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  • Tandy's Playful Primal Journey

    I'm new to the forum. I like the idea of making my journey public and am going to make a new resolve to follow the primal blueprint better. I've been primal for almost 3 months (after being vegan and a carbaholic for 5 years) but make a lot of exceptions. I'm pretty sure I'm still 80/20 but don't think that I eat my 20% off with the spirit that I would like to. I still feel guilty and more importantly, I'm not seeing the results that I would like to see with losing weight. I am just starting to focus on the lifestyle/exercise portion within the last 2 weeks because my energy level was not very high when first transitioning to fat burning.

    I'm 5' 9 1/2" and almost 230 pounds on a small frame

    My off times are around my menses and I am not really sure what to do about the cravings post ovulation until my menses starts. My menses started today so it's a good time to start a journal for a new month.

    Today so far, I had a small glass of raw milk (grass fed) and I ate breakfast at a restaurant:
    3 egg havarti and ham omelet (local). I left probably 1/3 of it because I wasn't hungry any more. 2 eggs for breakfast for me is about right.
    2 strips of organic, nitrate free bacon
    2 small decaf coffees, cream and a little bit of raw sugar
    I did have a biscuit too. I tend to give in around my menses.
    I realized about half way through my meal that I should have ordered a side of veggies. Next time for sure.

    I have a sunburn from canoeing yesterday so I'm just laying low today with exercise. I need time to recover from the exercise and the air conditioning for my sunburn.

    That's it for now.

    I am certainly open to any type of feedback and advice. That's partly why I'm making this public.

    I've titled this "Tandy's Playful Primal Journey" because it is a journey for sure. A permanent one. I have made a commitment to myself. Playful because I am a playful person usually. I owned my own business leading music and movement playgroups for children and their parent and have become very invested in learning and playing more and more. I believe in the power of play. I am also a serious person sometimes and need to PLAY MORE. I need a more playful attitude about my lifestyle and shed the guilt I have surrounding my former sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle (15 years). I'm hell bent on making this fun!!!
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    I had coconut butter as a snack then dinner: roast chicken and cabbage soup. water.

    I overcame an urge to dine in a restaurant (another one of my issues).

    I left the dinner that I had planned on over my Mom's house yesterday and just realized it, well, at dinner time. Since she is an hour away, my LTP and I thought we would go out to eat since we both wanted chicken. But I started thinking about this journal and the fact that I am making a firmer resolution to be closer to 100% and I had an idea to go to the local gourmet market and buy whatever we want for dinner. Since the night was passing and there wasn't enough time to cook a whole chicken, we bought that and the cabbage soup. I ate it feeling victorious because I am sure the quality of food would not have been as good at the restaurant we were going to dine at. The chicken wasn't organic or local (that I know of-but we do have a lot of local and enlightened people in our area) and it was made with an olive oil/canola blend but it was better than eating out and faster than making it myself. So, I'm at more than 80% today. Victory!!!

    Oh-and it's particularly fun to go to that gourmet market because everything looks so good and it's posh. So, I had fun too.
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      Hi Tandy. Just wanted to encourage you on your journey. You seem to have a great attitude and that sure does help! I am just a few days into the primal lifestyle and I am of similar height and weight as you, though my frame is probably more towards medium/large. I would say I am eating at about 90% primal so far and I do feel better. Good luck and I look forward to reading more of your progress.


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        Thanks, Jeapa.

        I watched The Perfect Human Diet. It was good. I think it comes to a point where I'm not learning anything more and the rest is just living it.
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          Welcome Tandy! I hope Primal goes really well for you.
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            Thank you, Hedonist2!

            Today so far, I have eaten:

            Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in coconut oil. 8 oz raw milk

            Lunch: leftover chicken from yesterday and brussel sprouts in olive oil and spices

            Snack: Coconut butter, cafe latte with raw milk and organic decaf. coffee beans, a little vanilla stevia, Mark's favorite 85% cocoa bar (1 square) from Trader Joe's (I agree that it is so tasty).

            I haven't had a lot of activity today. At work, I had the opportunity to walk up 8 flights of stairs and then back down. I am feeling weak and tired from the weekend's activities (I can't believe that I still feel the canoeing) so I took the elevator. It's also over 90 degrees here today and the building wasn't air conditioned. In retrospect, I wish I would have tried to climb as many stairs as I could. I took the doggie for 2 15-minute walks around the neighborhood and did a little random walking meeting with people for work. My partner is sick and hanging low so I am finding myself doing the same.

