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  •'s a journey.

    Well I started this journal in hopes to figure out what it's going to take to get to my ideal weight..ha..ha. At 51 I am still working on it.

    After having done HCG successfully (3x's) and losing up to 30 pounds each time I am also successful at gaining it within in 3 to 4 months after...So what I learned is I can lose weight with low cals and lose my hair, get saggy skin and feel like hell later because every bite I eat I just gain rapidly so my hard work didn't pay off.

    Here I am doing primal for now what I call day 37. I have gone in circles to what will work best. I haven't had a bite of sugar or bread. I have done the super low carb under 20 grams to be highly bloated and constipated. I have done 50 grams of carbs recently but I am no where losing any weight. I don't know if my metabolism is so messed up that it lazily doesn't know how to lose weight.

    The only time I see results is if I can keep my calories around 800 to 1200 and so that is basically what I started to do. I use to eat breakfast but I just drink coffee with HWC so I can skip to the next meal and again keep those calories down. Today I want to eat some good veggies just because I am craving them. I have been splurging the last few days with yogurt at night and although keeping my carbs in check I think yogurt is bloating me and I need to hold back on that, I think.

    My gallbladder has been an issue these last few weeks. That's totally a new thing. I went to the Dr. this weekend and they ran a blood and urine test. The test came back that I have a UTI and my BUN (blood) showed it was elevated and that can be from eating high protein or kidney problems.....hmmm, now what will the Dr say? I don't know since I got the test results this weekend and have to call today. I also have to schedule a CT for the gallbladder area but I am contemplating about doing that gallbladder cleanse but I have been reading if it's it really works or not. I have to go off Primal to give it a go for a few days but then again, I don't know since it may not be my gallbladder but the UTI that was discovered. All I know is my right upper rib was bugging me a lot last few weeks but yesterday I cranked on the water in hopes to help flush it out better.

    I sound like I have a lot of physical problems don't I? Actually, I never do but this all came about these last few weeks.

    This year is a roller coaster. I jumped into juicing veggies/fruit the first part of the year to only find my blood sugar so elevated that I even got dizzy when it would drop. The first month I lost weight but then month 2 and 3 I felt more bloated from all that fruit/veggies. I wanted to stay more raw than juicing but then that wasn't easy to live that way. One day I had some protein and inhaled body apparently LOVES protein then who doesn't. So here I am rambling on my new journal about primal and trying to figure out how to get my 30 pounds off again....I am working at this and tweaking it as I go....the good news, I do love the food options and don't crave white bread or sugar. That's the easiest part I just wish losing weight came that easy too because it's seriously just been tough!!

    I hope to figure out the secret for me. Is it high fat? Nope, tried that and it didn't work. Is it higher calories, nope that help me gain weight. Again, I think it's just low calaries and keeping my carbs at an even 50 or less. But anything less than 20 carbs and I have zero energy!
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