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    Well, here I go

    My introduction is here.

    Here's a starter pic:

    And here is yesterday's account.

    Seeing as how my motivation seems to be going up in proportion to my blathering, I might as well start a journal here, of sorts. To the point:

    My food for today:

    60 grams of butter,
    about 150 grams of pork steak (fatty)
    3 scrambled eggs, medium-large
    2 red peppers (the elongated king, what are they in English?)
    a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt 3,6% fat (as a dressing for the steak)
    1 banana

    and a bit later on I'm going to have this:

    2 more eggs, soft-boiled, and a salad (1 1/2 tomato, another 1/2 red pepper, 1/4 red onion, a tablespoon or two of olive oil).

    I'm not really a calorie-counter, but I think this is about 1500-1700 calories, which is my daily goal for now, since I haven't incorporated much physical activity yet (though I had a 10 minute walk just now, some of it uphill, also I climbed nine flights of stairs to my flat).

    Is this about right or will I have to up the calories by a couple hundred?


    Oh, I forgot to mention another thing from my daily activities. I'm an aspiring singer, so throughout the day I contract my intercostals and obliques (the rectus abdominis not so much, since it impedes proper breath compression to a degree; still, I keep the stomach tucked in) as part of my breathing exercises. I also work on my posture throughout the day, and that involves keeping the core pretty stable and the back muscles active. Not much but still it sheds some calories I guess.
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    Today is my fifth day of PB (first two not really strict though), and as I said in my introduction I haven't so much experienced a carb flu as a light carb cold. I found out it may have to do with the amount of waiting between meals and overall calorie amounts (a bit too low it would seem).

    So today I'm going to cram 2 or 3 meals in a shorter time window to prevent most of the light-headedness and excessive pining after food. Did an unwitting fast after I ate at about 8 P.M. yesterday, about 15-16 hours, got worried, then read here that it's not so bad.

    An hour or so ago I had a fistful of raw almonds, cashews and dried berries/raisins, 150g of full-fat sheep's cheese (20/80 protein to fats) and about 50g of olive oil; unlike milk, however, the cheese doesn't get me all salivating and hunger-pangy. I feel I could've gone gone with half of that but I don't wanna undereat.

    A little later I'll finish the pieces of steak from yesterday (about 100-150g), heating them up in about 50g of pig fat.
    In the evening I might have a big salad and a boiled egg.

    Exercise today was a bit of walking, climbing stairs (out of necessity, I don't yet have the willpower to just trudge up and down nine flights for the heck of it).
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      Another thing to note: I usually drink craploads of water, ever since I was little.
      3-5 litres/day - what sort of effect might that have on Primal eating?


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        Another thing to share: just had my leftover steak cuts with about 40g of pig fat (warmed them up in it), and after I was done, I drank the leftover fat from the cup. Having a slight case of the burps and some weak heartburn-like sensations in my stomach (only without the heartburn, yet) - why do you think that might be? I've felt it before, again after eating some fat-heavy pig.


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          50-70g sheep cheese
          300g pork steak in 30g butter
          about 30-40g olive oil
          half a large tomato
          half a handful (a bit less, rather) of raw almonds and dried berries/raisins

          Looking forward to a bigger dinner - salad of various green leaves, cheese and eggplant, chicken breast.
          Will probably put a spoonful of olive oil on my part of the salad to round the calories up.
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            I don't know exactly why you got gassy and heartburn-like feelings when you eat a quantity of pure fat, but I get the exact same thing when I eat a lot of fat all at once.
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              Ha, so it might have something with burdening my stomach then. I suppose I'll take an antacid once in a while and try not to have too much of a good thing all at once.

              In other news, I might have found a decent alternative to resistance training for now (can't afford it, timewise or moneywise, also motivation is a problem still): isometric exercise! Not really bodyweight though, but instead the kind where you bring your hands together, push outward with one, inward with the other. These little tugs of war can be surprisingly intense actually, as much as you want them to be really, in my case it can easily be the equivalent of curling an 18-pound dumbbell. Not to mention they pretty much activate your whole body since there's no extrinsic weight and you generate all the pressure by yourself. Cool for now, will transition to weights I guess eventually, but I'm satisfied.


              I believe I've stayed below or around 50g of carbs for a week now, very pleased with myself. No hunger pangs, no overeating, bloat is gone, I've visibly lost weight, no energy crashes, thrive on less sleep, yesterday I even forgot to drink my coffee until 6 P.M., something that before would have resulted in a measurable drop in IQ and productivity - no such thing now.

              Overall, I think I'm a success
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                I've been taking a look here and there at the Primal Nutrition subforum and I'm surprised at how many of the threads aren't actually about PB, but about alternative nutrition strategies, some of which purport to "debunk" the low-carbohydrate diet, directly or not.

                Seems strange to me and I get the foggy impression that not a few of the opinions there are more or less about justifying a love for carbohydrates, a sort of get out of jail free pass as far as stuff like beans and potatoes and milk are concerned. Don't get me wrong, I do intend to diversify my own diet with the occasional spoonfull or three of rice or a couple of potatoes. (Just last night I had some red peppers with ground beef-and-rice stuffing, about 30-40g of rice all told. Delicious.) But I'm starting to get worried - should I be taking so unproblematically to low-carb eating? I've read most of The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Living and it does sound very compelling, so surely there's no need to be that worried?


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                  Good solid soreness after the isometrics I did, must be doing something right. A lot of effort if you're not sparing yourself; I like it.