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    Hey all, it's Mrs. Baeb.

    I'm starting a journal here to document my efforts at weight loss and overall health for accountability, guidance and wisdom - just not CW! I don't think my story is unusual, but I hope to have a success story here some day.

    I'm 25 years old, married, and I work as a social worker. My husband and I plan to try for a family within the next six months, and I want to be healthy for pregnancy and child-raising. At my heaviest I weighed 203 pounds, and I've tried nearly every diet imaginable. I've done about 5 stints on Weight Watchers, but they never really stuck.

    Recently my husband got me the book Foodist, by Darya Pino Rose. Normally that would be a dangerous move for any man, but my hubby knows I'm obsessed with reading and "research." Darya recommends a 2 week "recalibration" that is essentially the paleo diet. I did it and my body loved it - I lost 8.5 pounds in those two weeks.

    After that I researched the paleo diet, but really felt drawn to Mark's Daily Apple. It seemed a touch more realistic to me. (It should be noted that I am a Christian of the Protestant variety. I don't agree with all the ideas behind this lifestyle, but I'm not here to evangelize or pick a fight. The diet works, and that's good enough for me.) So now I consider myself primal. With the exception of butter (I love it), I consume pretty low amounts of dairy. Some whole milk (raw, if I can get it) in my one mug of coffee per day, and some cheese. What can I say? I'm from Wisconsin.

    Since I started the recalibration and switched to primal eating I've lost 11.5 pounds. CW tells me I have 60 more pounds to go to reach my "goal weight" of 130 pounds. Who knows where I'll settle, because I don't plan to use numbers solely to decide when I'm healthy. I'd rather feel comfortable in my own skin and have all systems go, so to speak.

    Despite how overweight I am, the only diagnosed problem I struggle with is hypothyroidism. It's usually well controlled with Armour Thyroid, though lately I've been bad at taking it on schedule (the strangest things throw me off track) and so my symptoms have come back - hair loss, dry skin patches, cold intolerance, etc. Rather than manipulating my meds, though, I plan to get back on the horse of taking my pill at the right time and see if that doesn't even things out.

    Lest this become a novel, I'll slow myself down now. I'll stay good about making regular entries though, and see if I can't keep myself cruising on a very healthy track.

    Nice to meet you all!
    - Mrs. Baeb