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  • Hardgainer is trying to gain - Adrian's Journal

    Thanks to MDA and primal lifestyle I've reached my goals. Now my weight is healthy, I've got a lot of energy and my relations with friends got much better.


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    Hello dear reader,
    first of all my name is Adrian, I'm from Poland and I'm (only) sixteen years old.

    I've decided to start this journal to show you my long, sometimes sad and difficult road to healthy body and mind. I hope it won't be boring and you will enjoy reading it.

    A little description of my character:
    -I can spend hours reading books
    -My favourite sport is skiing
    -I'm very shy and introvertic
    -I like spending time alone

    To start with, I've been always fat kid, mainly thanks to my family habits, like eating really huge amount of grains, sugars etc. I felt really bad with it. Now I've been trying to eat paleo since beggining of 2013. But I do have problems with eating disorders, They started in September 2012. I started calorie counting and it was the biggest mistake. I cut them down to 1400 a day, while my height is 1,8 m (5,91 ft). My weight in December was very low – 55kg (121 Ibs). I felt horrible, my body couldn't produce enough heat, my hands and feet used to freeze and blood didn't circulate in them. Yes, I suffered from anorexia.. and was only fifteen years old. I don't want to know how my body is destroyed. I feel that something is messed up with hormones, like testosteron. I hope that paleothic diet will help me to recover. It started from reading about hunger etc, I found some blog with description of sugar influence on insulin levels. It interested me a lot and I soon found myself into primal and paleothic diet descriptions, succes stories etc. But one things was horrible for me.. fat. I was so afraid of it, measuring every table spoon of olive oil and checking weight of bacon I was going to eat. And I still do have some problems I can't overcome. First of all is calorie counting. I can't see food normally. For me eveything is amount of calories. My biggest dream is to stop this. But I don't know how and I really count for someone's support here, as I'm really afraid of doctors etc. My body weight and composition is getting better, but still too slow. I'm 62,5 kg (138 Ibs) now, so it's really low. I try to exercise as often as I can, but I don't have enough energy often.. Because I can't break barrier of 1800 kcal a day.. I know it might sound funny, but I just can't.. I really would like to be like other normal people and gain some muscles, but my body doesn't have sources to build them.
    What I want to achieve?

    1) Gain muscles
    2) Stop counting calories
    3) Have more energy
    4) Cut down on coffeine amount
    5) Find some interesting people around here
    6) Get more and more knowledge about our bodies and find interesting recipes
    7) Start to be more outgoing and open for my friends

    I'm going to try to keep this journal updated daily, with things I ate, my exercises, my mood and sometimes descriptions of other things I've done.

    I'm also very sorry for my low English level and many language mistakes, but I'm still learning.
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    Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :

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    Hi Adrian,

    I am glad you found primal and are gaining weight after your anorexia. Search the forum and main site, there are a couple of others who had anorexia and benefited from primal life.
    One was featured as a Friday success story.

    If you tolerate dairy try eating plenty of it, full fat yogurt, real cheeses, cream, milk. Also eggs. They will give you the protein to build muscle. At your age also get wenoucgh save carbs through potatoes, fruit and maybe white rice, though rice doesn't have alot of nutrients.
    And of course don't forget the meat and fish.

    Don't overdo the exercise, try some bodyweight training 20 to 30minutes (check the free primal fitness ebook), 3 times a week and sprinting once a week at most. It is easy to exercise to much with a history of anorexia, and this should be plenty to gain strength and some muscles.

    Good luck, I hope you'll fully recover, you are young enough to enjoy a long healthy life starting now.


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      1st August 2013 – Day one

      I woke up really early today. I have summer holidays now, so didn't have to do anything special.
      My breakfast was really simple:
      3 hard boiled eggs
      avocado, onion, tomatoes, 3 slices of bacon and some salads
      As I graduated to one of best high schools in my city, my parents bought me a new bicycle as a present – an oldschool Peugeot I was always dreaming of! It was made in 1981, so I had to bring it to mechacnic to tune it up. Later I was boring so I made 45 kettlebel workout and I was dying afterwards... My body handles weight workouts very bad.. Later I had some 90% dark chocolate.
      My dinner wasn't very huge: rib eye steak and some mashed veggies. I also have eaten some apricots. Supper was small too, tuna salad with some nuts..
      I think it was whole around 1800-1900 kcals.. Still too afraid to eat more.

      Thank you paleodutch for your quick reply. I tolerate lactose well, but I don't have any trusted milk brand here, so I eat hard cheeses. I also adore fish and meat too Especially sardines! Eggs are in my menu often too... I really like cycling, can I count it as good exercise?
      Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :


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        Your English is actually quite good, so be proud that you can use a foreign language so fluently.

        Bicycling is great exercise. It looks like your diet is quite balanced also. Maybe try adding one more egg at breakfast and some more cheese mid day. If you have a hard workout, add a protein and starch or fruit snack after to help you recover.


