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    So here goes

    My name is Emily Ann and I'm from Texas. I'm 35, 5'8" and 175lbs. I'm in terrible shape, and always have been. Even as a child I was pleasantly Plump (I'll call it). I try to image what it would be like to have a flat stomach and toned arms and legs. That would be incredible!! My goal is 140-145.

    I have multiple back, hip and joint issues. I'm hoping to find a little bonus of pain release in changing to he Grok Lifestyle. Good bye gluten and possibly all dairy as well.

    I have an elliptical in my living room, so I plan on using it along with chasing and picking up my 10mo old up. Hopefully I will learn a lot from my fellow Groks and Grokettes.

    I've been eatting like this for 3weeks and I believe this is it for me. I CAN DO THIS!!!

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    Hi Emily!

    Good on you for doing this. Having a journal really helps you stay on track, and it's a great place to rant and rave, and have nobody tell you to shut up.

    Good luck,



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      My morning routine is feed my son, take my brother to work, and then start my day. On my way home I stopped and bought a caffeine free diet coke...I guess out of habit. I think this gave me my awful headache later today.

      Wasn't hunger this morning when I got home from taking Josh to work, so I had a couple of handfuls of nuts. I did 14minutes on my elliptical and then went to the grocery store for my husband mainly. He has really bad eating habits but I cant force him to change. I hope he will though once he sees how get I look in a few months. When I got back from the store Ethan and I had my take on a gluten and sugar free eggplant parmesan casserole that I made completely from scratch. Ethan loves it. Maybe he will be a healthier kid than I was. Don't get me wrong I loved my veggies and still do, it's just that crap food is so much easier and cheaper to fix.

      I have a low carb zucchini and sausage frittata in the fridge that I made at the beginning of the week and I have been eating on that for breakfast until today. I think that making big meals to last the week will be the way to go in my case. I worry though that the "big ass salad" and the pre made breakfast are going to get boring fast.

      Had a 2 bites of Ethan's banana at dinner and decided to turn in early. My back is "screaming" at me today. Picking Ethan up throughout the day is becoming as bigger issue as he gets heavier. I've started reading the primal blueprint book tonight.

      So I am ending my day by laying here in bed snacking on pork skins and logging in on my journal now.

      SW- 182
      CW- 173.5


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        Originally posted by Traveller View Post
        Hi Emily!

        Good on you for doing this. Having a journal really helps you stay on track, and it's a great place to rant and rave, and have nobody tell you to shut up.

        Good luck,

        Thanks Traveller!!


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          Friday- July 19

          Ok so this morning I got up at 7, fed Ethan, and took *Josh to work. I stopped on the way back at the community park and put Ethan in his stroller and walked for a half hour. On the way home I stopped at a local produce stand, got my husband a watermelon and eggplant for myself. I ate Italian Zucchini Frittata for breakfast. Ethan had to have his share of it too. Good stuff!

          My husband came home early so we ran to town to do errands. We ate lunch at On the Border. I had combination fajita (chicken, steak, shrimp, and pulled pork) with sautéed veggies. No cheese or tortillas. Go me!

          For Dinner I baked chicken leg quarters. Ethan and I split one and an avocado. At ten months that boy sure does put it away!

          *To explain a bit, Josh is my special needs brother that lives with me. He is pretty independent but I take care of his medical care, finances, and transportation. He currently is taking for medication for diabetes and high cholesterol. I think if I could get him off bread I might have a chance of getting him free of medications. It's difficult to have a legally grown man (just 2yrs younger than me) that is on a 8yrs old level mentally. It's my responsibility to keep him as healthy as possible, but at the same time he is his own man. When he is away from home Josh does as Josh wants. I have been talking to him about how nice it would be to not take medicine. He says yes he will do it... But I think sometimes he will say anything to shut big sister up! Cross your finger I can help get him off grains!!

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            ImageUploadedByMarks Daily Apple Forum1374285168.813013.jpg
            My special brother


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              Saturday- July 20

              So today I had a lazy day. Not much to report.
              Ate Italian Zucchini Frittata for breakfast and then wasn't really hungry till evening. I ate sautéed cabbage and sausage this evening and snacked on nuts. I have been having severe back pain shooting down my leg. I think it's bad because I have been lean over to pick Ethan up out of his high chair. I am doing good with my new eating habits, but concerned because I'm getting told that red meat can also be a inflammatory. Still looking into it so I, not ready to give my steak up yet.

              Here are the items I am quitting:
              Vegetable oil
              Processed food
              Dairy and dairy products

              I've been out late so I'm calling it a night. Good night all!


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                Best wishes. Giving up grains, sweets, and dairy all at once is a worthy challenge. I have given these foods up but I don't deny myself fruit or roots when I have a carb tooth. Everyone has what works for them; good controlled luck!!


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                  -And blessings


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                    Well I've been MIA for two days for good reason. I've been filling my freezer with fresh hog meat. Good way to save money... Trap hogs! That is if you live where they are considered a nuisance and your allowed to hunt and trap year round. Sooooo... Since my husband likes to to trap them and I like to eat them. It's what's for Dinner (and breakfast and lunch)!!

                    I'm rather proud of myself for how motivated and determined I have been at sticking with it. I need this to work more than anything!!!!! For eight years, I have suffered with severe back pain that goes into my arms and legs. It effects my life in too many way to ignore, yet I have adopted the motto Adapt and Overcome! I have seen over twenty specialist, endure countless procedures and medication. I know I will never be hundred percent, but I need to be the best I can for the sake of my son Ethan. My mother suffered from Crohn's Disease, and I remember how often she missed out on our childhood because of her illness.

