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    Hi, Classic

    Good to see you around again. Sorry you were having problems in November.

    I'm almost, not quite, over the Miller Fisher Syndrome. I have a little minimal neuropathy in a couple of fingers. I started working on pianos again in October, and work is pretty well back to normal. Just getting over a nasty cold, first one I've had in ages.

    So, life goes on ....


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      Hey PDL,
      I read the blog here most days and lurk on the forum but am still struggling with energy. I have another appt. with endocrinologist in March and will ask if I can add a second dose of the Armour I have been taking for my thyroid. I start out fine in the morning and really fizzle by the PM. I continue to eat Primal and occasionally use Fitday to make sure I really am not eating too many calories and am keeping the fat percentages up. I did gain 3 or 4 pounds in the last 6 months but that may be due to not quite enough excercise. That is not bad since it leveled out and I don't continue to gain and I am never hungry. I am so happy for not being hungry all the time since I spent most of my life feeling hungry endlessly on CW dieting.

      I am just trying to create less stress in my life and get my adrenals in good shape. Maybe the pounds will come off then. I am slowly increasing my excercise these last few weeks and feel pretty good so far until the afternoon. I have been sleeping like the dead so I must be needing the rest.

      Also been trying to do more meditation for stress. I plan on retiring in the next couple of years so am looking forward to that. I currently am working on the design of our retirement home on Whidbey Island. (so that is a little stressful but manageable).

      PDL, am glad to hear you are working again. That Miller Fisher Syndrome sounded really scary. Take Care.


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        This past couple of weeks I was brining a brisket to make corned beef per WPF recipe. I cooked it up yesterday (I know WPF says to eat it raw but could not do it) and it was delicious with some boiled cabbage and butter. hmmmm.

        This afternoon I started craving bread (toast) to make a corned beef sandwich on. I have learned over the years that I should always give into my cravings (at least a little) or I will start trying to compensate by eating other things that I don't really need. Soooo, I dug the sprouted grain bread out of the freezer, that had been there since I had guests last spring, and toasted a couple of slices. At first it smelled great but when I took a bite (and I was almost trembling with anticipation) it tasted flat and not nearly as good as I remembered. YIPPEEEE!

        I won't have to do that again (at least until I forget the lesson). That is exactly why I did it though. It was either going to be a scrumptious treat or I would have lost a taste for it.

        You have to realize that bread and chips were my biggest problem when eating SAD. Now, both seem to taste like cardboard. THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING.

        Anyone else have a similar story???


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          Yes! Last summer I was craving corn on the cob. In my imagination it was full of flavor, rich and sweet. Once in my life I had the perfect corn, straight from the stalk to the pot to my mouth. I think that perfect cob of corn had grown in my mind so I thought all corn tasted like that. I finally cooked up some corn one day. Coated it with butter and sunk my teeth into it. It just wasn't that great at all. I don't recall whether I ate the whole thing or not, which in itself is kind of telling. I haven't thought of corn ever since.


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            I will certainly do that brisket (corned beef) recipe from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions again though. It was great. Less salty than most and no nitrites.


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              If you have the link to the corned beef recipe please send it along. I think I could use that same recipe to make pastrami. Thanks!


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                Don't have a link but can email you the recipe.


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                  Thank you! In gratitude, I will type out the whole recipe and put it on my blog in the next few days. :-)


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                    Latest update.
                    I have decided to try some new approaches over the next few months. Overall have only been weighing myself once a month and not using any food accounting method such as Fitday. I realized it may be my stressing about food and body stuff that stops me from losing any weight. That Cortisol thing can create quite a mess of your system.

                    This past month (March) I have been striving to do at least 2-3 heavy lift sessions and walk more. I am happy to say that I have managed to pull that off. I feel stronger and have added at least 2 more hours per week of walking. (I already walked quite a bit keeping the dog happy and worked out about once a week)

                    I lost about 1.5 lbs. Wow, that is great since I had been not losing anything in the last 9 months or so.

