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  • Primal Lori is walking

    My first blog entry is about what I ate for breakfast this morning.

    Check out this awesome bowl of primal goodness...

    photo (9).JPG

    It looks like oatmeal, but it's not!

    I used this new product called Chia Pods.


    Chia Pods are made from 3 ingredients. Chia Seeds, Coconut water and fruit. This morning I had one made with chia, coconut water and vanilla bean. I threw in some blueberries and a couple strawberries. Topped with coconut flakes and nuts.

    A couple hard boiled eggs will round out my meal.

    Back later, I need to eat this right now....
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    Later that day....

    Roasted chicken, kale and plum salad and roasted golden beets for dinner..

    photo (10).JPG

    Confession time...I only cook under protest. I can throw a chia seed breakfast together and maybe assemble some turkey roll-ups for lunch. But the dinner I ate tonight? No way. This food was prepared by a tasty meal delivery service out of San Diego called Pete's Paleo.


    I ordered 10 meals, the food was delivered this morning. I'm going to eat them for dinner.

    The chicken, kale and beets were in separate vacuum sealed bags. All I had to do was warm them up in a skillet.

    I burned the kale and plum salad but it was still delicious. I need to practice my warming things in a pan skills....
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      Sunday morning.
      No food yet, just a cup of coffee before a 8 mile training walk. I'm doing a couple half marathons in a few weeks. I used to mostly run, now I do long slow distances, like Grok did.

      When I get back from my walk I'll eat breakfast.

      I spent most of the year researching Nutritional Ketosis. I read Mark's articles as well as Jimmy Moore and Dr Peter Attia. My goal was to become fat adapted. I even bought ketone strips and was checking the ketone levels in my blood. After much trial and error, I switched from being a sugar burner to using fat for energy.

      Being fat adapted changed my life. I can complete half marathons in a fasted state without bonking. My energy level remains stable throughout the day. I've been practicing 16/8 intermittent daily fasts without a problem. Zero cravings for the desserts and carbs I ate on a regular basis. I'm still astounded that I can enter my favorite coffee shop, look into the pastry case and have no impulse to "get a treat, just this once". I get my black coffee and walk out the door.

      Having a fat adapted body is like having a Superpower!

      8 miles are done, so is breakfast. I had the same thing as yesterday, chia pod and hard boiled eggs with some avocado.

      Sunday is the day hubby and I go out for dinner. I know the menu and what I'll order. Chopped Cobb salad, no dressing. I'll bring my own olive oil/vinegar concoction. I'm toying with the idea of giving up dairy for 21 days. When I switched to a High Fat, Low Carb diet, I increased my dairy consumption. Pretty much every meal included cheese, yogurt or cream. Although I'm not lactose intolerant, I'm curious to see what would happen if it's eliminated.

      Hmmm...maybe the test begins today. Chopped Cobb salad without the blue cheese....
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        Regarding dairy...not ready to give it up. At least not in the near future.

        I'm straddling the line between Paleo and Keto. There are more similarities than differences. Paleo may include honey and maple syrup, keto does not. Keto includes high fat dairy, most Paleo excludes it. I think both ways of eating can co-exist.

        Had another awesome dinner, compliments of Pete's Paleo. Pork tomato stew with blanched brussel sprouts. I made it more keto by grating some romano cheese on top. I was going to take a photo but the bowl was empty before I remembered!