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    First of all, I have to say, I'm very excited to be starting this journal! I need something to keep me accountable.

    I've been primal for about 2 years now and after much research, trial and error, more research, and way too much personal experimentation I know what works for me. What works for me is a plan and what helps me stick to a plan is accountability.

    I am a female, my name is Jessica and I am 26.

    I love Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior and ultimately who I'm doing this for.

    I'm so much happier, more productive and pleasant to be around when I just do the right thing. And doing the right thing is important to me because it's important to my Lord.

    When I think about my long term goals I realize how deeply personal they are. I want to be able to run with my wonderful and amazing boyfriend who has always supported me in every way and I know will continue to support me until I reach all my goals. He deserves an adequate running partner I want to be strong so I won't be worried about holding the group up in a group event. I want to experience the reality of change. I want to just be smaller.

    What will get me there is calorie counting and restriction, of course all in the framework of a fully Primal diet. 100% is what works for me but that will always really look like 97% becuase I'm not the type to make social situations awkward for myself.

    As far as exercise goes, I just need to stop making excuses and get out there and do it.

    My goal is daily exercise because really, that's just not too much to expect out of myself. Even if it's just 30 minutes, I need to make this a habit.

    More specifically though regarding exercise, I'm going to be doing (again) the couch to 5k program, followed by the 5k improver so I can finish the Turkey Trot this year with a much quicker time.

    I will write in this journal daily, as doing the right thing daily is really the theme here.

    So to break it down, daily goals are to not deviate from my eating plan, to exercise, and to log it all in this journal.

    Tomorrow is day 1

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    Alright, day 1 was a success

    Worked out, just a half hour of walking but I was just happy I did something active today. I really had zero motivation so I suppose being accountable to this journal is helping

    I ate well today too.
    I went to a pretty primal friendly bbq tonight which was awesome. There weren't even any desserts there to tempt me so all and all it was a success.

    Now I'm off to get my 8 hrs so I can keep plugging on tomorrow.

    Goodnight world!


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      Day 2 was somewhat of a failure. I did not work out and ate way too many chips at another bbq. However, it could have been worse. I'm fully prepared to do better today so moving on


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        Today was a success and I am pleased

        One thing I may have learned today is to never stop exercising lol. Day 1 of C25K should not be as difficult as it was. It saddens me, but only for a moment that I let my self get so out of shape but really what today's experience is making me do is try and imprint it into my brain to at least always maintain what I will work so hard to achieve. To think of running solid for 45 min seems so impossible right now, and it kinda is, but I'll get back to it. Kinda funny that today I got an email reminding me to sign up for the Turkey Trot which is kinda the whole point of training, for now.

        Food wise, all is good. I avoided the home made oatmeal cookies my boss brought in and tonight when my mom brought home Chipotle (for herself) I resisted asking her for some of her chips That was harder than the cookies.

        Dinner was canned salmon chowder, adapted from Marks recipe for Arctic Char Chowder. It was stupendous. Seriously, idk why it's so good, but it is. Here is the link
        Arctic Char Chowder | Mark's Daily Apple

        And another victory...I even forgot my pre work out snack at work but did not use hunger as an excuse to postpone (and inevitably not do) my workout.
        And also, I really did not want to work out. But then, as I was finishing up, I found myself smiling. It's always, always worth it.

        Despite today, I'm aware there will be failures but I'm excited for tomorrow and in general very hopeful.


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          Setting yourself up for success. This is very important. I did not do this today. I don't think I have enough strength yet to go home with the intention on leaving again to go work out. I never happens.

          I took a nap instead. And after this I'm going back to sleep. At least we can all agree adequate sleep is a good thing. Haha.

          I ate well. I almost stopped to get ice cream on my way home though, but I resisted. I really really almost asked my boyfriend if we could open up the the bag of chips he got, for himself, and if I could just have one. I'm positive he would have said no but I really wanted a chip.

          It's crazy to see how out of control my flesh desires to be but it's good practice to consciously reign it back in.

          Well anyway, I think that is all for the night. There is no use dwelling on what I should have done or anything like that but I do feel hopeful for tomorrow and the possibility of making better decisions.


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            I love the way that runners with good form look when they are running. I like to picture the day when I look the same

            My workout today was really nice. I pushed myself pretty hard. The pain is kinda scary though. However, I think it's more the possibility and anticipation of the pain that's the scary part. In reality, one can push through pain, it just takes a little courage.

