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  • The new way of living

    This is going to be a journal of finding a new way of living.

    I have gained and lost about 300 lbs over my lifetime. I got down to a *normal* weight once in my life and loved it. I followed the WW CORE method and did well. I started eating regular food again and gained weight.

    Over the past 3 years I have fought food allergies, and weight gain. I am unhappy at this weight. I am not happy with being chunky. I want to be fit.

    I am very active. I am only on the couch at night after the sun has gone down and work is done. I ride horses, work on the farm, bike, and so on.

    The way my body likes to lose weight is fruits, vegatables, nuts, and lean proteins. I don't know why I have such a hard time following this format. I get tempted by the bad food. I like seeing in black/white what I am doing to my body and why.

    So tonight. I cleaned out my entire refrigerator. I am going to wean myself off the soda. I would go cold turkey but the headaches will kill me.

    Tomorrow my plan is to make my yummy hard boiled eggs, and have a side of veggies. I need to shop for the right stuff.

    I will keep my WW membership for the online because I do jounral my food. I will just integrate the primal lifestyle into the WW journaling.

    My goal is to lose 60 lbs. After the 60 lbs are lost I will reevaluate how much more I want to lose. I will do 20 lbs at a time after that.

    I also am shy so I won't post picures any time soon.
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    Well this weekend was the horse show weekend that kept me going non-stop.

    BAD weekend to cut out the junk food and soda.

    I did the best I could but made some mistakes. I understand what I should do...

    I do have to say that I saw a picture of me from behind and am not happy with that picture. I can't continue this route of self descruction.

    Everyone had fried chicken yesterday...I had my salad. It was so hot that I could only eat half of it.

    For breakfast this morning I had almonds(raw) and some grapes. Lunch..Umm...I dropped the ball.


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      I had a hard time ditching pop because of the caffeine withdrawal, too. You should find a tea you enjoy and try replacing your sodas that way, it will make the transition much easier.


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        I hate to tell you this, but grapes are essentially little high-carb pills. No fiber, all sugar.
        Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

        Looking for my Cholesterol Primer? Here it is:

        Ditch the scale!:

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          I used to be a HUGE diet coke fiend. HUGE. But I've found that if I keep a pitcher of cold tea or cucumber water (I know it's weird, but it's SO refreshing) in the fridge at all times, that does the trick. I haven't had a can of soda for...about four months now.
          You can do it!!!


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            how do you make the cucumber water?

            I gave up diet coke TODAY.


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              Keep at it, Katie. Once you get going, the rewards start to be obvious.

              When I first started being "primal-ish", I was somewhat blissfully ignorant of the details and made it up on my own until I stumbled across the web site. I just started with "Pack own lunch, no fast food, avoid processed foods, limit high sugar items." That pretty much put me at 60-70 percent "primal" on most days and 100 percent on some. This was more than enough of a change at the start to make a big difference physically and I could feel proud of myself. Also, it was mentally-challenging enough to keep me on my toes, but not emotionally overwhelming. If you're more of a "test the waters and wade in slowly," maybe just choose a few uber-primal things to change at first???

              Or maybe you're the Dive In type--if so, God bless you and more power to you, and go for it while you're motivated! I'm envious. I analyze and agonize and take tentative steps no matter what the project (including, apparently, Primal Blueprint); life would be easier if I could just take the plunge.

              If you're having trouble with DIET soda, consider this: there is no such thing as a genetic line of rats or mice predisposed to obesity. Left to their own devices, most will eat and exercise in a manner that keeps them relatively lean. In order to make rodents really fat for lab experiments on obesity-related issues, they inject baby mice with a concoction of aspartame and MSG. Notkiddingseriously.

              Of course, I type this with a Diet Orange Crush next to the keyboard. But I drink a hell of a lot less of it these days than I used to.

              If you need a little fruit, it's great to combine it with protein and fat, so don't despair too much--grapes and nuts is not the worst you could do, IMO. You'd do better with berries on the next shopping trip, whenever that is.

              (If you can't tell, Griff seems to be a "dive in"--I'm a little jealous of that--and I'm a "test and wade." But it's all good.)


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                Well I finished the book yesterday.

                I see that grapes were a BAD thing to eat. OH well..I am learning.

                Last night we went to Outback and I had what I thought wouldn't make my stomach upset. (Celiac) Well this AM I had the telltale rock-feeling in my stomach. What I did notice last night after eating less for just a few days is that I felt overly full. I wanted to go work in my garden when I got home last night but was just simply to full.

                Today on my lunch break I am skipping the Cinco De Mayo celebration my team is having and make a grocery list. This on my way home from work I can get the right stuff.

                Today is day 1 of no diet soda. I am drinking water with lemon.

                OH I am a gradual type of person. I will make mistakes like grapes...but it could be worse. I could be eating a few pounds of chocolate.