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    I've gone primal before, but I fell off. I did it at a time when I was living on a caribbean island with a brand new baby. I had to quit my job, move away from friends, and spend a lot of time alone and bored. My husband was busy with med school. I was emotional from all the adjustments. I was breastfeeding a lot, and working out a lot. I had a hard time feeling satisfied and full. I think I could have been, but I also wanted to use food as comfort. I started eating SAD again last December, and I am so ready to feel good about my diet again.
    I am happy with my weight, but I want to be healthy. I want to feel good about what I put in my body, and especially the body of my son (now 17 months). I want to be a good role model for him, and set good habits.
    I am planning on doing Primal for the month of July, and see how I feel. I want to eat Primal long term but feel like I will be more successful if I give myself an attainable goal. I am also going to give myself some diet-wiggle-room on the weekends.
    Tomorrow I will start! I mostly want to avoid grains and sugar. I am okay with quality dairy.

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    Happy July 1st to me! Feels great to recommit to a healthy lifestyle and diet. This morning, for breakfast, I had a wonderfully delicious cup of coffee with cream. I walked with baby a mile each way to get the coffee. I ate at 11am.
    I mixed salmon with an avocado and onion. It was delicious, even my 17 month old ate it. I wasn't shy about eating as much as I wanted and it was surprisingly filling and satisfying on its own. After nap time we went back to the coffee shop and I got a decaf with milk. I didn't even feel tempted by all the pastries and baked goods. For dinner we grilled organic beef burgers with organic Swiss cheese, sweet potato fries, and broccoli and cauliflower . I am still full 2 hours later. Today was a very successful first primal day. I also aim to eat within an 8 hr window only, between the hours of 11 to 7, most likely.