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What? No grains? A PB Journal by Spearchick

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  • What? No grains? A PB Journal by Spearchick

    This is my journal to write about those time when I'm going to want a friggin piece of bread or cake or a cookie...hopefully I'll have the will power to just say "no" and move on feeling great! My past will power has been not so great, so hoping to make a permanent change here.

    I want to feel better and lean out my body. I've done sever calorie restriction, Zone, tried Paleo once before. I had success with Zone, but I don't have time to weigh and measure everything anymore. Biggest challenge will be eating at home. My husband and I eat out a lot, so eating at home will be hard to do every day of the week.

    Day 1:
    So far today I've had eggs (yes the whole thing..not just the white), strawberries, and almonds for breakfast. Have had some jerky and almonds as a small snack. Not that hungry. Just trying to keep eating a little bit at a time for now so I don't get hit with a sugar craving. Sugar cravings scare the crap out of me!

    L: mixed greens salad with broccoli and a bit of cheddar cheese. I did dip my fork in dressing (Ranch...eek!) but tried to minimize the amount I was less than a Tbsp for sure. 5oz albacore tuna and some celery sticks w/ almond butter
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    Good luck to you.


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      Day 2:
      Yesterday, not so bad on the sugar! Geez...what i was most afraid of yesterday has hit with a vengeance today. I did slip up today and eat 2 of those 100 calorie packs of cookies. But, everything else has been okay. My new outlook is to consciously try not to beat myself down when I do slip up, because that's not going to help me in the long run at all. Part of me just wants to chuck it all and "binge" for the rest of the day, but I'm going to try VERY hard not to do that!


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        Im convinced sugar and cocaine are related.......haha. I hear ya spear chick on the cravings! The best thing I can recommend is to remove yourself from the area containing sugar snacks and set your mind on another task. If your hungry,and just struggling not to choose a quick pick me up , eat the closest thing to primal you have.
        You can do it! Keep Grockin on, your doing great so far! I've done worse than 2 100 packs- Im skinny fat and I do things like decimate 3/4 of a box of a "healthy" cereal...hahaha


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          Thanks Evita! It's hard not to give into the sugar cravings!!!

          Day 3:
          Slightly better than yesterday..I did partake in a few crackers and 2 girl scout cookies (they are SOOO good!). But I stopped myself and went to get a BAS for lunch. Going grocery shopping tonight (hopefully!). Our grocery budget is pretty thin right now, so I'll just have to get the primal essentials. More nuts, some chicken, lettuce, eggs, and more bacon! And probably a few more veggies


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            Originally posted by spearchick View Post
            ...tried Paleo once before...
            There's a lot of overlap between the PB and paleo. There are different versions of paleo, with Cordain's being "wrong"* in suggesting lean meats but several paleos call: paleo = PB - dairy - 80/20 principle.

            What I'm saying is: what did not work when you tried the paleo diet? You may want to address the stumbling blocks sooner rather than later as the differences are little.

            * In fairness to Cordain, he was advocating lean grain-fed meats to avoid the overdose of omega 6s.


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              It's the resurrection of my journal after a month or so of messing around going to try to keep up with this thing as well. My journal keeping skills are not so great, so please bear with me. I fell back into my CW ways and was eating too much grain and sugar and basically feeling like crap for most of the month. Now that I have the knowledge, I'm sensitive to how I feel after eating a meal with too many carbs. And yet, I still would start the next day and eat the same stuff again...isn't that technically the definition of insanity?? Repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result...

              My goals in this journey are to look better (i do want to look hot in a bathing suit!) and reset my hormones to make it easier to conceive my 2nd child. Don't know if the second one will be possible, but it can't hurt to try!

              Some stats: Weight - 156lbs, Height - 5'5", BF% - not sure, Cholesterol - 239
              Would like to be: Weight - 140ish, Height - can't really get taller (or can I?), BF% - not too concerned, just want to see my abs again, Cholesterol - below 200

              Day 1: (Redux)
              B: eggs and nuts
              L: turkey, cheese, yogurt, nuts

              So far - feeling pretty good. Full after lunch, so I'm hoping this will keep the usual 2:30-3:00 sugar craving away. If not, got some spicy jerky and more nuts to eat this afternoon. Mind over matter, mind over matter....
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                Well, I had a bit of a binge this afternoon, and ate 2 small squares of dark chocolate and a few of my daughter's crackers. Then for dinner, instead of having a taco salad with lettuce, cheese, meat, and homemade salsa, I had that same thing on 3 corn tortillas!

                Even with that mini binge this evening, I was still under 100g carbs for the day, not by much, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Tomorrow will be better, for sure!


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                  Last night was rough, I'm not sure if it was the shock to my system, but I spent the morning having some GI issues. So by default, I did an IF from 8:00 last night until 12:00 today. So about a 16 hour fast. I really only had a couple times that I was hungry, but I drank a bunch of water and kept busy at work. Quite proud of myself as well, we had BBQ catered at work with baked potatoes, and cookies. So made myself a big plate of BBQ, put the potato on the side and put bacon and cheese on my BBQ and every now and then mixed in some of the potato. Didn't eat the whole thing, just a little bit of it. Now I'm REALLY full! I actually feel like of bloated right now. I even by-passed the cookies!!! That's huge and I'm so proud of myself! I did partake in a bit of sweetened tea, but not as sweet as I normally drink it.