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The long journey into Not Having To Overthink It Anymore....

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  • The long journey into Not Having To Overthink It Anymore....

    I'm starting this journal for myself because I want to feel better. A bit of background -

    I'm 30, female, with recurring digestive issues. This I guess is leaky gut syndrome - and going primal around 18 months ago has made things so much better already, in terms of losing the daily stomach aches and constant tiredness I had before. Now the issue is sticking with it in the real world when the 'novelty' of something new has worn off. I had the 80/20 rule, then it became 70/30, 60/40.......
    Avoiding bread/pasta/rice etc has never been an issue for me. Sugar is my main issue. Wheat sneaks in usually via cookies/cakes and plain old sugar has a severe hold on me.

    My social circle also revolves a lot around going out drinking. I have cut down a lot but I miss it if I don't go at all and I find house parties and nights out impossible without a few drinks. I just can't resist having a few drinks, at best - a lot more, at worst.

    I know this causes me to feel tired, crave sugar, suffer low mood - which is why I've gone out much less for the last 6 months. But I still cave into sweet things when I feel low or sick, which is almost as bad as drinking for me.

    I need to fix my gut. I just don't feel 'right' and I'm fed up of thinking about it, talking about it, making excuses based on how crap I feel that day/week/month.
    The symptoms on a bad week are brain fog, nausea, discomfort, depression, lack of motivation, dizzy spells and lethargy. All linked into my gut. I also have acne which has flared back up now, and does so every time my gut is out of whack.

    This all makes me stressed, which worsens the problem!

    So I figure I need to be stronger, more positive, and just be a little more strict with myself - starting now. I want to feel 'normal' again so I can do the stuff I love without feeling waylaid by thoughts of what I'm eating, what it's doing and if the world might end if I have a bit of sugar. I figure I'm only obsessing about health because I don't feel my best, or even close.

    Will report in with updates...hopefully I can hack what works and what doesn't and get my energy and happiness back!

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    Had a bit of a challenge last night...a pre-arranged all you can eat chinese/indian buffet visit, and I nearly cancelled after 24 hours of stomach twinges. However I went, and didn't eat too much, sticking mainly to protein type bits and avoiding the grains. I had a little ice cream. I was so busy chatting to people, I didn't miss the food, and I actually felt a LOT better after which surprised me. Proof to me that stress plays a major role in how I feel. I turn into a bit of a miserable killjoy when I have stomach issues, but sometimes getting out and having fun is better than any supplement you can pop

    Now I have the small issue of the weekend. I really want to get out of the habit of treating weekends like cheating opportunities. I'd go mad if I didn't allow myself a little red wine sometimes or the odd treat, but I want to start treating every day more or less the same - to hopefully get out the mentality that I need to reward myself with food/drink just because it's the weekend!