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    So I've been on board for a while, don't remeber when I registered or if I ever did a proper presentation but I have never written a journal before.

    My name is Emelie, I'm a 22 yr old woman from the northern, cold and dark parts of Sweden and I really love it here despite the lack of sun. I've been primal for a couple of years now and I'm loving the lifestyle so much. This lifestyle have helped me in ways I never thought possible and it has changed my view of life in many ways. In my bagage I have almost ten years of various eating disorders and a really bad body image which I'm still working on, though proper nutrition sorted the bad eating habits out. I had lots of health problems I thought was a part of every human life that are completely gone now. The only thing really I want to fix is my weight because I haven't really lost anything on this diet. I have maybe 15 pounds to lose before I think I'm happy with my body. I hope I will find my self happy with it during my journey anyway but It would feel great to finally reach the goal I've had for many years.

    I will tweak my diet til I find what is working for me and I will hopefully use this journal along the way.

    I also need to work on the other parts of the Primal lifestyle, such as sun exposure and play. And I really want to find a fitness routine that I love, right now I only work out because I need to.

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    So today I started off by doing a carb refeed. My first one and probably last. I made a new thread on the nutrition board a couple of days ago and this was suggested. Some people didn't think it was an idea to do it, but what harm can it make really? I never really cheat, and while some can do it 80/20 I probably do it 99/1 so today I decided to do something very drastic for me to mark this new journey of experiments. If it sets me back it is all right.

    So I ate a lot of sweet potato today. LOTS. and fruit, a few dates. I ate 1620 calories, 28 grams of fat, 70 grams of protein and the rest was carbs. I felt kinda awful actually. I'm very low carb, under 30 grams a day usually and I find it quite hard to eat more carbs without eating very much fruit or bad foods. So today I've been so tired and angry! I did a workout but I felt very weak so I did definitely not empty my glycogen. Oh well. Its all good. My teeths are hurting very much too! That has never happened before. We'll see how I feel tomorrow Tomorrow I will go back to my normal diet after fasting. I will eat breakfast around 12 I think.

    My first experiment will be eating kinda like normal but only two meals a day and eating around 80 grams of carbs a day. I already eat lots of protein but since I'll eat more carbs I will cut back a little on the fats. I will also watch the calories and eat around 1600 to begin with. In two weeks I will see if I have gained or lost anything. If I'm getting hungry in the morning I will just drink some bone broth or add a tablespoon of coconut oil to my coffee. As it is harvest season I will naturally eat more carbs, more tubers, pumpkin and swedish apples so I'm happy to do this now

    I have a new puppy, he is really small now so he cant take any long walks with me yet. He can't be alone either and my boyfriend is working all days so I havent really been able to walk much lately. I've done some body weight workouts and pullups at home and when we went to our parents last week I had time for some sprinting and walking. When school starts again boyfriend will have to take the dog to work so I can at least walk to the university every day. He will be big enough soon. It is a very active northern breed and he is the best dog ever!


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      Hi Emelie, welcome to the board and good luck. I'm also Nordic, grew up in Finland, although now living in London. Do miss the wilderness and would you believe it, even the snow.

      What breed of dog is your puppy? What's he called? I was thinking the other day that having a dog is great for play (and also making sure you go for walks - I'm sure he'll grow very quickly and will love his long walks with you!). I only have a cat, he's rarely up for play and never for walkies.
      Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


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        Thank you!
        I like the snow but summer could have been a month longer though! The worse part of living up here is that you can't grow everything you want!

        He is a Finnish Lapphund, or Soumenlapinkoira Pretty much the perfect breed! His name is Aske. IMGP7939-2.jpg


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          So today I've been counting, weighing and measuring everything. It was way harder than I thought to eat 80 grams of carbs! I had to make a "dessert" after breakfast even!

          I've eaten two meals and I'm not hungry.

          For brunch I ate leftover steak, some feta cheese, 1 egg (I only had one at home), kimchi and lettuce. The "dessert" was 1 banana, 50 grams of raspberries and a tablespoon of homemade coconut butter.

          For dinner I ate 1,5 hamburgers, lettuce, tomatoes, some mayo, half an avocado and half a plate of sweet potato. I've only reached 40 grams of carbs today! and 1478 calories so I have 100 calories of carbs to left to eat. It is friday and I think I will have a glass of wine or two later, so I'm not sure If I'm gonna eat more today anyway.

          I think this whole skipping breakfast thing can work really well for me.


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            So I've done my eating for today, very enjoyable eating too.

            We went to the farmers market before breakfast, brunch or whatever and came home around 2 pm. Then I ate the first meal of the day (not even that hungry actually). At the farmers market we bought some local grassfed burgers, a sausage from the same farm and grassfed (or pastured?) goat cheese. We also bought some chanterelles (havent had time to gather any myself yet), beets, kale and cabbage.

            Today I've eaten 1602 calories, 65 grams of carbs, 71 grams of protein and the rest fat.

            About 2,5 eggs with bacon and tomato. 1 peach and coffee.