            I feel like I have done well so far and am planning a good dinner: grass fed local beef hamburgers wrapped in iceberg lettuce with non-sweetend mustard and ketchup with dill relish with green beans and a spring mix salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing. I have to say that I am craving sweet carbs and what I really want to do is have a hot fudge cake from Big Boy. But I'm not going to do that. I know that this will pass. I substituted that with the raw latte and the dark chocolate.

            So far, not having much fun today. My partner being sick is a drag and I feel like I should hang out with her. So, we're getting some movies in. I'll hopefully watch another one of Mark's recommendations tonight. I'll be back later to check in.
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              For dinner, I left out the green beans and made a bigger salad: organic spring mix, organic avocado, organic tomato, conventional baby beets, organic cucumber. Yummy and fun! One good thing I learned being vegan is how to make a good salad.

              Also, I placed my bi-monthly order for the farm that drops off a few blocks from my house. All of the meats are grass fed, local, and the dairy is raw. I love placing my order for groceries. I placed a really huge order last time and have much of the food left in the freezer so this order is small. For fish and wild meats, I go to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Plum Market so this is obviously not all we will eat in 2 weeks. I have put the prices too but am not sure how much a few of the items are. I'm curious to hear how these prices compare to your prices.

              chicken hearts 3.5
              2 dozen soy free eggs-large 9.5
              1 package bacon 9.5
              1 package lamb steaks 12.5
              2 packages salami 20
              2 sirloin steaks 17
              1 chicken 17
              1 package pork chops 7.5
              gallon of milk 7
              Colby cheese

              My partner and I watched "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" It was pretty good. I felt good for having overcome my craving for a hot fudge cake today. I love watching food movies. It strengthens my resolve and it's entertaining. Especially since my partner is sick-it felt like time not wasted.

              Hopefully, there will be no snacks before bed but I will allow myself if the need arises.

              I wore my Merrell barefoot shoes all day and went totally barefoot all night. I'm awaiting a pair of vivobarefoot Mary Jane's in the mail. I hope I get them tomorrow. I love being barefoot and have only really needed to wear shoes a couple of times last week. Love it! Super fun!!!!

              Oh, I almost forgot that I had a Diet Coke today while on the road for work. Not good. Definitely not good. I am finding that the more non-approved foods that I eat, the more I want and the harder it is to make good choices. I am also really sensitive to caffeine (it inhibits a good night's sleep and often gives me anxiety) so Boo for me! Tomorrow is another day.
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                No breakfast- not hungry
                Coconut butter
                1 square 70% organic dark chocolate
                Decaf black tea
                Water - when thirsty of course

                Resisted the urge for some non approved chocolate in the lunchroom at work.
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                  Lunch was conventional Greek salad with chicken. Chick peas and dressing not the greatest. Passed on the bread. Lime Perrier.

                  More coconut butter and a Zevia caffeine free soda.

                  5 min. walk with dog in morning. 20 minute walk at lunch.

                  1 square 70% organic chocolate. I know Mark says 75% but my doctor says 70%.
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                    Hi - Welcome Tandy. I had 'Tandy' as my University nickname!!

                    I'm new to this too, crossed from Atkins on June 3rd. Back injury has halted my progress on the fitness which is my main irritation right now, but eating wise, I think (?) I'm doing OK. Room for improvement on the organic / grass fed issue, but I'm going to be seeking them out. I'm on a very tight budget which may not permit it just now, but I've been free from grains for quite some time which has been amazing for me.

                    Good Luck - I've got a journal going to if you wanted to drop in!

                    Primal - June 3rd 2013
                    Starting Weight - 150lbs
                    Current Weight - 150lbs
                    Goal Weight - 130lbs
                    (Female / 5'4")


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                      Thanks, Pinot-Girl for the welcome. Tandy is my given name. I have only met one other person with that name and it was spelled Thandie.

                      Dinner was new york strip. NOt marinated. I really need to start marinating steak. I think it would be more tender. I'm new to cooking steak. Also, green beans with celtic sea salt, pepper, and coconut oil. Water. Supplements.

                      I have been fighting a crazy sweet tooth all day. I'm still craving that hot fudge cake. Not going to do it. No way. Soooo, I bought some strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries and am having them with raw cream whipped cream with a hint of vanilla stevia that I have left over from another berries and cream night. This cream is so yummy that I think it classifies as fun. Yes, I think food is fun. Especially when it's expensive. LOL.

