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Primal in May (tooround's journal)

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  • Primal in May (tooround's journal)

    Here's my stats to begin May.

    128.4 lbs
    chest 34.5
    waist 27
    hips 36

    Since I seem to be finally crawling out from underneath the 'low carb flu' or whatever that was ... I'm much more optimistic about exercise. I think I only lifted about 3 times in all of April!

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    I remember the days of walking home from work slowly so that I could finish my chocolate bar before I got home to DH and the kids. I remember stashing Skittles in the glove box of my car. I have waited for DH to go out somewhere so that I could finish that last bit of ice cream.

    Today ... I'm all alone and what am I eating? A great big butt chop! right out of the fry pan. It is sooo good.

    I hurried and planted some seeds for greens and lettuces before the rain started. It's a nice gentle rain. We need it so badly.
    Did I mention that DH found cheap rain barrels that have taps on the bottom? We built a garden shed last year and carefully rigged the eaves to drain into something. This year he found the perfect thing. I like my wooden barrel near the house but I'm especially fond of this new one with the tap.
    I struggle really badly with keeping up my garden. I love to plant and cultivating is something DH and I do together. But weeding? I'm hoping that PB with provide me with enough energy to do everything I want done outside ... and inside ... and at work

    And since it is raining today, this might be the perfect day for a nap.


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      I'm feeling so good!

      I'm really glad I hung in through that "low carb flu" phase. I can certainly see why folks give up about 2 or 3 weeks in. I realise now how flighty and edgy and weak I was. My poor coworkers and family!
      It took so long tho'. That has me scratching my head. Six or seven weeks! I can't believe I stuck that out. And I have no idea how I could encourage someone else to do it.
      Perhaps I was so used to feeling tired and sad that it wasn't too different
      I don't really understand all the hormonal stuff but I suppose my old bod needed time to adjust.
      Maybe middle aged women are slower to get burning fat efficiently.
      I thought I was doing pretty well for a beginner. My fitday looked good.

      My home from work routine has been (for years) drag home, make supper if I could handle the work, sit at the computer or sleep if I could and puddle along until it was time for bed. Just lately, I've found that I recharge if I sit for a few minutes with a half-caf with cream. Today I set supper in motion and went out to weed for a while. I still felt good after supper and got some housework done. I'm tired now but it's a good tired.


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        I'm going to type because I'm having trouble getting my head around a notion. Oh Susan, you're still wrap up in CW thinking, you say? Uh yes ...

        I want to be under 125 lbs for the rest of my life. That's my red-line weight.
        But wait! I'm leading a life-style that will optimize my body. And I have no idea what my optimal body is. So I can't choose a weight goal.
        But but isn't having a goal sooo important?
        Can a goal be something nebulous like ... whatever I get to and stay there healthily? Can a control freak like me settle for that?
        There's something for me to think on today.


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          As is our habit during playoff season, John and I crawled into bed, turned off the lights and turned on the TV. He listens with his eyes closed and I sprawl on pillows and watch through drooping eyelids. We never see the end of the game. I have to google the results in the morning.

          Anyhooo ... still struggling with my questions about sluggish hormones, middle aged chronic dieting etc ... I sat straight up and started talking. "I'm trying to figure something out. If I talk out loud will you tell me if it makes sense?"
          He "Sure."
          Me "OK then, because our bodies are so used to just using easy blood sugar for energy ... healing well enough for optimal functioning ... blah blah ... on and on ... You know about that fight or flight adrenaline thing?"
          He "Mmmm."
          Me "Well, it's suppose to kick in so that I can get up a tree if a bear is coming .... cortisol ... blah blah blah ... on and on ... did that make sense?"
          He ... snoring noises ...
          I wonder if I can use that method to get my patients to go to sleep?


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            I met my organic beef guy today! What luck! I was waiting for DH to call him ... and there he was at my work! And it just so happens that he needed someone to take another quarter so that he could butcher on the 18th. I'm happy!


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              Weariness is my enemy! What other excuse do I have for eating a half a package of dates while sitting in bed watching Criminal Minds? I did dip them in a mixture of butter and coconut oil.
              I should enter that in fitday. It's probably enough to frighten a calorie counter into sixty fits!

              You know what I need at work? A speech activated charting system! Like the Doc on CSI! Maybe then I wouldn't struggle to remember what I've done all day when I finally have a few minutes to chart. Yesterday, the only time I got was when my replacement came at 2:45. Let me see ... as I recall, MR PT voided four times and I have an 88 written on my hand so he must be diuresing because I've written a down arrow beside it.
              Yup, that'd be good. Primal at home, high tech at work.


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                I have the same work/home dichotomy- I love fancy gadgets, new software, and upgraded technology at work. At home I'm trying to get rid of everything or learn to make everything from scratch myself. I love my work/home split. Although, more and more, I think people in my work sphere are learning about my home-self.

                Your stats make you sound tiny! I don't know how tall you are, but I used to always have it in my head that I should weigh 125 lbs. Then I started eating and moving primally and lost 1-2 clothing sizes, but only went down to 135-140 lbs (from 146). It was way better than weighing 125! I'm 5'6", by the way (and I don't know if I could ever get my hips to be 36 in. like yours).