            Pulled pork with cabbage salad (cabbage, vinegar, olive oil and some salt and pepper), tomatoes, onion, avocado and a squeeze of fresh lime on top. Amazingly good! Not enough carbs or calories though so I ate some raspberries, blueberries, 1/3 frozen banana and coconut butter for dessert. I'm so full right now


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              So far, so good (except the technical difficulties I've had with my computer which means I've written 2 long posts in my journal that just disappeared darnit!). I eat around 1600 calories a day, yesterday I ate a little less, today I will too I think because I've only eaten 1100 today, so there is room for some dessert later, I think I'll go for some avocado chocolate pudding while watching a movie tonight. I'm not eating just 1100 calories given my background, and I'm not in a hurry losing this weight. For now I only want to eat whats left from my dinner but then I wont have any leftovers to eat tomorrow and I'm not hungry so thats another reason for not eating it!

              Breakfast: 3 beets with goat cheese, 4 slices of bacon and 2 poached eggs. Wasn't hungry until almost 7 hours later when I ate dinner.
              Dinner: 100 grams of homemade pulled pork and cauliflower rice pilaf from Well Fed which is amazing! I love it!

              If I count my not yet consumed avocado pudding my day will look like this:
              Total Calories: 1413
              Carbs: 67.5 (I think this is inaccurate because it says "pulled pork in barbecue sauce" which means lots of sugar, my homemade version is without sweeteners)
              Fat: 95.8
              Protein: 66.2

              I may add some freshly picked blueberries to my dessert to get a few more carbs.


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                So, ate about 150-200 calories less than My plan allow me so today Ive eaten about 100 more. I needed it because I felt rather hungry after dinner so I ate another plate of cauliflower rice

                I've been sending emails all day to the organic free range chicken farms and pig farms in sweden to find chicken and pork liver. I think we generally have better quality foods in sweden than in america, or over all less processed food, but we don't have anything like Whole Foods where you can find high quality meat and organ meats here. We have one company that provides organic free range chicken that you can buy in the supermarket but they don't sell the organs. I have yet to find grass fed beef liver and pork liver too. You can find conventional beef liver and buy liver from local farms but then you need to buy a whole box of it. But I need to eat more offal thats for sure. I need more nutrient dense meat! I love my bone broth I made the other day, but now I need to find new bones!


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                  solved it
                  Last edited by Emelie; 08-23-2013, 02:04 AM. Reason: spelling


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                    Seems like life is working against me right now. In yesterdays post I mentioned I felt sick of just the thought of eating. Well today I am for the first time in ages. fever, soar throat and no energy at all. my eyes are swollen. I just burned my breakfast. What have I done wrong? is it that I eat less or more carbs or what? The funny part is that I've been drinking bone broth the last few days. last time I actually drank it as it was during my whole 30 I got sick too. Am I allergic to bone broth or what?

                    My kitchen looks like a mess because of yesterday. I really need to wash the floors because doggy has been a bad doggy. But I can't cause I'm so dizzy.

                    Who gave me this cold? I haven't met someone in like three or four days. Today I was supposed to meet with my friend to spend some time with her and I have been looking forward to it all week but here I am sick! Tomorrow was supposed to be even better as we were going out to a couple of friends a few hours away to plan, write music and record a video for a friends 30th birthday. but here I am sick. and soooooooo pissed off.

                    Ate pretty much nothing yesterday. Three eggs.


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                      I love my immune system. I was sick for one day and then I felt as little as nothing. I've been busy all weekend and had no time counting my calories. I think I did alright though! I ate two paleo chocolate muffins with coconut flour but I don't think I ate too much calories anyway so thats alright.

                      Got sad news today. My aunt has a brain tumour. She is almost sixty years old but look like a picture of health. She is working out a lot, eat according to the swedish version of the food pyramid (what else) but with occasional sweets. I guess this is why people think diseases like this just happen to anybody and there is nothing you can do to prevent it because this woman looks so slim and strong and overall healthy and she is doing a big thing of how "healthy" she is eating and living too and if SHE gets cancer, then it is just a matter of who is lucky enough to make it through life without getting sick.

                      I'm not even surprised really, and I feel so cold hearted when I hear things like this because honestly, I know more people that have had cancer than people with pneumonia. Or even urinary tract infection (had to look that name up on wikipedia). Or dieabetes, heart disease, broken legs arms whatever. all my paternal aunts and uncle, grandmother grandfather, maternal grandfather died of cancer, my boyfriend lost his mum to cancer, friends and their family. Young people from school, kids. It is as common as a friggin cold nowadays. I get a cold way less often than the news that one in my family has cancer. I know it is an awful disease but I only know two who died from it and that was over 25 years ago. My grandmother and grandfather did to but they were 90 years old with lots of other diseases as well so I can't count them really. I know. Based on my own experience I have actually lost my respect for that disease in most cases. Call me cold hearted if you want. I know I am. I am SO LUCKY though that this is my experience and that noone died from it. I wouldnt have such a big family if they did.