            Food was a success too, however, the recipe I made tonight was not. I just kept adding salt and that was a mistake lol. There is a point where salt no longer adds flavor, it just adds saltiness.

            Oh, another victory. Stretching was way way less uncomfortable today.

            Ah, it's nice to be back on the wagon


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              I had a good day today, outside of nutrition and exercise and all that. Work went is especially well, and I just feel good about life. On the nutrition side, that was a success. Working out, that was not a success. After work I went and had coffee with my uncle and got home just in time to eat dinner and now I'm off to go to sleep. I'm okay with this though. That's life
              Oh, and I kind of rescued the food that I had made last night. I added some more potatoes to it to take away some of the saltiness and it was not only edible but pretty enjoyable so that's a plus :-)
              Yay for tomorrow being Friday! Goodnight
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                So this weekend was an utter failure. Starting on Friday. I just stopped trying all together. I figured I need to actually write what I eat here. That will keep me more accountable. So, today I had about half an apple for breakfast. I usually skip breakfast all together but needed something this morning after this weekend. For lunch I had a sort of stew of peppers, onions, mushrooms and a bit of potato with a piece of sausage (which is the recipe I made last week). And for my very early dinner, Chipotle. Tonight I may have some blueberries and milk after I go work out, which I'm going to do right now. Just finished planning my food for the week and going to go shopping after the workout. I will also try and spend more time writing on here as my journals are pretty boring. But, even just writing here helps. Also, realizing early this morning that I need to log what I eat here kept me from eating a piece of caramel today, and a cookie, and from getting chips at Chipotle so yay for that

                This is by no means day one all over again, it's just a Monday


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                  Alright so my workout was brutal. I ate wayyy too much Chipotle I gave myself 2.5 hrs to digest my food but that was not nearly enough. I could barely even jog my side and stomach hurt so bad. Not like I'm going to make working out after I eat a practice but it was just interesting how to note how I felt trying to work out after stuffing myself. No bueno. However, I can tell I'm getting in better shape cuz when I was running, it was much easier.

                  No blueberries and milk tonight. I opted for some coconut water instead that I bought at Sprouts while grocery shopping. Figured I'd give my stomach a bit of a break. Plus, I'm still full.

                  Anyway, good productive day today and now my reward is sleep


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                    Alright so I did really good yesterday, I just went to bed forgetting to write about it.

                    Food wise, lunch was the same thing I had for lunch the other day. The last of it. I'm glad it's done.
                    Snack was yogurt.
                    Dinner was chicken breast with a buttery caper sauce (that totally broke but was still tasty) and lots and lots of broccoli.

                    Worked out. C25K week 2, day 1. It was nice. Much better to run on a somewhat empty stomach...

                    I needed more water yesterday. Everything I ate was super salty and this morning I can really tell I'm slightly dehydrated.

                    The scale has not budged. I am okay with this because it's pretty much too be expected. Seems like my body needs a couple of days of good eating to finally relax a little lol.

                    My food and schedule is all planned today so things should be good.


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                      Allllllright so, good evening MDA fans.

                      I am tired. It is way past my bedtime but I'm not forgetting my journal tonight.

                      Today was acceptable . Good decisions and other decisions. My lunch was leftovers from the night before, super tasty. My snack was frozen grapes and some cheese, and for dinner, well, I went to a friends house where I was lovingly provided an oven toasted sandwich on lavash bread (so thinner than a pita) and 2 cookies with milk and half a slice of pumpkin pie, with extra whipped cream
                      The decision was to not be a stick in the mud and refuse food. The sandwich was amazing and the cookies were baked by the children. The pie may have been a bit overboard but I'm sure both my friend and I would have admitted to that

                      Anyway, no working out either becuase I simply and honestly did not have time.

                      I'm okay with how the day went.

                      I also made Mark's beef stroganoff recipe tonight before I went to my friend's for dinner. I'm taking it for lunch tomorrow and probably Friday also. I tasted it as I made it... super great. I love love cooking but don't cook as much as I'd like and definitely don't branch far enough out there. Consequently this is the first time I've used a piece of meat meant to be a steak as something else. Thus I'm very excited for my thin strips of sirloin in tomorrow's lunch. I kinda feel like a high roller lol. I'm also excited for the mushrooms. I realized through my last recipe that I don't dislike mushrooms at all like I thought I did. When they are cooked enough they have a very pleasing texture.

                      Okay, enough for tonight, I need to get to sleep.

                      I hope anyone who reads has a great night