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    Last edited by abar; 12-28-2010, 09:32 AM.

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    Originally posted by abar View Post
    So that's where I am so far in my journey. I'm looking forward to increasing my primal habits by keeping a daily journal here.
    Glad you're getting such signficant benefits even from small changes. Wonderful!

    Keep in mind that at your latitude, it's impossible to get sufficient D from sun virtually the entire year - excepting maybe 6-8 weeks mid summer (and that's a big maybe).

    If you can get to a doc for a 25(OH)D test via LabCorp, wonderful! If you have to use Quest (unreliable for 25(OH)D at this time) or if a doc visit isn't in the cards, consider going with the home D test from ZRT. It can be ordered directly from ZRT, or from the or as part of an excellent 5 year study via

    Best to you,

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      where in north dakota are you?
      I live a half hour northwest of Grand Forks.


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        I'm a rookie too, so I don't know if I qualify as Grokstar, but thanks.
        At least I'll know someone will understand when I get to cryin about weather.


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          Congrats on your progress abar! I'm a fellow prairie dweller but down in South Dakota. Keep up the awesome work!