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    You might also try starting off with some seafood to awaken your inner carnivore. I mean, how sentimental can you get over a scallop?

    I'm not that much of a bacon fan myself since I don't eat pork. Also the high salt content can be off-putting. I think it's somewhat of a urban myth around here that all Primals go around with bacon drippings on their chins all the time.


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      *gasp* But I'm sure it was written in blood somewhere on this Forum "Thou shall eat bacon and enjoy it on pain of being declared non-primal!"

      The seafood idea is a good one, but I never liked shellfish back in the dim and misty past when I did eat meat. In fact I remember feeling quite smug that being veggie meant I never had to eat the smelly slimey things again. Sole or other white fish might work for me, and AH eats a lot of mackerel, so fish may be the way to go.

      I'm still hopeful about steak though.


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        I get beef bacon once in a while from US Wellness Meats but that is more of a condiment than a meal.

        How about some (high quality of course) processed meats? You have access to some good French pate's and such over there.

        Have some lobster dunked in butter. Then its only a matter of time before you get the surf and turf combo. And like it.


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          Lol, just bought a gluten-free rice crust pizza from Fred Meyer's. First time in a long time, and we're going to enjoy it! :P
          Crohn's, doing SCD


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            Welcome Joapple, I love how you are encouraging yourself into new experiences - eg meat- for the sake of your health (and of course to LGN). Go girl.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              I just found your journal - welcome aboard FleshEaters' Paradise! It's a fun read.
              "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


              Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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                Hey Joapple,

                just found your journal, and wanted to wish you luck.



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                  Thank you people

                  Today, n = 1 unhappy apple.

                  Due to a failure in portion control, as in I cooked too much, I have eaten rice every day for the past four days, and my body informs me that it is not impressed. Lesson learnt - occasional rice is OK, but not as part of my daily diet.

                  What is both scary and awesome is that I have noticed my body's reaction, and can therefore make different, hopefully better choices in the future. The learning curve might be steep at times, but the view is worth it.

                  Almost Husband is here this weekend - I've missed him loads. Only seeing him one weekend in two sucks. Time to *party*


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                    Originally posted by joapple View Post
                    What is both scary and awesome is that I have noticed my body's reaction, and can therefore make different, hopefully better choices in the future.
                    Yes that is amazing, I too feel a lot more in tune with my body and aware of how it responds to what I feed it.

                    Have a nice weekend
                    Annie Ups the Ante


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                      I'm sat here at home waiting for AH to get here. He has a 200 mile drive so I have an hour or so yet, so I thought I would take a moment to review my week.

                      Foodwise this has not been my best week - I had rice four days on the trot, and today I was drinking lemonade and eating crisps. However, I'm proud of myself for making better choices for the rest of the time, and impressed that I cooked a new dish and tried to eat bacon.

                      I don't think I've lost any more weight. Frankly, I'm not bothered. It has been horrifically hot (for here)and neither my home nor my workplace has air conditioning. This week, and next week judging by the forecast, is purely about survival.

                      In terms of exercise I have done OK. I've done over four hours of walking, and I've done some weight work on several days. It's getting a little easier, so I'll be upping the weight in the next week or so.

                      Emotionally I've been a bit scatty. I'm not sure if this is due to the heat, to my diet, or due to the other stuff going on in my life. I'm choosing to chalk it up to the weather and hope that my mood is better next week.

                      So overall I'm on track. A few bumps in the road, but nothing major, and generally all OK.

                      This weekend will have some very non-primal moments coming up however. I'm going to a BBQ tomorrow evening, and I'm going to allow myself to stray a little, plus drink wine. Then on Sunday I'm running a crazy golf tournament, where afterwards we adjourn for tea and cake. It will be interesting to see what the cake tastes like - I'm betting that I shall be disappointed, which will make it easier to skip it next time.

                      For the rest of the weekend I'll be eating properly, or at least my version of properly. AH is very interested in what I'm doing, and completely supportive, which is appreciated, so we'll be eating the same stuff. No steak yet, but maybe I'll try some different meat at the BBQ.

                      I feel as though I should add in some drama to jazz up an otherwise mundane post, but it's too hot - 28c here in my flat - for my braincells to work properly, so this is it for now. Have a good weekend everyone - stay cool!


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                        Have a great weekend with your dear AH.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          My sister used to drink a lot Dr Pepper and decided to stop cold turkey, she ended up with over a week of serious withdrawal symptoms & Migraines (she dosent normally get migraines)
                          I dont know what they put in that cr*p but its nasty.

                          As far as the pizza, you may want to investigate the yummyness that is meatza My DH actually prefers it over regular pizza type crust.
                          Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.



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                            I usually get a headache when I'm working on quitting. I didn't have DP yesterday and today, maybe that's why my head hurts this morning...or it cold be sinuses. Here's hoping it's the DP withdrawal!
                            Most people don't realize how much energy it takes for me to pretend to be normal.

                            If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I'd fart.

                            Twibble's Twibbly Wibbly


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                              I am beginning to hate n = 1.

                              My first experiment was to avoid grains, and lo - my waist and hips decreased. I ate grains, and my stomach swelled as though an alien was incubating ready to burst forth and take over the world.

                              This weekend I ate cake - twice! But the simple joy that cake used to bring me has vanished. Now I can taste the hideous chemical flavourings that once went unnoticed, and it lies heavy and obnoxious in my belly, feeding the alien overlord.

                              Damn it - I miss liking cake!!!

                              I am currently far too scared to try pizza now, because if I find that I hate that then all joy is lost to me
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                                Twibble - good luck with the DP reduction! I hope that it's going well.