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          2nd August 2013 Day two
          I had no idea for breakfast so I ate some berries.. Later I did my 40 minutes dumbell body routine, took a shower and a little ride on my bicycle, to buy some coffee beans I came back and was hungry and I had smoked sardines and two cucumbers.. Dinner was bigger, mix of salads and pan fried fish.. In the evening I was shopping with my dad and we bought A LOT OF veggies, really, because prices at our local farmers for season ones are low. So my supper isn't hard to answer for you. I feel like I ate too much carbs and proteins today (fish I ate for dinner didn't have any fat...) and too less fat.. And I'm still counting those stupid calories..
          Tommorow me and my parents are going to the countryside. It might be a funny day!
          Thank you for your responses, I really appericate them!
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          Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :


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            Don't worry about the amount of carbs, protein and fat. If you eat real food, like it sounds you are, are eating protein with each meal and are not hungry you are doing great.


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              3rd August 2013 – Day three
              I woke up earlier than usually, because place we were driving to is far away. Day was very hot, I started it with one avocado, mozarella, tomatoes and bazil. We arrived at ten o'clock, then walked around forest (I found some mushrooms and wild berries!) and later we lighted a fire. I ate two sweet potatoes and small piece of sausage (I was full after potatoes).. I think I ate too much carbs again.. But I had a lot of energy for a while When I came back home I ate another sausage with avocado, tomatoes, onions, chillis and cucumbers. After a while I was gardening behind my house and I ate a lot of berries. In the evening I did 40 minutes dumbell workout ( I was feeling a little guilty about food today). I've eaten around 1800-1900 calories, I don't really know if it's enough.

              I have small problem while exercising, mailny squating: my joints are cracking loudly. Can I do anything about it?

              Thank you for your replies paleodutch, I was only worried that I'm eating too less proteins and fat, and too much carbs...
              Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :


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                Advocado is lots of good fat.
                If you want to add some more fat add some olive oil to your vegetables, eat olives and full fat dairy, put some coconut oil or butter in your coffee. Eat plenty of dark green leaves vegetables for your calcium.

                Add some eggs to your diet, lots of nutrients in them, remember a egg contains all that is needed to assemble a small bird. Bones, muscles, everything : )

                As a young man you should be able to eat at least 2500 calories and stay a healthy weight.

                I was a bit confused about your recent post about eating to much protein, I think you could add some more. Have you read primal blueprint yet? There is an advice there about how much protein to eat.
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                  4th August 2013 – Day four
                  Hi there, my breakfast consisted of spinach, bacon, garlic and melted aged goat cheese (50% fat, it was soooo gooood), followed by very simple, but packed with vitamins salad, made of 2 small tomatoes, onion, cucumber and two chillis. I forgot to say about my coffeine problems. Each day starts with two cups of coffee and one cup of tea. Later I drink one coffee with my lunch, and about 3-4 more tea cups through entire day,. And I can't help it... Also my parents drink a lot of diet soda, like coca-cola zero or something, which is packed with chemical stuff and of course coffeine. And when I see it, I can't stop myself and I drink it.. I hope someone has good advices about this issue.
                  I skipped lunch today, as I had a lot of work to do, and then started to read a book... So my biggest meal today consisted of chicken thights (without skin and bones) with lemon, garlic, chilli and ginger and cauliflower curry rice. As snack I had simply handful of raspberries and two small pieces of 90% dark chocolate. Supper was made of chicken leftovers, few slices of pork ham, and veggies mix, topped with cottage cheese. Afterwards I made dumbbell exercises. But my joints.. They are cracking very loud, I'm afraid about them..
                  Maybe you are curious why I eat so few eggs.. Because my parents are afraid about my cholesterol levels. And I can't do anything about it... After tests I had they went mad (every fat level was too high) and told me that I can't eat as much liver and eggs as I used to

                  Again I've drank too much coffeine.. 4 cups of coffee and 3 of tea. Thats too much.. I'm happy that I can buy good quality coffee beans at least..

                  I can't wait any minute longer for my bike! I will have it day after tommorow, and I'm gonna have a veryyy long trip around my city

                  About calories.. I feel like I'm eating too much, but I know I'm not eating enough... I think it's still some kind of eating disorder, not as strong as anorexia, but still dangerous. Thanks to it I can't gain muscles..

                  My hormones still don't work good. I won't describe in details, but I feel that testosterone is messed.

                  Tommorow I'm going to check my weight, and do it on every Monday.

                  Thank you very much for responses, I really appericate them and wait for more

                  Have a good night and I wish you all nice Monday and good luck through whole week!
                  Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :


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                    Adrian, one of my vices is Coca Cola as well. However, I go for the regular kind. That Coke Zero and diet soda is full of chemicals as you stated, and also triggers an insulin response anyways even though its low calorie. There's been a couple of good studies and write ups on it. I have no idea how to stay away from it for the long term....pretty sure I was given Coke in my baby bottle, so it's been ingrained in me.

