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    Here I am again! Not "here" as in Primal Blueprint, but "here" as in the heavy side of the YoYo diet that is my life. However, I am doing a lot of things different now and I am convinced this is the way for me.

    1. I am not starting a diet right before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or Valentines Day... in a not so subtle attempt to sabotage myself. Because who can blame you for eating chocolate when it comes on Valentines day, right? In fact, I am not starting a diet at all, but a new way of thinking about food, exercise and life style.

    2. I am not going out and buying a club membership, new cooking utensils, food storage stuff or anything else for a new "diet", as is my usual MO. I often find the utensils in the back of my drawer long after the weight has been lost and returned... more than once. I am going to save that cash for quality grass feed meats and organic veggies.

    3. I am armed with Dark Chocolate Macadamia Bark Sprinkled with Sea Salt and Frozen Coconut Macadamia Bars, pre-made in my freezer. You know, just in case that 11 pm "I really NEED a Blizzard from DQ and I NEED it now." stikes and I try to justify it.

    4. My motivation isn't just weight loss to look good, but instead I want to feel healthy. I want to run around with my kids. I want the migraines to go away and mostly I want my pre-diabetic condition not become full on diabetes.

    Basic Stats: 44 years old, Female, 5' 9" and 262 lbs (largest I have ever been, without a baby on board), Migraines, Lupus and pre-diabetic.

    Yesterday-Day One

    Breakfast-3 egg omelet with veggies cooked in coconut oil, 2 tablespoons shredded cheese and Unsweetened iced tea
    Snack- 1/2 cup almonds
    Lunch- Huge Salad and Tuna fish with 1 T mayo & 1 T yellow mustard. Unsweetened Iced Tea.
    Dinner- Curried Pork Tenderloin with Spinach and riced Cauliflower. Unsweetened Iced Tea.
    Snack- None needed (wow!)

    Exercise- 45 min moderate treading, playing with my daughter in the pool.

    Side effect-No carb flu yet, but its only been a day.

    Now I am off to take my Day 1 photos...ugh

    Little Atwood
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    Day 2
    Breakfast-2 eggs scrambled, Unsweetened Iced Tea
    Lunch- Sausage stick and Cheese curds, Unsweetened Iced Tea
    Dinner- 12 oz Sirloin Steak, 1 cup Broccoli w/butter, 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese, Unsweetened Iced Tea
    Snack- 2 oz Dark Chocolate

    Carbs 89 Sugar 31g

    Push ups, Pull up, Plank and Squats.

    Side effect- Migraine today...not convinced it is carb flu though.

    Little Atwood
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      Yesterday Day 3- Felt really cruddy yesterday... I think it is Carb Flu. Spent most of the day laid up with migraine meds. Had SUPER craving and resisted with Dark Chocolate and Cheese as alternatives to much worse choices.

      Breakfast-Not Hungry Unsweetened Iced Tea
      Lunch-Beef Stick, Cheese Curds, Big Salad and Unsweetened Iced Tea
      Dinner- 2 Hamburger Patties and Broccoli and Unsweetened Iced Tea
      Snack-Dark Chocolate with Macadamia nuts

      Carb 19 Sugar 4

      No exercise
      Migraine again today

      Little Atwood


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        Day 4- yesterday was great! Carb flu is gone!! Energy is back and I peeked at the scale this morning and I am down 6 lbs. I know a chunk of it is water weight, but I'll take it.

        Breakfast- 2 eggs with onions in butter, unsweetened iced tea
        Lunch- big salad with pork tenderloin leftovers, unsweetened iced tea
        Snack- dark chocolate and cashews
        Dinner 2 hamburger pasties with cheese and 1 cup spinach, unsweetened Iced Tea

        Carbs 61 sugar 9
        Exercise walked 30 min and took stairs every time I could.
        Feeling fab
        Little Atwood


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          Day 5-super hot day filled with errands. I didn't get much exercise. Which reminds me I need to start scheduling it in. Otherwise today was an easy food day. Went to Whole Foods and avoided all cheats!

          Breakfast-2 eggs, red onion,spinach and unsweetened Iced tea
          Lunch- Not very hungry and on the go, so only 3 beef sticks and an unsweetened iced tea
          Snack dark chocolate with nuts
          Dinner 2 chicken drumsticks and broccoli unsweetened iced tea

          Carbs 36 Sugar 23 (an overestimation, I made a glaze from balsamic vinegar, tamari and some honey. I believe much of the sugar cooked away, but better to overestimate than under.)

