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    Day One!

    Okay, so I've been reading the daily apple for a while and was doing an 80/20 primal lifestyle over the winter just by the virtue of living on the beach in Mexico for three months. Since returning to SW Ontario (Canada), however, the bread and pasta has slowly crept back into my diet.

    Today is day one trying to actively implement a primal lifestyle back here in the "real world". I'm working with what we have in the house right now, so not all the foods are exactly primal, but we have to start somewhere, right?

    Wake up 11:30am - slept in way late this morning, which isn't like me, but it was totally worth it

    Workout 2:30pm - sprints (or the best I could do) - stretch followed by 2 x 50m sprints at 100% with walking for warn up & cool down, total 1km of movement. About 10 minutes total. Boy am I out of shape!

    Breakfast 3pm - nectarine, 1/4cup homemade granola, 1.5cup raw milk, 1 cup coffee, 1/4 cup whipped heavy cream, 1tsp raw cane sugar

    Lunch 5pm - large romaine salad w/ capicola, cheddar, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, buttermilk dressing

    <edited after dinner update>

    Dinner 8pm - cream of mushroom, broccoli and leek soup (with raw milk, venison broth and liquid sweet whey), lettuce with mayo, capicola and cherry tomatoes, raw baby carrots.

    Dessert 9pm - 2 cream cheese & coconut cream macaroons (with 1tbsp of honey in 12 pieces)

    Snack 11pm - oil popped red popcorn

    Breakdown for the day:

    Calories: 2104
    Fats 54.3% (128g)
    Carbohydrates 28.6% (152g)
    Proteins 17.1% (91g)

    Low on the protein today and a bit high on the fat, but it's a work in progress. Tips, feedback and encouragement welcome!
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    Breakfast: coffee with 1oz light whipping cream

    Lunch: large romaine salad with carrots, mushrooms, 1/2 hard boiled egg, Parmesan cheese and buttermilk dressing

    Workout: "Lift Heavy Things" day, went pretty easy on myself. We walked to the gas station (a few blocks away, up and back down 2 flights of stairs) carrying our empty propane tank, expecting to carry a full one home. Instead they told us the tank was expire, seized it, and we walked home without weights or BBQ! Boohoo. Planning a hard "Deck of Cards" workout tomorrow on my HIIT day, so I'll be sure to make up for it.

    Dinner: large roasted chicken leg, skin on with coconut & tom yum crust; baked purple yam with strained yogurt and buttermilk sauce, parmesan topping; grilled zucchini, green pepper, onion and garlic.

    Dessert: coconut "macaroon" leftover crumbles, thawed unsweetened strawberries, light whipped cream

    Calories: 2016
    Carbs: 108g- 21.5%
    Protein: 110g - 22.0%
    Fat: 126g - 56.5%
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      Well as may be blatantly clear by the lack of updates here, I haven't been sticking to the Primal life. I'm back living in Mexico, but the sweet breads in the market here are just so tempting! I'm sick of slowly watching my weight creep back up though, so I'm making the commitment. No more sweets, no more other grains, no more pasteurized milk. I will probably give myself a Sunday market day break for fresh fried potato chips and homemade lime popsicles. I'll get back to ya!


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        Welcome back! Hang in there. You don't have to do it perfectly. Just keep improving.
        Ancestral Health Info

        I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

        Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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          Starting again!

          And I'm back! Just in time for this year's challenge. I've been doing great for almost two weeks now and am already seeing vast improvements in my 5 Essential Movements!

          Today was a rest/play/move slow day for me. I did a Kundalini Yoga video that I really love, with about 15 minutes of stretching, 30 minutes of vigorous movement and 10 minutes of meditation.

          Food for the Day:

          I've also uploaded a couple "before" photos. This is not me at my heaviest, which was about 4 years ago at 320 pounds. I haven't had access to a scale for about five months, but I estimate I'm somewhere around 250 pounds at 5'8" and probably in the realm of 50-60% body fat? Dunno. Am looking forward to a nice surprise when I get home to Canada and have access to a scale again! For now, enjoying my performance as a measurement.


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            Food for today:

            Going well, took a nice walk to the market and back (2km total over hilly terrain). Really looking forward to the challenge!


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              Another good day! Did my Five Essential Movements, my progress there is going really well too....


              1. Knee pushups
              2. 1-Leg Pull-Ups
              3. Wall Squats
              4. Jack Knife Presses
              5. Hand/Knee Planks --> Arm/Knee Planks on Sep10
              b. Right Hand/Knee Side Planks --> Arm/Knee Planks
              c. Left Hand/Knee Side Planks --> Arm/Knee Planks

              Aug31 Sep3 Sep7 Sep10
              1. 10/8 12/10 16/12 16/16
              2. 6/5 8/6 8/8 10/8
              3. 10/10 19/13 24/17 31/26
              4. 8/6 10/10 12/12 18/11
              5. 15s/15s 30s/30 48/35 35/20 (switch to arms)
              b. 10s/6s 20/10 25/30 20/15 (switch to arms)
              c. 10s/6s 20/10 22/18 20/15 (switch to arms)

              Yay for visible progress! (I don't have access to a scale LOL!)