                      I haven't done any walking or anything more exercise wise. My energy is a little low from my menses and my partner being sick. I am resolving to walk up 4 flights of stairs and back down tomorrow at work. We have a meeting on the 4th floor. I am lacking in the get up and move department today. It's okay. I am feeling like I am being as active as I need to be right now.

                      Mark said that he doesn't trust sweetener that adds sweetness without nutrition. That makes a lot of sense to me. However, my holistic doctor has given the okay to use stevia and drink the stevia soda. I am rethinking this because although I am not sure if I am yet ready and able to give up soda, I think that it kills my appetite for something with more nutrition. What I am really doing with that soda is killing a sweet tooth. Maybe I would be better off eating some berries or something. MAybe with a little perrier to get the fizzy. I'm going to think more about that.

                      LUnch was my partner's idea. It sounded good at the time but looking back on it I'm not sure that it was worth it.

                      I forgot to add that every night, I wake up once per night. I have been eating macadamia nuts and a banana or two when I wake up. I don't know why I want to eat during the night but it has persisted for many years. I'm not the best sleeper. I have been limiting my light exposure after sunrise by using the natural light and also candles when it's dark. Also, I turn the air conditioning down to 68 as recommended by Mark (he said 60-68). That makes a big difference. Since I changed my diet, started taking supplements, and did these other things, I am waking up once per night versus the 4-6 times per night while I was vegan and taking only B12 supplements. I do notice that if I have a diet coke, then I don't sleep as well. I am marvelling at why I ever do this to myself. Is that 15 minutes while I am drinking it worth it? Hmmmm...

                      Barefoot shoes all day then totally barefoot while at home. Loving it!!! I feel like I am getting a bit of a workout when I'm barefoot. My muscles feel different and a little sore too. I am off to read what Mark has to say about transitioning to barefoot. Good night!
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                        Breakfast:2 eggs 2 strips bacon water supplements decaf organic green tea

                        Coconut butter

                        Lunch: leftover steak and green beans. Lime perrier

                        I'm struggling with cravings for ice cream and diet coke. I successfully navigated them while on the road for work all morning. This journal helped. bbl
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                          more coconut butter

                          Dinner: I lost it and ate a cheeseburger slider, chili cheese fries, a Diet Coke, and a milkshake for dessert. We left what I had put in the slowcooker this morning: sauerkraut and pork sausage from the farm (no preservatives, etc...) I guess we'll eat that tomorrow for dinner.

                          Part of me really enjoyed it and part of me is disappointed in myself. Sometimes the cravings get soooooo strong. I am really open to advice that anyone has about why these cravings may be so strong and what to do about it (besides give in).

                          I bought some more Merrell barefoot shoes at Nordstrom. The only barefoot shoes they have and I like them!

                          Thinking of watching another food movie tonight.

                          I walked around the mall and at a couple of other stores. 20 minute walk at lunch and 5 minute walk after dinner. My partner still isn't feeling well so I feel like we will get more active once she feels better. The meeting at work was postponed and I was in the field today. So, Friday is the day that I am going to walk up and down all those stairs. I'm going to the office tomorrow and am hoping to be able to take some more walks and stairs trips. This weekend, I am planning my first sprinting session. I have found a little hill that is perfect at one of our local parks. We are going to run up and walk down for sprinting. It was fun scoping out a place to do sprints.

                          I had fun today at the slider restaurant and shopping with my partner. We shared some good laughs and things are feeling good.

                          Totally barefoot today (whether with shoes or without). Loving that. My transition to barefoot has been super easy and I didn't really have to take Mark's advice because I am pretty much totally barefoot and don't feel any problems with it. My calves are a little tight but it's not painful at all. I feel like my muscles are getting better exercise and I feel really light on my feet. I previously liked the way big shoes (Dansko) felt on my feet but barefoot shoes are way better.

                          Overall, a pretty bad day food and exercise wise. It's funny that my sw thinking sometimes comes back. The thought occurred to me to go for a really brisk and long walk to "make up for" the dinner I had. Not that a long walk wouldn't be good. But not for that reason.
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                            Ordered "Primal Cravings: Your favorite foods made Paleo" It should be here in 3 days. Maybe that will help. I'm just thinking that food has become too routine and boring. I'll see if I can change things up a bit.
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                              If my memory serves me, Mark says Stevia is not only ok but somewhat good for you.
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