                    Height 5'8"
                    Starting weight 182
                    Current weight 172
                    Began Primal July 1, 2013ImageUploadedByMarks Daily Apple Forum1374611144.081341.jpg

                    "Adapt and Overcome"


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                      Hump Day Wednesday!!

                      Exciting news. About midway through the day I realized today... A lot of my pain wasn't hurting as bad as normal. I would say this has been one of the most wildly almost normal days I have had in 8yrs. Yah!

                      So motivation to stay strong in my new eating habits is extremely strong. Busy day at the historical society archiving letters and journals. I love history!! It's so humbling to read about life before all the modern day inventions.

                      My meals today:
                      Romaine leaf lettuce with bacon... This is my favorite breakfast!

                      Eggplant, Pork Ragu for lunch

                      Grilled chicken salad with salsa. Anyone have a gluten and dairy free dressing idea?

                      "Adapt and Overcome"


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                        Thursday- July 25


                        Ok so I have a dilemma. I'm about the only health motivated person in my house. I love my husband dearly, but his desire to eat healthier.... Doesn't exist. He grew up on junk and to this day eats junk. He is a meat potato and bean guy. Oh yeah, his meat has to be covered in BBQ sauce or ketchup and he washes it down with lots of sweet tea. The healthiest thing he has done lately is quit Dr. Peppers, because they give him indigestion. So what's a Grokette to do? Do I buy and prepare separate meals? I guess I could start shopping for a new husband but Im kind of fond of the big lug. He is very supportive of the changes I am making and is cheering me on to stay with it. He is very sensitive to my pain and desire to look into alternatives ways of handling it.

                        Being a stay at home mom, gives me the advantage to meal plan and cook all day if I so desired. But be honest, who would? I have a 10month old... My baby and I have a whole wide world to explore.

                        Does anyone have a similar situation and have a possible solution?

                        "Adapt and Overcome"


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                          I started working on my carb intake June 27 and started looking at Mark's Daily Apple. On July 1st I went really primal. Dairy and Grains went bye bye. I've adapted rather well and suffered from almost no craving until now. I want corn chips and a wheat bread sandwich desperately. What gives? If it was not for that "Ah Ha" moment yesterday of "hey, I don't have my normal aches and pain!" I might slip up today. I don't want to go back to feeling that pain. If I slip up now, no telling how long it would take before I could get back to feeling this good.

                          I've heard mention of the Whole30 program. I looked it up and well I've been unknowingly on it for 30 days today!! Yah me!!

                          I was really hoping to be at a 170lbs this morning but I'm teetering between 2 & 3 pound out of reach. Here is the deal. For every ten pounds I lose... My husband has been ever so sweet as to agree to buy me a new sexy lingerie. Once I reach my ultimate goal. I get diamond stud ear rings. I figured he would be More supportive this way if my treats were for the both of us! Hahaha.

                          I've been reading others journals and something's are sticking out at me. I'm toying with the Primal week that looks like this:

                          Normal PB day
                          Fast (1/2 calorie intake)
                          High Protein Day
                          2meals having more calories than normal
                          Normal PB Day
                          All Veggie Day
                          High Carb Day

                          It's said to help keep the weight loss going.

                          Here was my day (wasn't really hungry today)
                          B- protein shake
                          L(very late)- Sausage with grilled onion, red and green peppers
                          D(again very late)- baked chicken leg quarter

                          "Adapt and Overcome"
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                            Hey Emily,

                            thanks for stopping by my journal, I really hope the soap works for me, too.
                            It's great that you've found a source of motivation! My motivation is clear skin.

                            I think the week you've described sounds very interesting, might give it a shot myself!



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                              I need to work more on my primal fitness! I need to tone up. I haven't really been doing too much but I think it's time for my next step in my Primal Journey. I was outside weeding my flowerbed for 2hrs today, I wonder if that counts for anything. Vitamin D at least!

                              I was reading some others' journals and got intrigued by the whole barefoot running thing. I'm not saying I'm a runner at all but I love being barefoot or as close to it as humanly possible. I went to a Vibram's website looking to buy some shoes and there are these videos on these stretches and exercises. So now I'm trying to figure out how to get in the swing of things again. Before my back injury I was in decent shape and exercised several times a week but now it's painful just to think about exercise.

                              I think I can come up with a ton of excuses Not to exercise:
                              I hurt,
                              It's hard to with my baby underfoot,
                              it's too hot outside,
                              I have lots to do
                              and the list could go on and on and on.

                              On the other hand I have even more reasons To exercise:
                              I hurt... I need better core muscles to help protect my fragile back
                              I need to be able to keep up with my baby... He will be walking anytime
                              I have an elliptical in my living room and plenty of Pilates DVDs and such to work with
                              I need to get in shape so I will feel better and have more energy
                              I want to look good naked
                              I want to buy the cute stylish clothing that my current body just isn't made for
                              I need to tone my belly from giving birth to my son (it's flabby)
                              I want to look better in family photos (good bye double chin)
                              And on and on and on

                              B- protein shake
                              L- eggplant Ragu and pork cutlet
                              D- grilled hamburger patty and country style ribs... Plain and dry
                              Snacked on a handful of nuts

                              Drank sweet tea (sweetened with stevia)... It was my cheat!
                              I wanted bread and BBQ sauce SO SO SO BAD with dinner! Yesterday and today have been really rough when it comes to cravings. I don't get it. I would have figured by now I wouldn't be feeling any cravings anymore.

                              "Adapt and Overcome"