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                  Hi Slesca ... I'm 5'3" on a good day I do have pretty straight hips.
                  When I was hovering around 150 lbs, I bought a dress that was a size 12. Average right? For some reason I thought I was 5'4" and a size 12. Average right? Over 40, three kids, sturdy Flemish ancestors, average sized ... Shrug.
                  But at 165 I was lumpy! I'm not even sure the 'look' of me was most of the problem. I felt old!
                  Once I got going, I became more aware of frame size etc ... I am small. There was never anything comfortably average about me. I was fat!
                  I hear ya about being smaller at a higher weight. I lost weight once before 1200 cal, walking 3 miles a day. I got to 119 lbs. I'm smaller now! My thighs have never been this thin.


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                    Good Saturday morning!

                    Today is the first of six days in a row at work. I'm more than a bit frightened at the prospect. It's been so busy ... lots of very sick people. The brain/emotional fatigue is at least as exhausting as the work.
                    OTOH it does present almost a week during which I have structure. No dickin' around with food variety or recipes. It's gotta go into a lunch box ... end of story!

                    The kids are coming today. It does my soul good to spend some time with our granddaughter.
                    John has two big slabs of ribs in the fridge so I have no doubt we'll be well fed tonight.


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                      You must work in healthcare? I often say that the emotional drain of my job is at least as hard as the work itself (but I'm not even in healthcare). I like hard work, but I have trouble keeping the emotional stuff at work and not bringing it home. When I am overly taxed at work, I then have trouble with willpower for things like healthy eating and regular exercise at home. I hate it! I hope you enjoy your ribs! That sounds great.


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                        If I hadn't joined Joelle in eating some cookies, I would have had a good primal dinner. The ribs were excellent!

                        It is upon my heart this morning to muse about perception and expectations.
                        I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm a mod on another weight loss site and hey ... I work with women. I am happy to state that both my daughter and daughter-in-law-to-be have a good concept of what is healthy, healthy looking and possible for their bodies. But in general, I'm not finding women to be so. Very few of us will ever be willowy slim. We three are about 6 inches too short for that
                        Can any woman get to be very very thin? Probably.
                        Is it healthier to have a slender, shapely musculature? Yes.
                        Do some still aspire to a concave abdomen with protruding hips bones? Oh yes.

                        Very few of us have a realistic perception of what we look like. Have you seen that exercise where women are asked to draw their likeness? It's almost never accurate. And then we try to diet and exercise to turn that fantasy into our ideal body ???

                        When you talk to women about developing their optimal body, their eyes glaze over and you lose them! There is such a huge disconnect between food, health and beauty! They toss marigold seeds in the ground and expect marigolds. They toss ingredients in a bowl and expect cake. But gobble 100 cal packs and expect 10 inch biceps.

                        This musing is taking far longer than I thought it would. To be continued ...


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                          Ten inch biceps are not normal, not healthy, not attractive. If you can't fit through the sleeves of that jacket ... find another jacket!

                          I don't know what the optimal me looks like. If Jane Doe has been thick since she discovered the cafeteria in high-school, she doesn't either. It's a leap of faith.
                          Oh I understand that it's important to have goals, I do. But how do you choose a goal? Is it OK to change your mind?

                          The internet has been both my friend and my enemy since I decided to lose weight. I can find recommendations that range anywhere from 100 to 145 lbs. There's BMI. There's body fat percentage. There's waist size. There's pictures of slender, slim, skinny, buff, toned and muscular. Even happy fat acceptance people. But you'd be hard pressed to find much info on how to be optimally healthy ten years from now.

                          It's taken me over 7 years to realise that I don't know how I'll turn out, or when. I know it'll be smaller, healthier and better. But I don't know if I'll look anything like Paris, Jessica or Jennifer.

                          OK, now tell a 22 year old who has to wear a bridesmaid dress in August that her goals need to be moldable and open ended. Sigh ...

                          Have faith women! Your body is a magnificent machine! Think about everything it can do for you ... even now when you treat it badly. Imagine the possibilities! But don't get stuck on just one.


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                            Here's my head scratcher for the morning.
                            I ate too many carbs this weekend. My choice. Had family in and loved every minute of it. Wouldn't change a thing.

                            This morning, I feel awful. Draggy, unmotivated, blech.

                            I dragged through without doing a darned thing until about 11 am when I decided that I had time to hoist some weights. Less than stellar!
                            Let me add in here that I've spent a lot of time on the internet this morning reading about food and exercise and healthy lifestyle.
                            Now here's my question ... why did it never occur to me that eating something might be a good idea!?!

                            CW less is better?
                            Some warped sense of penitence/punishment?

                            Most of the time I think I'm a fairly smart person but MAN I do stupid things some days.


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                              Good afternoon.

                              I've discovered the joy of mashing stuff into a glob of butter. Breakfast was butter, coconut oil, ground almonds and coconut. Yum!

                              I've also discovered that I can dicker in a whole morning without exercising. Not good! Tomorrow morning we're going to London to pick up a work van DH bought so I won't be doing any tomorrow either. Yes, so much for structure when I'm working evenings.

                              I'm experimenting today with higher fat than usual. Even a spoonful of honey in my coffee sets me off. I should probably be fitdaying that.