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                I haven't stopped tracking, just haven't had time to post things here. Went a bit "off the wagon" at the Sunday market and have been struggling to keep the carbs low this week since, but haven't buckled and bought any bread or anything. Yay! Still very committed, still moving.


                Walked about 3.5km.


                Walked 2km, including some steep climbing and sprints (4, aprox. 30sec each?).


                Walked 2.5km with some gentle cross-country climbing.
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                  Changing up the format of reporting for today.

                  Went for a walk to the market, about 2km up and down rocky hills. Also dive my 5 Essential Movements and still seeing progress!

                  1. Knee pushups
                  2. 1-Leg Pull-Ups
                  3. Wall Squats
                  4. Jack Knife Presses
                  5. Arm/Knee Planks
                  b. Right Arm/Knee Planks
                  c. Left Arm/Knee Planks

                  1. 16/16 18/14
                  2. 10/8 11/9
                  3. 31/26 34/30
                  4. 18/11 16/14
                  5. 35/20 30/25
                  b. 20/15 25/15
                  c. 20/15 25/15
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                    Went for another 2+km walk today and did pretty good!

                    Cals: 2,026
                    Carbs: 87
                    Fat: 116
                    Protein: 130


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                      Just updating to let you know that I won't be posting a food journal again anytime soon - just not enough hours in the day for calorie counting! I'm going to keep up eating primal and will update once or twice a week with my exercise progress.

                      Here's today's 5 Essential Movements:

                      Sep10 | Sep14 | Sep17
                      1. 16/16 | 18/14 | 21/18
                      2. 10/8 | 11/9 | 12/11
                      3. 31/26 | 34/30 | 42/36
                      4. 18/11 | 16/14 | 16/15 (Yay! Moving on up!)
                      5. 35/20 | 30/25 | 60/40 (Wow!)
                      b. 20/15 | 25/15 | 20/15 (Hmmm.)
                      c. 20/15 | 25/15 | 20/15


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                        Things are going great! Here's an update on the 5EM and I'll be back in Canada in less than 2 weeks so I can update you on my weight progress then!

                        I only did one set on Sep 21 as I was sick that day and ran out of steam half way through....

                        1. Knee Pushups
                        2. 1-Leg Pull Ups
                        3. Wall Squats
                        4. Dive Bombers
                        5. Hand/Knee Planks
                        b. Side Planks right and left the same

                        Sep21 | Sep24 | Sep28
                        1. 21 | 20/19 | 25/18 (getting closer....)
                        2. 12 | 12/11 | 15/11
                        3. 50 | 53/46 | 53/50 (Yay!)
                        4. 2/0 | 3/2 | 3/2
                        5. 40 | 40/20 | 30/25
                        b. 15 | 20/15 | 15/10
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                          Got a very special arrangement with a trainer for the new year... here's the update from my blog:

                          The Temple Body: Boot Camp!

                          "In an effort to gain control over my health and fitness through hard work and accountability, I have the distinct pleasure of being involved in the inaugural boot camp program being organized by friend-of-a-friend via Facebook, as she prepares to launch her own website and nutrition+fitness program.

                          I have my "before" photos taken, and will update at the end of the 12 weeks with a progression of photos throughout, along with measurements and weight. I'm going to update here weekly with a bit of info on my progress, but expect the greatest reveal to be at the end.

                          Of course, for the entirety of this program, plus an additional 16 weeks afterwards, I'll be far enough away from friends and family that I'm tempted to keep my progress a secret. We'll see how I feel in twelve weeks.

                          For now, a bit on my goals. My trainer has suggested a weight loss goal of 20 pounds for this time period. Based on how much I tend to lose right away with diet changes, I think it's possible that I will lose more, but I'll stick to the goal for now.

                          This change will be effected through calorie reduction (1500 calories on rest days, 1900 on training days) and carb limitations (50g on rest days and 100g on training days) with an emphasis on high protein foods and "clean" eating - no grains, rancid oils, legumes, or factory-farmed meat (most of those restrictions are my own).

                          I am very excited about heading for the coast, where fresh seafood will be easy to come by!

                          The final component of boot camp is, of course, fitness. My regime includes 2-3 (3 is my goal_ days of strength training per week, plus the occasional bit of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio - typically, sprinting or hiking.

                          Keep reading and I'll be sure to update with my trials, tribulations, successes and results!

                          For now, here are my starting measurements:

                          Navel: 48"
                          Natural Waist: 42"
                          Hips: 54"
                          Underbust: 43"
                          Overbust: 48"
                          Upper Arm: 15"
                          Thigh: 29.5"

                          Weight: 250 lbs"