhat more limited) support to others

    I will expound a bit more later....
    Eat like a Beast, feel like a Beast!
    Eat from a huge bag of processed junk... Well... You know.


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      Assembling statistics, taking pictures, getting ready to throw everything out there... P365 begins in earnest Friday.

      I look forward to seeing what the results of my checkup are... Should arrive any day now
      Eat like a Beast, feel like a Beast!
      Eat from a huge bag of processed junk... Well... You know.


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        Yes, another anthropomorphic writer to follow. Thanks to the avatar and (awesome) intro, I imagine you as a giant, ripped, baconivorous werebunny. Speaking of bacon, your roommate claims to be a Master of Paleo, yet she eats granola? Pshh.

        I’m also planning on starting a more serious (well, better planned, I already track numbers like the nerd that I am)… super secret experiment of sorts. Best of luck to you and me! Oh shit, I should probably write shit down if I’m actually going to start off on a highly motivated step…


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          Glad to hear from you Ritten! Alas, I am giant but not ripped, and nowhere near bunny enough for most people's tastes

          The roommate is Master of Everything. Just give her 10 minutes of study at whatever CW website she can pull up on her phone and be ready to "make some adjustments"... Or Else. It's a lot like a loveless marriage but without losing half my stuff at this point... Sigh.

          Ahh yes, numbers... I was going to post those! I was also going to post *before* pictures, but... Ugh... Uh, maybe later? *Ahem* without further ado... Superbeast, By the Numbers (as of 11/25/2013):

          Age: 37

          Height: 6'2"

          Weight: 322 lbs

          Waist size: 54” Max (51” at beltline)

          Neck size: 19.5”

          Waist/Neck Ratio: 2.77/1

          Arm size: 14.25”

          Chest size: 48.5”

          Leg size: 29.5”

          Clothing Sizes:
          Pants (Waist/Inseam): 52/32
          Shirts : 2XL
          Hats: 7
          Shoes: Size 13
          Coats: XX-Large

          Blood Test Results (as of 11/25/2013):

          Total Cholesterol: 177
          Triglycerides: 75
          HDL Cholesterol: 42
          VLDL Cholesterol: 15
          LDL Cholesterol: 120 (slightly above optimal)
          T. Chol/HDL Ratio: 4.2
          Est. CHD Risk: 0.8
          Slightly elevated red blood cell count (Doc says it's from lack of oxygen/Sleep Apnea, recommended a Tonsillectomy to help open the airways a bit... )
          Thyroid, Blood Sugar, Kidney, and Electrolytes normal.

          (Sigh... Silly me. I made the mistake of showing the results to my roommate and she is going on a full-blown crusade to save me from the LDL... *rolls eyes*

          She means well, I suppose. It's just all so... So... SAD.)
          Eat like a Beast, feel like a Beast!
          Eat from a huge bag of processed junk... Well... You know.


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            Does the Master realize your total cholesterol is enviable by most of America? (Aren't they recommending <190 now? I don't really pay attention as a literate female, so I could be wrong. Correct me!) HDL is usually sorted out by primal, so that will be a cool trend to watch.

            That and it's pretty commonly accepted by anyone whose education didn't stop in 1970 that cholesterol is a shitty marker for anything other than cholesterol.


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              The Roommate demands absolute perfection in all areas. Hell if I know what that entails, really. All I know is that I do NOT fit the definition, in tens of thousands of variable nitpicking areas no doubt, but that's no surprise. Doesn't go both ways of course...

              God I'm hating these "Before" pictures... I always look 10x more bloated and fat in pictures than I do in the mirror. If that's what I look like to other people... Geez.
              Eat like a Beast, feel like a Beast!
              Eat from a huge bag of processed junk... Well... You know.


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                Okay, as promised (a hundred years ago...) The "Before" Pictures:


                Hopefully the "After" Pictures will be quite a bit better... Still a massive improvement over where I was a year ago!

                On that note I had a friend inquire about the Primal diet, so I referred him to the Primal Blueprint... Might have another convert here soon...
                Eat like a Beast, feel like a Beast!
                Eat from a huge bag of processed junk... Well... You know.


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                  Originally posted by Superbeast View Post
                  I can do monthly updates, for sure .
                  (Chanting) Update, update, update...

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