                    I have been intentionally not working out too hard or physically pushing too hard because I had done that too much in the past and had poor results. I am looking towards the long range now. If I only continue losing 1.5 lbs or nothing each month I will be ok. I AM GOING TO STOP STRESSING ABOUT IT.

                    This next month (April) I am going to stop dairy completely for the month to see if that has any affect. I will continue the walking and short, heavy training and see how I feel.

                    I really am more concerned these days with how I am feeling than how I look or how much I weigh.
                    I am trying to maintain awareness in my body and staying present in the moment. That is going to be my mantra. I also plan to focus on having more fun. This weekend we are going to Portand on the train with our bikes to spend a couple days with friends and shop at Powell books.
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                      OK, I needed to kickstart my weight training so I started "Stronglift 5X5" this morning.
                      I started a slightly modified version however. website here StrongLifts 5x5: How to Gain Raw Muscle and Brute Strength |

                      Since it is geared towards men I am doing the same exercises but am starting with lower upperbody wt. so I don't tear anything. I am doing the same as the men in the squats cuz I have always done heavy lifts for squats.
                      Here is the entire workout;
                      Workout A
                      Squats 5X5
                      Bench press 5X5
                      Barbell rows 5X5

                      Workout B
                      Squats 5X5
                      Overhead press 5X5
                      deadlift 1X5

                      You do 5 sets of 5 reps for each exercise except Deadlifts. I will be working out 3 times a week alternating WO A with WO B so today I started with
                      Squats 5X5 (45 lbs, just the barbell)
                      Bench press (30 lbs, smaller 20 lb barbell with added 10lbs) 5X5
                      Barbell rows (30 lbs, smaller 20 lb barbell with added 10lbs) 5X5

                      Of course it was ridiculously easy today but you are supposed to add 5lbs each time you do the exercise so it should get interesting very shortly. I was doing Simplefit awhile back but I still cannot do chin ups of any kind (and injured my arm while trying to do negatives) so thought I could do this since the back specific exercise is the barbell rows.
                      I will get back here on this in a couple of weeks.


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                        Have been doing my Stronglift 5X5 for about 3 weeks now and I feel pretty good. I don't know if I am any stronger yet but I sure seem to have more energy lately. I feel like my posture has improved though. I just feel more "put together" somehow. Maybe it is strengthening all those little muscles around the big muscles (since am using pretty light weight so far) while maintaining good form. I like it.


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                          I was feeling great this morning when we went for a walk with our dog so I took off for some more sprints and a run around the park before heading home. Unfortunately while walking some logs (I do this for balance work) at one end of the park I slipped and really bungered up my shin. OUCH!! I limped home and laid in the sun the rest of the day but I STILL FEEL GOOD. Must be all this sun we finally got today. That vitamin D does wonders.


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                            After my visit to the endo last Friday I got a script for Cytomel. I started taking it before lunch the last couple of days.
                            I take Armour in the morning and feel pretty good most mornings but really start to fizzle out after lunch so the doc said to try this. I haven't noticed any difference yet.
                            Yesterday I started following the Mastering Leptin books 5 rules also to see if I can get my leptin resistance fixed. A lifetime of dieting really wrecked my system.

                            To help my cortisol levels I am planning to meditate more frequently and spend more time relaxing. Something has to help sooner or later. Hopefully by midsummer I will see some results. I don't have any huge expectations but it would be nice to have a little more energy.


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                              The Cytomel made me feel weird so I stopped it after a few days.

                              Since my last post here I am feeling less stressed out, have lost 5 pounds and have more energy. Yippeee!!!! I think the consistent meditation practice has helped immensely and the fact that I have been getting regular sunshine. This has been a potentially stressful time for me as well.

                              We are building a new house, things at work have been turned upside down with a huge reorg. and I had a pretty awful dental surgery that caused my digestive system to rebel. The antibiotic she had me on created havoc. Through all this I feel fairly centered and relaxed about everything. This is very unusual because I am a very high strung person most of the time.

                              My workouts got derailed this past week since the dental surgery. I will get back into it next week after I get the stitches out.