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  • DFord's Primal Journey

    I started this journey in late January 2013 weighing in at 300 pounds. Currently I am down about 70 pounds. I figured I will start journaling my progress. This weekend I went on a camping/hiking trip it was a great time, some pictures to share(some I took, some others in the party took).

    A view from the parking lot the first night:


    Plant ID:

    Wild Strawberries

    We did a lot of BSing, some hiking, processing firewood and I think my favorite part no technology and being able to go to sleep when it is dark and you are tired and waking up whenever you wake up no alarm clock!

    Food wise the trip was a little tough for me. I had bacon, took some berries from home and some broccoli. I did have a pack of oatmeal the one morning and a low carb crap(I mean wrap) the last day with some cheese and pepperoni. Overall not great but could have been worse. On the bright side I lost a couple pounds over the weekend.