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An unexpected journey

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  • An unexpected journey

    Hello dear journal :-)

    I thought I`d try this writing thing here. I assume the people around me would get bored about my talk about eating and getting better, so maybe I write a few words here as soon as I feel like it.

    I am 31, cancer survivor and during and after my cancer time gained 40 Kilos. Which is a freaking LOT for a LittleHobbit that is barely 145cm high.

    I have been eating low carb before cancer but fucked it all during. Maybe understandable to some.

    But I survived and now its time to get back into shape, but especially be fit again. I have been full-speed full-force swordfighting before I got sick. Now I break into sweat when I walk up stairs.

    4 weeks into lowering carbs I got note of a friend eating a strange "gluten free" diet so I asked her about it. And since then I have been reading and already started to eat mostly primal.

    I am now in week 2 of primal, week 5 of "caring again", and my weight went from 86,5 to 79,9 Kilos. I might be hitting a bit of a plateu currently but that is OK.

    I already have more energy than before, do active things (playing dance dance revolution on the wii, going for walks) again.

    But work is very stressy at the moment. 12-14 hour workdays are the norm as we are in mid-season.

    It is still awesome that PB isnt too strict, and more inclusive than exclusive. I know that I will replace the cans of tuna, bits of salami and pots of cottage cheese I eat at work with healthier solutions as I found them.

    I have always been a stress-eater but it is amazing how my crave for sweets has vanished and my body is satisfied. Thats what I always liked in a protein-rich diet.

    tonight, after 14 hours of work, I really really looked forward to a salad with rucola, mushrooms, half an avocado and some cooked ham (germany has processed meats that arent perfect but better than in many other parts of the world, and my local butcher makes awesome stuff).

    yeah, thats it so far I think. I hhope the plateau wont be here too long. But I am sure it wont :-)
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    Ah, yeah, dear journey...

    I know a lot about nutrition, I have always been a bit crazy about food - well not what kind of packaged shit is best but trying new things, new natural tastes.

    I dont eat sweets a lot - never have been, but I love trying a bit of new fruits I havent known yet. For any kind of stress snack needs I brought home dried fruits from a vendor that dries himself. dont have a chance too often to shop there but its good stuf, unsweetened, just dried.

    Chips were kind of my downfall. but I (or better my drying oven) spent several days last week making snack portions of beef jerky. home made from the finest argentinian beef. Thats a snack you enjoy, that you dont wolf down. A lot of work was put in it by me, and I probably will do that every few weeks now, depending how fast my stock goes down :-).

    Everyone at work looks at me like they are sorry, but I personally dont miss sugar and noodles and bread AT ALL. I finally have an excuse to eat my (mostly selfmade) stuff that goes with the noodles without the boring fillers, to eat the good handmade cheese I love to buy at the farmers market in little cuts and bites without the bread, to tell my vietnamese street vendor, whom I can watch cook, "naah, please more veggies, no rice".

    I cannot do a "whole 30" though. I think I already do fine, but with so much work and hobby I will follow the concept but dish out the details on the way. there is so much to detect that I dont know yet, but before I go back to eating bread cause "its the more organic and natural choice" I rather have a sub-optimal but primal-nutritionally better can of tuna.

    But what really surprises me: in veggies I like making myself a salad better than anything else.... lol!


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      Hey Little Hobbit, good to have you on board. You are making wonderful choices, best wishes on your journey.
      Annie Ups the Ante