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  • trying for consistency

    I've been primal like four days out of the week for months now and cheating on weekends. All I'm doing is spinning wheels.this is day 5. I 'm shooting for a 21 day reset. I'm rehabbing golfers elbow so I haven't lifted in 6 weeks. I 'd like to build back up to running a 5 k.

    About noon huge omelette at a diner w/shredded beef,onion tomato,avocado and cheese

    Evening protein shake spoonful of almond butter

    Simple fit l1 d2 2:38 I jumped some rope before and did a 20 min ddp yoga tape after.

    Today 2 or so cups of steamed broccoli at noon with a 15 oz ny strip

    About to tear up primal carnitas and mixed veggies maybe a protein shake if I'm still hungry

    I just got done hiking cowles here in sd in nb minimus ascent took 28:25
    1.45 mi 1003 elevation.

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    Yesterday the 20 th day 6
    I finished up the pork

    Then for dinner a t-bone w/kale salad and evoo and vinegar

    Protein shake and almond butter before bed

    Level 1 day 3 of simplefit in 1:38 walked a mile after.


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      Yesterday due to work coffee with cream was the only thing I ate until 5 wasn't really hungry either.
      I ate my lunch chicken sausage with spinach and feta and a big arugala salad w/oil and vin. About an hour later I ate a 5 egg omelette with little bit of bacon 2 sausages a half an avocado salsa and a little cheese. Then protein shake and almond butter. Called it a day. Today coffee w/ cream so far and did v/pulls and shoulderstand squats from cc. Squats are brutal 3x40 for pulls 30-36-40 on sss.


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        Yesterday finished the day at a steak house 16 oz ribeye , garlic mashed potatoes, salad. Before bed I was still hungry. I ate a spoonful of natural pb and a greek yogurt plain. Not primal but best I could do.

        Today coffee and cream

        Then sf lev 2 day 1.
        I got 31 rnds in 20 mins doubled my squats from last week.

        Golfers elbow is inflamed though


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          Replied to quick on my phone.

          Elbows bitching a little I might drop the cc until I'm ready to tackle it on its own.I figure some extra rest will do it good.

          Had a protein shake, spoonful of pb and a handful of organic raisins and did a 3 mile run

          I ate another shake pwo and 4,eggs with 2 strips of bacon.

          I'll have baked wings and salad tonight.

          Current stats m 38, 242 42 inches around love handles to naval and ,
          I'm 6 '3


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            Keeping on trying to move more primal (ie no splenda and cream in coffee no pb in shake, ) thinking about trying a whole 30 for july. Otherwise no grains for 11 days. Sleeping good and napping while I can. Also looking to add more moving slow. I need


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              Been fairly strict for a couple weeks.
              Down 4 lbs in 3 weeks.
              Diet is pretty routine
              Am 2 to 3 cups of coffee w/ organic coconut milk and a tsp of coconut sugar

              Lunch noon or later has been 3/4 lb of protein tri-tip or top sirloin big salad with Olive oil and vinegar a cup of berries and a handful of mixed nuts or macadamias.

              Dinners eggs and bacon or a steak w/ steamed broccolli or roasted veggies

              Before bed I have 2 scoops of protein and 2 tbsp of almond butter.

              I passed level 4 of simplefit on thurs. I do sf sat tues,thurs.
              Walking hiking or running for 3 to 4 hours a week and sprints x1
              Pretty much pb with a little if. So far it really is effortless.