                    As for getting more fats in your diet, like more eggs and avocado, I'm sure no one on this site would find anything wrong with that. I frankly am not a doctor and don't know what damage of any last year caused for you and your body. After dealing with doctors who told me my problem was as easy a portion control, and getting more exercise, I know they are fallible. Gary Taubes is a great author whose scientific research journalism shows that a high fat diet is actually normal and healthy for humans. Perhaps pick up some books by him and leave them for your parents to read so they understand. Maybe your blood levels were during the adjustment period?


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                      And not for me to drag on: Your body has been stressed enough by the calorie reductions last year, and fat restrictions. Keep up the work of trying to eat more primal, but your body needs to recover! Give it a break. Muscles won't grow if they are fatigued and I fear that is the reason for your stalling out.

                      Give them some rest. Get more fats(chicken skin is yummy, just watch for no breading) and enjoy the bike!


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                        5th August 2013 – Day five
                        I was expecting to have sore muscles after yesterday workout, but I felt great My mood messed up after weighing.. I lost 0,7 kg, now I'm 62 kg. I ate raspberries and cottage cheese and afterwards i did kettlebell workout. After workout meal was huge, because I really don't want to loose weight anymore: omellete with bacon, sausage, wild mushrooms, which I found in forest and two eggs, then 5 big slices of pork ham and two cucumbers, tomato and chilli. I hope I won't loose weight anymore and gain some damn muscles. Later I cycled a bit to the city centre, I came back and had to do very fast dinner, so I decided to have chicken thights with ginger, garlic, chillis and lemon juice, with some squash. I was in such a hurry because I later was going to cinema with my friend When I came back I was sooo hungry so I had another few slices of pork ham and lots of veggies.

                        Total coffees today: only one!! And I drunk only one glass of diet soda, so it's much less than on other days. But I still had like 4 cups of tea...

                        Tommorow I'm going to try Mark's Egg Coffee for my breakfast, I hope it will be as tasty as he described. I will use two whole eggs. I'm going to have a busy day tommorrow, I have to buy new bicycle tires (orange ones ), then get my bicycle back from garage, then meet with friends... Anyway I like days like this, because I don't have enough time to think about foods, which is helpful when you are some kind of anorectic person.

                        About my workouts, I'm afraid about sounds coming from my joints. I think I might be overtraining but I just can't skip trainings.. Idk why honestly. I just feel like I have to spend some time working out every day with weights and I can't help it... I will try to maybe skip training tommorow and go to a swimming pool or smth..

                        Thank you for your reply mplsmtnbiker , I really like your journal too Good luck with it! I think my parents are under CW influence, they don't belive other "specialists" than those in TV.. It's horrible.
                        I really appericate your will to help other people and time you spend doing it!
                        Good night! Have a nice Wednesday!
                        Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :


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                          Please skip training and only train every other day. Remember, training damages muscles slightly, after training they will repair and grow a bit stronger to prevent damage the next time. If you train daily they will not have time to repair and grow. Walking daily is no problem.
                          Same with the duration of the training, keep it short and work really hard. Look at athletes, Maraton runners are skinny, they train long and not very intensive, sprinters have loads of muscles, they train on short duration explosive power.
                          If you train over approx. 30 minutes your ready available energy is gone and your body will burn muscle tissue. Check marks posts for a better explanation and why you should not overtrain.


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                            6th August 2013 – Day Six
                            I woke too early today.. I had to give up egg coffee idea, because parents were at home, and they would think that I'm crazy or something... So I ate two chicken thighs and cottage cheese with grated bacon. I also drank one big cup of coffee, without any additions. As you suggested, I didn't do my normal workout, just some squats, push ups, pull ups and spidermans. Later I bought those tyres, got my bike from garage and ate some squash and chicken thighs for dinner. Then I cycled to farmer's shop to buy some plums and raspberries. I ate some plums, leftovers from dinner, and three peaches. Idk if I ate enough or too much today. I hate this feeling when I forget about calories counting, but I know it's good for me Tommorow I'm gonna have some dumbbell workout in the morning, as you suggested for 30 minutes, no longer I really hate this anxiety about food I do have.. I really want to cry.. I'm so sick. Anyway I think it's getting better, I slowly realize that more primal foods I eat, my body will be healthier. Only God damn thing are cholesterol levels. Parents told me that they'll be checked at the end of August, and if something is wrong we go to a CW doctor, who will say that I eat too much meat, and I will tell me to eat more bread, as it's super healthy food everyone should eat... I'm so afraid..
                            Anyway thank you for your support, I will try to follow your advices as I find them very clever and useful
                            Good night now
                            Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :


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                              Adrian, please search the forum and marks posts about cholesterol. It is important to get the right things tested like JFK and LDP levels, not just the total number. There is good and bad cholesterol. If the tests test the correct things I believe you will pass it and your doctor will be happy with your levels.
                              Good job on not counting calories, you will get better, don't expect to heal in a day, take it a day at a time. I find it impressive that you are doing this at your age, it took me until I was 48 to improve my diet and health.