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  • Getting Primal,

    Phew ok so first posts are always my weakest point.

    So I'm starting Primal tomorrow.
    I decided to go primal after looking up paleo and seeing so many people argue about what paleo actually was, then someone mentioned primal, and I found myself here.
    Paleo said no to eggs... Whaaaaaat?!!!

    I've tried a few different ways of eating, trying to find what works best for me, this has included keto etc.
    There have been things that worked really well but obviously each time Ive reached a kind of breaking point and not been able to stick to it. I'm now very sick of tracking macros to the letter, and prepping everything .... I would just like to eat!
    And eat healthy, for myself, and not according to a plan, or specific timing. I liked IF but my job includes night shift sometimes, so planning around everything got rather stressful. And I'm one of those people who eats when stressed! And eats bad!

    So here I am. Tomorrow is Sunday, went shopping today. I got steaks, and fish and chicken. Nuts were in special and some veggies and salad, and a bit of fruit. Oh and eggs!!!

    I made turkey meatballs similar to Jamie Easons turkey muffins, they are delicious! I'm hitting up the slow cooker tomorrow before I head to gym, and I have soccer in the afternoon.

    I currently do a three day split at the gym Back/Biceps, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, Legs/Abs , and then I have soccer training and games.

    Ok... Enough from me I guess!!! Bring in tomorrow, and the rest of my life!

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    I hope your day goes great, or went great by the time you read this, and I hope you find how to make primal work well for you.
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      Thank you very much! my day went very well! Going to write a kinda big post on it now lol. Hope you have a great day!


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        Sunday 16th-
        Woke up early and had gym, worked chest shoulders and triceps. I do a warm up set of 12 reps with a low weight then I do 2 sets of 10-12 reps, and my last set is until failure.
        Barbell Bench press
        Incline flys
        Dumbbell side lateral raises
        Seated dumbbell shoulder press

        I did some cooking and cleaning at home then went to soccer, we warmed up for 30min before playing. I didnt sub off as we only had one. We lost 1-nil but was a great game, we had so many players away. I play centre back/sweeper. My shins are killing me today lol but got alot of sprints in and slow jogging ... Feeling pretty good!!

        Food I tracked, and it was really low, I was shocked! I ate so much, especially for dinner,
        I had mandarins, steak and sweet potato, homemade turkey "muffins" lots of water, tea,salad.
        Tomorrow is day 2, and I have the 9-530 shift at work, then to gym for legs and abs- massive day at gym I can't lie, I'm a bit scared about my energy levels as I usually eat lots of carbs on leg day!


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          Welcome Jordyanne, best wishes for your primal journey. It is simple to implement, basically coming down to eating real foods, and really makes a difference to my sense of wellbeing.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Ok so I've been going ok with primal, had a few things a bit off, a latte one day, and homemade fish patties that had bread crumbs and protein shake a day, I'm goin to stick to have my protein shakes because I'm struggling to get enough Protein without them... And and I NEED protein! I am a little gym enthusiast!! ..... But its basically just one thing every few days, otherwise Ive been doing well and had no cravings yet. I'm expecting tomorrow to try my patience, I have a late shift at work, sitting on my bum the whole time... But I'm pretty motivated and will definately be trying my hardest to be good.

            My skin has actually cleared up amazingly fast, and I had no loss of energy after our soccer game on Sunday,,I didnt sub off so I was pretty wrecked.

            That's all I'm off to training and cleaning later tonight! Busy busy!!


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              Went off course during my period/night shifts, and then a 50th birthday party. Made me feel really yuk so more determined to stay on course. Been eating not enough so trying to eat more! My lifts yesterday were a bit dismal because of that, so need to keep an eye on it. ...
              Starting getting into yoga, I'm horribly inflexible and need to stretch more anyway, and I'm really enjoying it.


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                Haven't been updating, super busy but still going at it!!! Feeling amazing