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  • Journal-Krallice

    Hello, first of all.
    I'm a 19 year-old female, 5'2'', 88 lbs with a history of dieting of about 3 years.When I started, I had a normal weight at ~115 lbs, was able to eat everything and when and often I wanted to, was pretty active but I started considering that I should lose weight (I had some fat that I considered iiaesthetic). So started dieting and exercising more, lost some lbs but after that deprivation I couldn't resist and started eating all the time for 2 months or so, when I reached 126-127 lb, stopped and started seriously dieting, CW style, of course. I was eating almost 1000-1200 kcals a day, mostly from carbs, little fat, some protein but not too much.I lost weight, reached to 103 lbs until I started reading about low-carb diets and started ditching'em little bit little and another weight loss happened.
    6 months ago I discovered the PB style which I was trying to follow, but was still eating too little fat, mainly because I was afraid of no exceeding my caloric intake (which was 1200-1300 kcals daily).And was also exercising too much, 2-3 days of weight training, one day HIIT, one day of karate and later on added one day of sprinting.
    And now I have reached to 88 lbs and having period problems, in that I haven't had my period for months now(and this has been happening for 1 year and a half, with fluctuating periods) and what I guess (by what some members of the forum told me) some thyroid problems, that is a high TSH and a low T3 (had my bloodlevels checked).
    I have read mary shomon's articles and I will go to an endo and also try to gain weight in order to get healthy ( I guess that both fat and muscle), but I don't know what my macro should be and what exercises to do(I know I have to exercise less).
    For example, this is what I ate for today since now:

    and shall continue with a dinner salad: avocado,walnuts oil and vegetables.
    Are those macros ok or should I add some more carbs ? And what type of exercise should I be doing ( I was advised to do 2 tabatas a week, should it be oke ? I would like, if I gain fat also, to be distributed evenly, I mean not on the abs or thighs).
    Sorry for the long post and I hope I haven't been debitating around here.

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    Oke, it feels nice to be eating more, even though in the first 2 days I felt like I stuffed myself and I still have this sensation a little bit but I do feel an increase in energy and even cognition.
    After not having exercised for 3 days (which is a big break for me) I went to karate today and what I ate was this:
    B: 2 egged-omelet(fried in 1 tbs of coconut oil) with salmon, radishes, cucumber
    S: a slice of carrot almond(walnut was in the recipe mark posted) bread
    L: Salad with a sausage, a half of avocado, lettuce, cucumber, radishes, green onions, green garlic, walnut oil, rassberry winegar
    D: 1 and a half sausage and cauliflower mash with butter

    Totals: 1,678 Calories

    135.5 Fat

    50.9 Carbs

    73.5 Protein

    NB: Fat 71%
    Carbs 11%
    Protein 17%

    I'm wondering, are those ratios good ? Am I eating enough carbs in order to gain weight ? And I'm still not sure if I should gain fat or muscle or both for the hormone problems I have.And still don't know about what workouts I should incorporate. So, please, some help ?


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      1,701 Cals

      127.4 Fat

      76.8 Carbs

      80.5 Protein

      Fat 66%
      Carbs 17%
      Protein 18%

      And I felt like I stuffed myself in order to eat enough calories. Even added some dairy like sour cream(except for the butter with which I cooked).
      But I'm still not sure if I should up my carbs or not. Should I eat more fruits like berries (all type) ?
      As for activity, just walking and cooking.
      Tomorrow I shall do some tabata (squats, burpees and maybe some plank, I think it shall be enough) in order to not start losing the little muscle I gained until now.
      Any thoughts on it ?


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        It sounds to me like you're eating right at least and you've cut back the hardcore exercise which would be a bonus since you're underweight. I'd say keep going the way you are, if you're not happy with the results, add in some more fruit. you're certainly not doing any WRONG in my opinion.


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          Oke, two weeks of almost stuffing myself have gone, and haven't seen any changes (except the fact that I'm bloated most of the time, maybe because of the dairy, or/and of the fact that I'm eating too much)

          1,884 Calories

          140.3 Fat

          87.5 Carbohydrates

          80.5 Protein

          Fat 65%
          Carbs 17%
          Protein 16%
          Alcohol 2%

          In the days before, I tried to get more carbs until I reached ~100 g: I'm eating one cup of fruits daily (blackberries, blueberries, or maybe an apple), added some sweetpotatoes aswell, with some butter, and some salmon cooked in coconut oil or maybe some sausages fried in the same oil.

          Also, I went on a trip and haven't exercised for 3 days in a row, then this week I had only the karate session, a day pause, one tabata consisting of squats, burpees and a one-legged raise, totally 12 mins, another day of break, and then a session of weight training ~ 20 mins.

          Now I plan to keep raising my carb intake to ~100 g and to do a more intense and a shorter weight training workout 2 times of week (no more karate as I'm doing it at college, and soon enough I shall be finishing my first year of college so it's off), consisting of 5X5 squats, Deadlift 35, Bench Press 55.

          So, is this workout plan ok ? And should I add in more calories ? Should I exceed 2000 daily ? I really can't seem to figure it out, I mean I feel more energetic, of course, now since I eat more, but I also feel the urge to eat more often (quite odd since I eat enough fat).
          Also, before, in the times when I used to eat ~1200 kcals a day, I also used to get to bed hungry (my last meal was about 3 hrs before I went to bed) just because I thought that if I went asleep with the food undigested in my stomach I would gain weight (y'know the eating late makes you fat theory). Now, I usually go to bed earlier, about 2 hrs, sometimes 2hrs and a half after my last meal (that's the time when my need of sleep comes in).
          My question is, as I haven't actually found anything about this subject, when should you go to sleep ?