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  • Pimarl Truth -- My Primal Journal

    I have decided to start my primal journal as I feel very unsure of myself and I could use feedback and encouragement. I plan to do some journalling, but we'll see.

    My name is Mike. I used to live in China for many years in my 20s and early 30s. I had an easy life and my chubby body got downright obese.

    Ironically, I neglected my interests in Chinese martial arts when in China as I had previously studied in the US and all I cared about was a comfortable life.

    As of today I have been a weightwatcher for 2 years now and i have lost (and regained in between on relapse) about 60 lbs. The last 8 of those have been using a PB-style eating method in the last two weeks.

    My plan here is to ease into PB eating by loosely following the structure of WW but following the "rules" of PB.

    What sucks is I have gotten myself a cold during the last several days, but I am going to try to keep going. "All or nothing" thinking is not helpful...

    Here's what I ate today:

    B-6 eggs
    S-Pumpkin seeds and 2 apples at taichi/kungfu class
    L-Kale, yam, and shrimp soup
    S-Whey and strawberry shake

    I am somewhat stressed over decreasing my exercise and how many carbs I should eat in a day. I DO NOT need to lose weight fast. I want to lose slowly and easily, gaining muscle and fitness along the way.

    Another thing about me is I am in my second round of P90X, although I have crashed and burned this week, because of this cold and over silly stressing out to take a kungfu sash test...

    My stats are :

    35 yo, 5'10", 269lbs. 30-32%BF

    EDIT: I hate head colds. I misspelled the title... Can a Moderator help me out?