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First-Time Paleo with some questions

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  • First-Time Paleo with some questions

    Hey all! Long time reader here- this is my first post. I've been researching the Paleo diet for a while and finally decided to give it a whirl!
    A little background on me. I'm 5'7" Male, 163 lbs. About three years ago I was 210. At that time I cut out refined flours/grains and sugar. That along with regular exercise helped me get to the weight I am now. I also ate low-fat during that time. Much to my suprise, I also lost about 15-20 Lbs of muscle with the fat

    Fast forward to now. I am young (22), no health problems. I exercise and compete in recreational sports regularly. The reason for me looking into the paleo diet is this: even though I eat all the 'healthy' foods (whole grain, low fat, lean protien, lots of fruits/veggies) there are a couple problems I can't overcome. Since switching to this 'healthy' diet, my libido and ability to put on muscle mass have been diminished. On my previous SAD, I could add 3Lbs of muscle a month without fail. Now, not so much. Also, I am tired of CONSTANTLY being hungry and the post-lunch drag.

    So, I have decided to try paleo. I am actually on day 4. So far, I feel great. In an odd way, I feel something changing in my body. Very subtle, but there is something going on. I've been feeling a bit more Alpha and other things are increasing as well . My constant hunger is definitly diminishing. I have been gorging on some meat, but that is okay as I understand.

    Anyway, to my questions:
    I have been eating about 2200-2700 calories/day. Fat intake has been around 150-170ish. Is this too high?

    Are these changes that I am experiencing normal? I suspect it is due to hormonal changes, but is it normal? Previously- I rarely ate saturated fat. Skinless chicken breast was 90% of my protien.

    I am looking to shake about 10-15 Lbs of fat while feeling better. Should I try to restrict calories lower?

    Thanks for your time in reading!!