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  • Primal Journal (captainbob)

    Primal Journal (captainbob)

    Hi all,

    I found this website pretty much by mistake via a article on prison exercises on this site. I spent the next month or so reading everything posted on the blog and this forum. I;ve ordered the book and am looking forward to reading it. The primal lifestyle makes a lot of sense to me, and appealed to me on many levels. So I decided to take the plunge and follow this life style. I've been losing weight for a while so far 16kg (approx 35.27 pounds).



    Lose 9kg (I am 6ft, 89.2kg)

    10% bodyfat

    Put on 5kg of muscle

    End up around 85kg

    Play 2/3 times a week (tennis, Squash, frisbee, swimming etc)

    Steady state cardio (walk home) 3/4 times a week

    Deadlift - twice my body weight x 1

    SQUAT twice my body weight x 1

    100 burpees - sub 8 minutes

    Day 1: Primal Food Intake Today:


    B: 2x Eggs + Watercress+ 1 tlsp of olive oil + white tea, Multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin C

    S: M & S chicken slices cooked in chili

    L: 2 x chicken breasts chargrilled + 1 tlsp of olive oil + lamb lettuce 30g

    S: 1oz walnuts + white tea

    D: 3 x eggs + 2 tsp olive oil + salmon + parsley

    1516 Calories

    92.48g of Fat (55.07%)

    151.79g of Protein (40.18%)

    17.93g of Carbs (4.75%)



    Squats 5x5, Shoulder press 5x5, Deadlift 5x5, Benchpress 5x5

    I am a complete beginner with primal so any advice or pointers would be much appreciated.

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    1440 Calories

    147.92g of Protein (41.01%)

    87.84g of Fat (54.8%)

    15.08g of Carbs (4.18%)

    B: 2x Eggs + parsley + Watercress+ 1 tlsp of olive oil + white tea, Multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin C

    S: M & S Chicken Slices cooked in tikka, Nuts, walnuts, english (1 oz (14 halves))

    L: 2 x chicken breasts chargrilled + 1 tlsp of olive oil + lamb lettuce 30g

    S: Arbroath Hot Smoked Lochmuir Salmon Flakes

    D: Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets with Crushed Peppercorns



    Did a bodypump class (weights + cv)

    walked home (3.44 km) 30mins


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      Captainbob, I'm a foot shorter than you (5'0") and my daily calorie untake is about 1350 and was told it's too less for me. 1500 might be too less for you, but don't count on me, I'm new to this myself. Good idea to ask the more-informed PBers on this forum.


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        Hi Maba, Thanks for the advice, I think your right about the overall number of calories, and would appreciate if someone knowledgeable can chime in.

        At the moment I am trying for:

        Protein: 1 gram of protein per pound of lean mass.

        Fats: 100 grams of fats

        Carbs: Alternating between 0-50 grams/day and 50-100 grams/day every week or so.

        I am having a tough time getting more calories while keeping within theses limits.


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          Received the PB book finally, done my sums and I should be eating around: 2000-2300 cal per day

          2000 cal per day: Protein: 110g (440cals) Carbs: 50g (200cals) fat = 151g (1360cals)

          Last weight in was 87.2kg, down 2 kgs from the when I started the journal 10 days ago

          B: 2 eggs scrambled

          S: 14 walnut halfs

          L : Lean beef

          S: Apple + almond butter

          D: 2x Chicken Breasts + onions + courgetts + mushrooms + olive oil + 2 eggs

          1682 cals (135.7g Protein) + (108.39g fat) + 51.36g carbs

          Still need to eat more..

          Had to start eating more carbs to get sleep. Anything below 50g of carbs for longer than 10days seems to give me sleeping problems as per


          Walked home (35mins)

          strength training (squats, deadlift, Overhead Press, brench press 5x5)