          Emotions good
          Health no migraine!

          Little Atwood


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            Day 6- What a day. We had a family picnic to celebrate my father's birthday. I love my family very much, but we wouldn't be a family without some disfunction and issues. One of our shared issues is binge eating for holidays... with every "Bad" food you can think of...chips, dips, soda, ice creams, candies etc. Birthdays are no exception.

            I had made a plan to eat a huge salad before going, so the "buffet of bad" wouldn't be enticing. I ran out of time and didn't get the salad in. In the past, a setback like this would have been the slight push I needed to go off the plan and eat whatever was in front of me. However, I am thrilled to say I ate nothing from the Junk Buffet! I am so proud of myself, I could dance! The only thing I ate, that was not clean, was a very, very small piece of Birthday Cake (which I had planned to have before going as my cheat for the week). I rock! Now don't get me wrong. I definitely plan to try and do the salad thing next time. My willpower alone is not a fail safe in most cases, but I am proud of what I did this time around.

            Breakfast-Scrambled eggs with spinach/onion and Bacon, unsweetened Iced Tea
            Lunch Steak Kabob with onions, red peppers, and unsweetened Iced Tea
            Snack-smal piece of birthday cake
            Dinner-Left over steak, Unsweetened iced tea
            Snack- very small piece of Dark Chocolate

            Carbs 59 Sugar 41 (birthday cake)

            Exercise Walked 30 min
            Emotions: On top of the world
            Health: Great

            Little Atwood


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              Keep it up, it's good on you!

              I find a good motivator for me is just how good I feel when I make the right choices, and how bad I feel when I don't. Both emotionally and physically. The reward is the immediate feeling, reinforced by the long-term wellness!

              At the buffets and company picnics, I just skip breakfast or have a skimpy one, then gorge primally (hopefully not too loud with the growling and gnashing of teeth) on the meat and veggies at the event, which leaves no room for crap calories.

              Good luck and Godspeed!


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                Day 7- Weight day! First BZM, thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I agree, feeling good is a great motivator! Good luck with your journey too! This morning I weighed in at 254! That's down 8 lbs. Keep in mind this is day 7 of Primal but it is day 14 of no refined sugar, which I believe was my real killer. I found it so funny that I would find anything in the 250's to celebrate, that I laughed out loud this morning but celebrate I will.

                Yesterday was a lazy Sunday...I walked the Mall with my daughter, buying summer camp items. Not a quick clip, but it was really the only exercise I got yesterday. Today, I'll add a little extra in.

                Breakfast- two egg omelet with bacon, unsweetened iced tea
                Lunch-ground steak patty with cheese and bacon, raw veggies, unsweetened iced tea
                Snack- 4 cheese curds
                Dinner- 3oz steak and broccoli, unsweetened iced tea
                Snack- dark chocolate

                Carbs 65 Sugar 11

                Emotion- great
                Health- great
                Exercise-slow walking

                Little Atwood

                Little Atwood

                5'7" Female
                SW 262 lbs. CW 256 lbs. GW 175 lbs.

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                  Day 8 good day.
                  Breakfast 2eggs, onion, spinach, tea
                  Lunch cheese and hamburger patty, raw veggies, tea
                  Dinner- beef sticks, tea
                  Snack- dark chocolate

                  Carbs 63 Sugar 14
                  Emotions: good
                  Exercise: 1 hour brisk walk
                  Health: good

                  Little Atwood

                  Little Atwood

                  5'7" Female
                  SW 262 lbs. CW 254 lbs. GW 175 lbs.

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                    Day 9- I was short on time today and had a Shakology with banana for breakfast on the run. That bumped up my carb and sugar intake, but still in limits. Also, much better to get a sugar rush from a banana than a coke. At least I get some nutrients from the banana. It taught me something too. I knew I was going to have a late night and a busy morning, I should have prepared better. However, it was all good.

                    Breakfast- Shakology with banana and iced tea
                    Lunch- hamburger patty, cheese curds, water
                    Dinner- grilled Salmon with broccoli, iced tea
                    Snack- none
                    Carbs 112 Sugar 47

                    Exercise-lots of walking
                    Emotion good
                    Health- migraine at night

                    Little Atwood

                    Little Atwood

                    5'7" Female
                    SW 262 lbs. CW 254 lbs. GW 175 lbs.

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