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  • A Craft Beer Lover's Primal Journal

    I've been eating somewhat Primal for the past two weeks (and lost two lbs), but decided I need more accountability so I decided to stop haunting the forums and actually participate.

    I am at the high end of a "healthy weight" (5'7, 152 lbs, female) but have lotsa flab. I also am trying to balance a love of brewing/drinking beer and being healthy. There is a history of alcoholism and obesity in my family that I am trying to be very conscious of.

    I used to run quite religiously (even running some half-marathons), but never really lost a lot of weight (went from 145 to 142). However, I experienced a lot of sinus infections while training for the races. Even worse, an injury last August set me back and I compensated by decreasing activity levels and increasing craft beer/pizza consumption. Somehow, that plan didn't work.

    I am a teacher and off for the summer. I have been trying to devote the summer to getting back on a healthy track. Beer has been the main deterrent, especially because it is a great time for me to brew. I have signed up for the "no drinking on weekdays" thread and today is my first test. In the past year, there has been a total of 4 days that I have not had something to drink. My poor liver...

    I will be vacationing in Mexico this winter on a cruise and am determined to vacation without feeling self-conscious about my body. Additionally, I would love to sport a 'kini.

    Started off today with two smoked salmon wraps for breakfast-romaine lettuce with cream cheese, capers, onions, avocado, smoked salmon and tomato. Was delicious. Since I ate late, I will probably skip lunch for some trail mix and a peach. Will be joining some work peeps at a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. Will be interesting to see if I can resist the pita bread.

    -Get back into running
    -Cut down on drinking
    -Obtain goal weight of 120-125 lbs

    I would love any advice and encouragement. Also, have never participated in a forum like this before, so let me know if I am doing something wrong.

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    Starting a journal, you're doing everything right!

    Welcome! It is hardish to reconcile a love of good beer with Primal eating, but not impossible! Depending on how much you drink you will likely have to cut down. Read through the books and the information on the forum about alcohol, beer, gluten and so on.

    I still have a beer every now and then, I just consider it a treat for occasional enjoyment, rather than part of my daily program. If you factor in the calories and the carbs and you are eating cleanly everywhere else, there is no problem with the occasional beer. Enjoy!

    As my Grandmother once said, "You could live to be a hundred if you would give up all the things that would make you want to!"

    Good luck! Keep posting!
    Height: 5' 10"
    Starting Weight: 292
    Starting Primal Weight: 275
    Current weight: 265
    Goal weight: 195
    Body Fat 35.2


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        Love the title of your journal... as I love a good beer too, and have been known to brew a bit now and again.... I look forward to reading your journal in the future and checking out your progress.... Good luck going forward!


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          Thanks for the support. I managed yesterday with nothing to drink, although I did cave to a slide of pita bread (smelled good, but did not taste good) and some rice that was on my plate, only about half a cup. Here's today's damage:

          2 salmon wraps
          Salad with beef brisket, avocado and buffalo cheese
          2 tsp of Chocolate morsels
          About a cup of watermelon and mango that my daughter didn't finish

          The fruit and chocolate but the carb count around 60, so I will keep it to a hamburger salad tonight.

          Did an hour of yoga and considering braving a belly dance class tonight. Not sure I will since I am not graceful and inherently cheap.

          Also been sitting on my butt all day working on a horrible paper for school. It's my last paper in my grad program and feels tremendously tedious and difficult. About to force the children on a walk just to give my butt a break.


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            I would kill, KILL, for a pizza. Not even a good pizza, but a crappy pizza from Dominos. And some beer. And cartoons. Kill, I say, kill.


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              Fell off the low carb wagon. Mother surprised me with pasta salad fir lunch and baked spaghetti for dinner. Resolve to begin again tomorrow